Is Longboarding Good Exercise? 9 Health Benefits Of Longboarding!

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Longboarding is not just a sport; it is a culture and a lifestyle. Kids have been enjoying longboarding for years, and mostly use skateboards to move from one point to another – in the neighborhood.

Although many consider it an extreme sport, we all can benefit from longboarding in one way or the other. As long as you aren’t grinding down rails, or bombing half pipes, you will be safe longboarding.

Is Longboarding Good Exercise?

For starters, longboarding helps us get outside to exercise. All you need to start appreciating this lifestyle and be part of it, are skateboards and some protective gear.

Health Benefits of Longboarding

Some of the benefits of longboarding include:

1.) Improved Body Flexibility

Flexibility is more of a requirement for one to be able to skateboard with ease.

Although many of us aren’t flexible enough, practicing makes you flexible little by little, and before you know it, you are more flexible than you were initially. It is with the improved flexibility that your body can withstand pressure and even prevent an injury in case of an accident.

 2.) Longboarding Offers a Full Body Workout

As mentioned earlier, longboarding is all about flexibility. You need to balance your feet, legs, and even use your arms to gain balance.

There are instances where you have to twist your body a little, just to ensure you stay on course and balanced. Such variety of movements induce muscle exercise –  great for physical fitness.

If you’re looking for a board to get started, check out the best longboard brands and their reviews to get a good idea of which is suitable.

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3.) Improves Your Physical Endurance and Precision

Once you get the hang of it, longboarding is an enjoyable sport, especially with the right longboard.

While most people can only take a few minutes of longboarding in a day, this improves over time, thus improving his/her endurance. It is also through trying a trick severally that one is able to adjust speed, timing, and even learn how to land safely.

This means you have to tame motion and timing for precision.

4.) Longboarding Improves Your Coordination

Coordination and precision are two of the most critical attributes of longboarding.

Without it, it would be almost impossible for one to skateboard safety and with perfection.

These qualities are equally important in life as well. Just as it is with life, proper coordination of your arms, feet, eyes, and mental composure is needed to master the art of longboarding.

The more you skateboard, the better you become at multi-tasking, a gift most men lack.

5.) Longboarding Aids With Weight Loss

Weight is a common issue with many people today. Learning to skateboard can however help you lose weight quickly. Longboarding helps you burn at least 250 calories per hour.

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6.) Perfect to Relieve Stress

Longboarding takes your mind off stress factors in life.

It not only helps you focus on matters at hand but also contributes to improved blood flow to all the major organs. Thanks to the full body workout, perspiration, and enhanced blood flow, your mind can tackle stressing factors with ease.

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7.) Longboarding Teaches Patience

Longboarding isn’t learned overnight. It takes real patience for one to master the art, as well as learn how to make calculated risks with almost immediate consequences.

The skills acquired here can be transferred to other forms of sport such as snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

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8.) Prevention of Future Injuries

Falls are common with skateboarders. Some of these falls are anticipated, controlled, and even accidental.

One thing you will learn with long-boarding is to manage your fall to avoid getting injured, how to land on your feet, and recover from otherwise freaky slips. By learning how to control a fall, you are better equipped to manage situations that almost always lead to an accident.

This includes managing or avoiding road accidents and stumbling/ falling on your face.

9.) Improved Overall Health

Longboarding helps you burn more calories, improve blood circulation, cardiovascular health, and improve ‘good’ cholesterol levels. All these play a crucial role in your overall health and well-being.

Learning and enjoying long-boarding can help you avoid most of the terminal illnesses witnessed today. You also get to maintain a healthier, youthful look for much longer.


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