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My name is Adam Kemp and I am a Professional Basketball player, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and a graduate student at American University where I am working on my Master of Science in Nutrition Education.

I was born and raised in Upstate New York, but basketball has taken me all over the world, to places I only dreamed of being able to go.

It has also brought me a beautiful, amazing wife ad an incredible baby boy. I met my wife Anna Targoniy (now Anna Kemp) while playing basketball professionally in Kazakhstan, and on November 17, 2019, she gave birth to our baby boy Addison Kemp!

On my website, you can find a wide variety of health and fitness tips. I love helping people achieve their goals, whether it is building muscle mass, losing weight, improving as an athlete, or simply becoming healthier.

I offer 100% free health and fitness advice on my website which I can fund through my basketball career as well as a few Affiliate Marketing programs which I am involved with for products which I believe you can benefit from using.

Due to my life experience in the world of sports, health, and fitness, I believe my website (Adam Kemp Fitness) should be your new go-to for health and fitness information!

My Career as a Professional Basketball Player

In the Fall of 2015, I suffered the toughest injury of my athletic career. This injury tested me from a physical standpoint, as I severely injured an ankle playing for B.C. Astana in Astana, Kazakhstan. When the rehabilitation efforts in Kazakhstan proved ineffective for treating this injury, it forced me to return to the United States to complete a process of physical therapy and repair my ankle.

During this time, I created my “brand,” Adam Kemp Fitness. Since then, I have been working to bring you all the best health and fitness advice I can find from across the world!

Currently, I just finished my 6th Year of professional basketball.

Before my time as a professional basketball player, I played college basketball at Marist College, where I started for all four years.

After finishing my career at Marist College, I have played for the following teams:



Outside of the basketball skill training, which is necessary as a professional basketball player, physical fitness and general health have become passions of mine. I can safely say that my love for developing my physical attributes is the main reason I have been able to continue to advance my basketball career.

The life of a Professional Basketball Player

For example, check out my college highlight tape for a few examples of what I can do:

In the summer of 2015, I measured 6’10” tall, with a weight of 257lbs and 7.5% body fat at the Detroit Pistons Free Agent Mini-Camp; along with bolstering a 37-inch vertical leap, leading to my invitation to the 2015 NBA Summer League with the Detroit Pistons.

Along with my basketball skill, my physical attributes were undoubtedly a large part of the opportunity they granted me.

Becoming a Basketball Player – How I Transformed My Physique

Anyone who ever saw me play High School basketball would not believe that I would currently be in my 5th year of professional basketball, and especially that I would be able to do this:

Professional Basketball Player Adam Kemp

Growing up, I was never the naturally strongest or best athlete, which is why I am confident that the training methods I use now can be effective for anybody. I was always tall and overweight, yet, I refused to accept the fact that this would limit me to being slow-footed, non-athletic, and an overall lousy athlete.

Unlike other professional basketball players who were able to run fast and jump high from a young age, I wasn’t able to dunk a basketball until my Sophomore year in High School, when I was already 6’7”. At this point, I had not yet scratched the surface of what I was capable of physically. As my high school career progressed and eventually passed by, I continued to develop but was not yet satisfied with the results of the work I was putting in as an athlete.

It wasn’t until I attended The Winchendon School in Winchendon, Massachusetts, that I began to truly investigate how to become a better athlete and how to live a healthier lifestyle overall.

In the beginning, I first started to look around and read vertical jumping guides as my primary source of training information, along with talking with various trainers who “knew” what they were talking about.

A lot of what I read or was told didn’t seem to click with me. I always saw a lot of the information presented to me as fluff and could have sworn that there was a better way to do it!

From there on out, I decided to utilize my own ability as a human being to research and develop a system and knowledge base which I was more comfortable with and made sense to me, as opposed to taking the advice of others who claimed to have the answers, but did not have an efficient process of getting there.

Overcoming Health Issues – Exercises Induced Asthma and Tourette Syndrome

Aside from what you have already read about me, two other key aspects of my life which have forced me into becoming a health and fitness “expert” are exercise-induced asthma, and Tourette Syndrome.

For whatever reason, I developed severe exercise-induced asthma and Tourette’s Syndrome at nearly the same time! When I was about 6 years old, I had my first bout of asthma and my life was never the same since. I have used nearly every asthma medication known to man at one point or the other, and I have literally had my lungs tested at the efficiency of an 80+ year old!

Although I have one of the most severe cases of asthma possible, I have never let it stop me from doing what I love (playing basketball). I have researched for hours and hours about how to control my asthma naturally, and I do metabolic conditioning nearly 365 days per year.

At this point in time I rarely even use my regular inhaler (Xopenex), although I do take Zyrtec on a nightly basis. This year (on August 8th, 2019) my lungs were measured at 73% of normal function, which is one of the best results I have ever had!

Tourette Syndrome is another battle than I have had since I was about 6 years old. I have motor tics and not  or vocal tics, but depending on my stress levels or however my tics want to act on a given day, I have mild to severe motor tics.

Tourette’s is another health issue which I have researched on my own, and at this point in my life I can normally control them to a mild point for months on end. There are times when they become severe without any warning, but I have developed many different strategies to limit their effect on my life.

These two health issues have played an enormous role in how I have developed my overall health and fitness strategy, and they have helped me see the world in a completely different way than most people!

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Developing My Own Fitness Style – Adam Kemp Fitness

Professional Basketball Player Adam Kemp

After reading and interpreting various articles and using myself as a “guinea pig,” I became increasingly in-tune with what worked and what didn’t work for myself, something that any individual should learn when looking to consider their physical health. Along the way, I picked up vital information on what exactly I should be working on, which better allowed me to zero in on my training.

In the end, as it is for most individuals, it is essential to specify your training, diet, and supplementation for your body. Everyone responds differently, and it is crucial to understand what works for your body to maximize your successes.

That being said, the information that I provide on my website is what I consider to be the safest, most functional, scientifically backed, and quickest way to becoming healthier, more fit, a better athlete, and more!

Along with my career as a professional basketball player, I also offer online fitness consultant services.

Together, we’ll work to bring you the results you want to see in your overall health physically, mentally, and spiritually. My journey has been motivated by working hard and then learning to work harder.

Together, we can embark on the same journey!