Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss – The Best Weight Loss Cardio Workouts!

the best cardio workouts for weight loss

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Exercising for good health should be your motto if you want to lose weight and be in a proper shape. There are many ways to do cardiovascular exercises at your home, at the gym, or outside, you just have to choose the method that suits you best.

Nowadays, it has become more difficult for people to go to the gym as we all are very busy with our other work and individual lives. Whether you want to do your weight loss cardio workout at home or anywhere else, there are options!

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Keep reading below to see the best cardio workouts for weight loss!

Things to Remember When Doing Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

When it comes to cardio workouts, you need to choose a set of exercises that will best fit your fitness goals and help you reach a healthy, aesthetic physique. Fortunately, there are plenty of training methods and movements for you to choose from and it’s always a sound idea to consult a fitness coach or even a doctor before settling on a specific training approach.

A certified personal trainer such as myself will be able to suggest the best exercises for your body type and fitness level, making sure you’re not overtraining from the get-go, or that you’re not being too liberal with your workouts. Ask your trainer about steady-state cardio, interval training, and HIIT cardio training, and work together to choose the exercises and work out a weekly training split that fits your needs.

Don’t Push Through the Pain

If you’re a beginner, you will experience what is known as beginner’s rush, feeling enthusiastic, positive, and down-right invincible. That’s good, stick with that feeling, but don’t let it take over so much that you stop listening to your body and its needs.

It’s too easy to become enthralled in your fitness journey, so much so that you start to ignore the warning signs of an impending injury.

Injuries can come in many forms, from sprains, bruises and bumps, to overtraining and CNS breakdowns. You need to take a step back every once in a while, and stop to assess your energy levels and whether your body is trying to tell you that it needs a break in order to recover and come back stronger than before.

Stay Safe at all Times

When it comes to training and fitness, safety should be your number one priority.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, injuries can come in various forms, and they can develop over a long period of time. Just because nothing is hurting now doesn’t mean that you’re not building up to an ankle sprain, a herniated disk, or even a torn hamstring in the near future.

This is why, no matter how intense or light your workouts might be, you want to wear proper fitness gear, such as the tights and sweatshirts from Ivy Park clothing in order to stay warm, dry, and flexible at all times.

Remember, safety first.

Don’t Tie Yourself to the Gym

If you had chosen strength training, then the gym would be the only place where you could reach your fitness goals, but with cardio training, you have the freedom to take your workouts into the great outdoors. So, don’t confine yourself to the walls of your local gym, but rather go outside to the local park, or run around your neighborhood.

The great thing about cardio workouts is that nature can be your gym if you hate staying inside, so go kayaking, mountain climbing, trekking – be creative and embrace the intoxicating feeling of the outdoors.

You Can Do Cardio Workouts Frequently

Finally, cardio training, unlike strength training, allows you to train every single day, if you so wish. Diving your workout split into everyday 30- to 40-minute training sessions is a great way to stay active, energized, and banish the winter blues.

Remember to stay hydrated and to devote enough time to warming up and post-workout stretching, and you will have no problems training every single day and feeling better, faster, and healthier than ever before.

Best Weight Loss Cardio Workouts

One of the main problems that most people have is getting enough mental energy and focus to do cardio workouts. For most people, cardio is the most boring part of their workout program.

Although you might know a few of these different forms of exercise, hopefully you will realize one of them is the best cardio workout for yoU!


We have seen our predecessors walking a lot every day. They used to do it to complete their daily jobs, and it helped them to be in good health. In the present days, we don’t need to or want to walk much as everything has come closer to us.

We have lost our habits to walk for different modern transportation systems.

Walking is a very good cardio exercise that keeps your heart healthy. We should make a schedule and walk for a certain amount of time regularly so that it helps our body stay healthy.

Personally, I prefer to do fasted cardio in the morning, and walk 30-45-minutes around my neighborhood in the morning.

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There are a lot of health benefits of jogging. Although jogging may be a little tougher on the joints than some of the other exercises in this list, it still is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and best cardio workouts for weight loss!

Along with burning calories, running at a steady pace will help with the release of endorphins, as well as toxins from your body, which generally makes us happier and more relaxed.

For people like flight attendants, pilots, drivers, nurses, doctors, and police officers who spend many nights at their workplace, regular jogging is a great form of exercise that can always fit in your schedule.

Weight loss is a goal of many people in the late winter and during springtime. Jogging can play a huge role in this process, and it also helps with strengthening abdomen and legs. Do keep in mind that losing weight will also improve your general health. Getting rid of unnecessary kilos and body fat by exercising prevents you from developing more serious conditions such as high blood pressure.

However, sometimes, we all need extra motivation to start, so consider finding equipment that not only fits you the best but also protects you from injuries, which is especially important if you jog on a rough terrain.

In most cases, comfortable men’s running tights, running shoes and a simple sweat absorbing t-shirt are just enough.

You can combine the best running equipment with the best runners supplements before your workouts to increase your weight loss even more!

Running Stairs

In the city areas you hardly get any place for jogging since the area is filled with skyscrapers and different large buildings and malls. In this case, the stairs in your house or in your building can help you a lot.

Running stairs can be a replacement for your jogging on the ground and it will give you more benefits too! You just have to be sure that you don’t try to climb too fast so that there is a chance of falling down.

In the beginning, do it slowly. With time, you can increase your speed.

Running stairs puts more pressure on your heart and makes the blood circulate more freely.

Jumping Rope

Some take jumping rope as a game, but it is a very good exercise. To do a jump rope workout, you don’t need much space. One of the main reasons jumping rope is such a great cardio exercise is because you can do a jump rope workout nearly anywhere!

This exercise helps your heart take fast and long breathes, which exert all the carbon dioxide from your body. Also, after jumping rope, blood circulation becomes more fluent and comfortable. You can do this in exchange of climbing stairs or jogging, which might be annoying for you.

You can actually call your friends or family members and play it as a game as well!

Rowing Machine

It has become very easy to find the best rowing machine for home because of the internet and the e-commerce sites. The rowing machine is very good for your cardio exercise. In this machine you need to sit on its seat and pull a string which is very tight.

Using the ERG rowing machine and doing ERG workouts several times per week helps your heart work properly. This is a small device which can be fit at any place of your home and you can actually carry it to your required places.

The rowing machine is not as intense as a prowler sled or the Jacobs Ladder Exercise, but it is very effective in its own way!


This is considered to be the best exercise of all. In this exercise all your body parts get to work properly. You can lose a lot of calories and your heart will remain in a very good condition.

All your body pain will reduce if you do it on a regular basis.

You can make a small swimming pool so that you don’t need to go anywhere else.

If you are going to swim often, you might want a Swimmo Swim Watch to track your results!


This is another good workout for your heart. It is not necessary to go out for a bicycle ride nowadays, you can buy a stationary bicycle and use it for an easy workout at home whenever you need it!

Every morning, wake up and start using your stationary bike before going to your work. After doing this exercise, take a nice bath which will make you fresh and energetic for the whole day.

For a good health, exercise doesn’t have any exception. You have to do it regularly so that you get the benefit soon.

Make your home your workout place and save time and money.

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Concluding Thoughts – Getting the Most Out of Your Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Regardless of which cardio exercise you choose, it is important to track your workouts so that you can maintain progress at an appropriate rate. There are many ways you can track each workout, depending on the type of workout you do.

Regardless, investing in a fitness tracker, such as the HELO LX watch, Fit Bit, or an Apple Watch, is one of the simplest decisions you can make to help yourself.

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