Prowler Sled Benefits

Top 5 Prowler Sled Benefits & The Best Prowler Sled (2022)

Prowler sled exercises are some of the absolute best exercises for building power, speed, strength, and muscle, or burning fat.

If you have never used a prowler sled or done prowler sled exercises before, you are missing out!

Doing prowler sled exercises and workouts are great for athletes who are looking to build explosive power and strength, and if you are not an athlete and are someone trying to get in better shape, prowler sled exercises are great “bang for your buck” exercises that can help you with increasing your metabolism and getting in the best shape of your life!

Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of prowler sled exercises and see the best prowler sled workouts!

Top 5 Prowler Exercise Benefits

Depending on your goals, there are several benefits of prowler sled workouts.

Once you learn the various ways you can add prowler exercises to your workout routine, there is no doubt that the prowler sled will become one of your favorite fitness tools!

Whatever prowler sled workouts or exercises you choose will be based on your goals and fitness level, and there are seriously endless possibilities.

Whether you are looking to increase your vertical jump, 40-yard dash, or burn off stubborn fat to get an aesthetic body, prowler sled workouts and exercises will help you accomplish these goals!

Here are the top five prowler sled benefits:

1.) Prowler Sled Exercises are Safe and Easy to Learn

In my opinion, the number one benefit of prowler workouts is that they are easy to learn.

The simplest prowler exercise is the prowler sled push, and it is no more difficult to learn than walking or running. The prowler sled push is a very simple and safe exercise to learn because it mimics the lower body mechanics of running, and as long as you don’t try to push too much weight your body moves in a very safe position.

Also, your body is forced into nearly the perfect position every time you do the prowler sled push, and your body generally will adapt to a better form as you go heavier in weight.

It is nearly impossible to push a heavy prowler sled push with bad form because your body just won’t allow it!

Check out this video of me doing a 600lb prowler sled push (the heaviest I’ve ever done in my life). Even doing this much weight, my “form” for the prowler sled push is pretty much perfect:

Other prowler exercises are just as safe and simple to learn as well!

You can attach a harness to your waist and have the option of moving backward, forward, or sideways to work different parts of your lower body and core, or you can hook a rope to the sled to pull it with your upper body.

Here is an example of how you can safely use the prowler sled  moving backward:

This lateral banded drag featured below is an excellent example of how you can do a lateral prowler exercise for a different part of your body. This move exactly replicates defensive slides for basketball and baseball players.

Looks useful and simple, right?

Also, making progress with the prowler sled is exceptionally straight forward: you can cover a greater distance, add more weight, go faster, or do prowler exercises for a longer time.

The prowler sled is suitable for virtually all fitness levels because of how simple it is but how intense it can be.

2.) Prowler Sled Workouts Help You Improve Your Strength, Power, and Speed

the best prowler sled workouts

Although there are a lot of great exercises that improve your body in a variety of ways, prowler exercises are unique because they can build both strength, power, and speed.

Normally, some exercises are better for strength, some are better for maximal speed, and some are better for power. However, prowler exercises can do all of these in one workout!

Slower, heavier sets on the prowler will predominately build maximal strength.

You can build maximal power by using approximately 70-85% of your maximum weight and moving the sled as explosively as possible.

This will provide a tremendous carryover effect for sports and movement where you are needed to perform explosive and dynamic movements such as sprinting, bounding, changing direction, jumping, planting, and others.

In fact, prowler sled exercises are a great measuring tool for maximal power for athletes. Based on one study published in the Journal of Sports Science,

“the Prowler sled push is a highly reliable field test for measuring horizontal plane muscular power output.”

For speed, you can use around 50-60% of the maximum weight you can do and move as fast as possible.

Whether you want to get faster, stronger, or more powerful, prowler workouts can help you!

3.) Prowler Sled Workouts Don’t Make You Too Sore!

One of the problems with a lot of intense exercises is that they cause too much fatigue and make your muscles too sore. Due to that, you can only do them rarely in your workout routine.

The prowler sled is different because although it is an intense and effective exercise, it does not have an eccentric phase, so your muscles will not become as fatigued or sore!

You would certainly get tired and a feeling of exhaustion, but you probably will not get severe muscle soreness.

Because prowler exercises put less wear and tear on your body, you can do prowler workouts more frequently, add more volume to your prowler workouts, and you can even train at a higher intensity without the risk of suffering from injuries, and severe soreness.

4.) Prowler Sled Workouts Develop Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning

Prowler Workout Benefits

Prowler sled workouts are some of the best cardio workouts, and you can do them to improve both your anaerobic conditioning and aerobic conditioning at the same time!

For anaerobic conditioning, you do your prowler exercises with a heavier weight over a shorter distance and lengthen your recovery time between sets.

To develop aerobic conditioning with the prowler sled, you use a lighter weight and do longer reps or multiple shorter reps with shorter rest time.

Here is an example of a prowler sled push/pull complex which is for both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning:

5.) Prowler Sled Training Prevents Injuries

prowler exercise benefits

Not only are prowler exercises safe and effective, but prowler sled training actually helps prevent injuries as well!

Because it is such a safe and effective exercise, the prowler sled is a great tool for both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Prowler workouts improve the strength and stability of your entire body and help prevent joint sprains that can be caused because of stability issues, imbalances, and overall weakness.

When you are required to run, stride, jump, plant, and change direction, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to injury if you lack strength and stability in your lower legs and feet.

When you do prowler exercises often, you will help to safeguard your body against common sports injuries like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, Jumpers Knee, and more.

The Best Prowler Sled (2022)

Although you can use a prowler sled at your local fitness center or wherever it is available, a prowler sled is also a great piece of fitness equipment to own because having this one piece of equipment can provide you tons of benefits. However, you definitely are going to want to buy the best prowler sled and the type of prowler sled that you need because they are slightly expensive and you don’t want to have to buy a replacement.

Here are the best prowler sled options for 2022:

XPO Trainer Push Sled

The XPO Trainer Push Sled is the gold standard for best prowler sleds, and it is an investment you won’t regret! 

The XPO Trainer Push Sled is different from the other prowler sleds on my list because it is a prowler sled on wheels so it is significantly more comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The wheels on the XPO Trainer Push Sled make is extremely quite unlike other prowler sleds, and the treads on the wheels make it useable nearly anywhere! It also breaks down and builds up easily, so you can take it wherever you want!

If you want to buy the absolute best prowler sled on the market, you need to buy the XPO Trainer Push Sled!

Last update on 2023-01-31 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

Valor Fitness Weight Sled

If you want to buy a more traditional prowler sled, the Valor Fitness Weight Sled is a perfect option. The Valor Fitness Weight Sled is meant to be used on grass or turf, and has a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs!

Te Valor Fitness Weight Sled itself weighs 72 lbs, and it is a heavy-duty prowler sled that is built to last! The Valor Fitness Weight Sled is also less than half the price of the XPO Trainer Push Sled.

Overall, this is a quality classic prowler sled.

Last update on 2023-01-31 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

UBOWAY Adjustable Sled Trainer

The UBOWAY Adjustable Sled Trainer is not necessarily a prowler sled, ut you can do many prowler sled exercises with this simple sled trainer. The UBOWAY Adjustable Sled Trainer can do many of the prowler sled exercises that would involve dragging or pulling the sled.

Although you won’t be able to do a prowler sled push with this product, the UBOWAY Adjustable Sled Trainer is an affordable option that is still incredibly useful!

Last update on 2023-01-31 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

Best Prowler Push Alternative (The Treadmill Push)

As a prowler alternative, you can use a sled like the UBOWAY Adjustable Sled Trainer for pulling or dragging exercises, or you can do the treadmill push which involves running on a treadmill without actually turning the treadmill on as a prowler push alternative.

However, you definitely have to be careful not to break the tread on the treadmill when you do this exercise!

If you do this properly, though, the treadmill push offers you very similar benefits that you get when you do the prowler sled push.

To perform the treadmill push, you must drive the unpowered treadmill belt with your feet.

The resistance of the treadmill belt will quickly show itself, and working up in overall time is the easiest way to prove that you are improving on this exercise.

Working for set periods of time and decreasing rest is also very effective with this.

One of the key benefits of treadmill pushing is that it provides similar benefits of the prowler push without the need to buy a prowler sled or find a gym with one.

Also, it does not require much space.

Although it is not perfect, the treadmill push is the best prowler sled push alternative.

Concluding Thoughts – Prowler Sled Benefits

The prowler sled is hands down one of the best pieces of fitness equipment that anyone can add to their current training program.

If you do not have access to a prowler sled, you can buy a prowler sled or give the treadmill push a try!

The prowler sled is safe, effective, and useful for a variety of different goals. If you have any additional questions about prowler sled benefits or the best prowler sled to buy in 2022, please let me know!

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