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Best Workout Log Book & Benefits of Keeping a Workout Log

A workout log book (also known as a fitness journal or a gym log) is a journal or notebook where you record your workouts, including the exercises, sets, reps, and weights lifted and keeping a workout log book or fitness journal is one of the most underrated tips for maintaining your fitness goals.

A workout log will keep you honest with the intensity of your training, help you maintain a proper schedule, and provide many other benefits, whether you are starting a bodybuilding program, trying to lose a few pounds, or simply trying to exercise more to become healthier.

There a variety of workout tracking books you can use, but I think the best workout log book I saw on Amazon after doing some research is the Cossac Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner:

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If you want a more complex system of accountability and motivation, you could even start your own fitness blog, and blog about fitness to track your workouts!

Whether you choose to promote your workout tracking to the world or you keep it for yourself, there are many benefits of tracking your workouts!

Benefits of Keeping a Workout Log

Here are some of the main benefits of tracking your workouts in a fitness journal:

Easily Track Improvements

There are certainly many reasons to use a workout log book, but the most important reason is that it helps you stay focused on your goals.

Often, when following any type of workout routines, it becomes difficult to “stay the course” and not give up too early.

By consistently writing down the results of your workouts, you will easily be able to see how much improvement you have made in your body!

Tracking workouts in a fitness journal will make it substantially easier to stay focused on your goals over long periods of time since you will always have an easy reference of how far you have come already!

Find Patterns in Your Training

Another one of the most important benefits of keeping a workout log is that you will find patterns in your workouts and easily be able to find where you can improve, as well as where you are being successful.

For example, if your body was feeling much stronger and looking better a month ago compared to today, you can easily go back in your log book and discover what the difference in your workouts is without having to “think” at all!

This can be helpful over the course of a year, especially if you are the type of person who does many different types of training.

If you ever hit a weightlifting plateau, your workout log will be there to help you find a solution to what may have worked before to make some quick “gains.”

Prevent Injuries

By tracking your workouts, you can identify patterns of overtraining or imbalances that may lead to injury.

You can also use your fitness journal to track your rest days and recovery time.

Identification of Weak Areas:

By keeping a workout log, you can identify areas of your body that may need more attention.

You can then adjust your workouts to target these areas, leading to more balanced and effective training.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Furthermore, keeping a workout log book will keep you accountable for your own workouts and motivate you to push forward!

It is an innate feature of humans that we do not want to regress in our abilities at any time.

By tracking your workouts, you will be much more apt to compete with your “old self” and push to break through any plateaus or barriers you will face.

As much as this is important for novice trainees, it is also important for those who have been training for a substantial amount of time.

Those who have been training consistently for years can easily become complacent with their workouts, needing the extra push of a workout log book to keep them focused and pursuing better achievements in their health, fitness, and appearance.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Journal

Choosing the right workout log book can help you stay organized and motivated in your fitness journey. Here are some factors to consider when buying a fitness journal:

  1. Size: Consider the size of the workout log book. Do you want a small, pocket-sized book that you can easily carry around or a larger one that allows you to write more details?
  2. Format: Consider the format of the workout log book. Do you want a pre-made template with specific fields to fill in or a blank notebook you can customize?
  3. Durability: Consider the durability of the workout log book. Will it withstand being tossed in a gym bag or exposed to sweat? Choose a book made of durable materials, such as thick paper or a waterproof cover.
  4. Extras: Consider any extra features that the workout log book may have. Does it include tips on improving your workouts or space for setting goals and tracking nutrition?
  5. Compatibility: Consider if you want a paper or digital workout log book. If you prefer a digital app, check if it’s compatible with your smartphone or fitness tracker.
  6. Price: Consider the price of the workout log book. Many affordable options are available, but there are also higher-priced options with additional features.

The Best Workout Log Book

If you’re interested in purchasing a fitness journal for yourself, many options could be considered the best workout log book.

Here are the best workout log books I found:

1.) Cossac Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner

As I said before; personally, I think the best workout log book is the Cossac Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner.

This exercise log book has ample space for writing a variety of exercises and has room for recording up to 6 sets of each exercise.

It is also an aesthetic workout log book, so that is a plus as well.

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

2.) Evolway Fitness Journal

I picked the Evolway Fitness Journal as my second favorite fitness log book because I love the design.

The Evolway Fitness Journal can hold up to 100 days of workouts, and it has space for recording exercises, sets, as well as your own measurements.

The pages of the Evolway Fitness Journal are not as advanced as the Cossac Fitness Log Book, but it certainly has an aesthetic exterior you will love to carry around with you.

Last update on 2023-03-22 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

3.) WODBOOK Workout Journal

If you are a CrossFit fanatic, the WODBOOK Workout Journal is probably the best workout log book for you!

This fitness journal has built-in weightlifting percentage charts for determining the weights you should use, as well as motivational quotes for those difficult days.

The WODBOOK Workout Journal also has a section with various traditional CrossFit workouts, so you can see a variety of traditional CrossFit workouts when you are stuck planning your Workout of the Day!

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

Digital Alternatives to Workout Log Books

If you prefer a digital approach to tracking your workouts, several fitness apps offer similar functionality to a physical workout log book.

Digital platforms offer the convenience of tracking your workouts, progress, and nutrition on your smartphone or tablet.

MyFitnessPal, for example, is a popular app that offers comprehensive workout and nutrition tracking, a vast food database, and the ability to sync with other fitness apps.

While digital options provide easy access and offer additional features such as workout libraries and syncing with other fitness apps, some people prefer the experience of using a physical log book.

Whether you prefer a physical log book or a digital alternative, the important thing is to commit to tracking your workouts and staying accountable on your fitness journey.

Concluding Thoughts – Should You Buy a Workout Log Journal?

Keeping a workout log book or fitness journal is a necessity for people who are looking to make big changes in their bodies.

No matter your experience level in training, you will certainly benefit from tracking your goals and being able to quickly discover which of your workouts are most effective for you.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a novice fitness enthusiast, keeping a gym log will help you get fit and achieve your goals.

Keeping a workout log book is one of the simplest tips to make improvements in your overall physical appearance and fitness without having to change any major factor in your diet or training program.

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