Build Your Best Body With These Tips!

You Are Eating Prebiotic Foods

A good definition of prebiotics is simply foods that are rich fiber, which act as food for probiotics. These are a kind of plant fiber which is indigestible, and they already live inside the large intestine. The benefits of prebiotics are not very clear until probiotics are mentioned, as probiotics refer to live microorganisms which can be found inside your gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics serve several health functions including the cleaning of your stomach and overall digestive health.

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Learn The Benefits of Soft-Tissue Massages!

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of the recovery process for many athletes is soft-tissue treatment. There are several methods that soft-tissue treatment can be done, but one of the most favored methods is the massage method. The massage method is effective for speedy recovery after competitions, heavy workouts and during high intensity cycles. It also serves non-athletes just the same; as people who handle heavy tasks will show an enhancment in performance in the office due to regularly scheduling massages!

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Nutritional values

Adam Kemp Fitness is focused on real life solutions for real life problems, and our nutrition advice follows suit with this! We understand that for some people donuts are a staple in your diet, but we also understand that we can work with this to still find a healthy solution so you don’t have to give them up! By combining sound knowledge of both the human mind and body, together we find healthy diet solutions that will work for anybody! Below is a list of some easy ideas for your daily protein, fats, and carbohydrates, along with some healthy options for cooking oils! This is not a culminating or exhaustive list, but a quick suggestion of easy choices which are strong in both macronutrients and micronutrients to power your body through each and every day!

Nutritionally Valuable Food Choices

Protein Carbohydrates Healthy Fats Cooking Oils
Eggs Steel Cut Oats Coconut Oil Sunflower Oil
Free Range Chicken Long-Grain Rice Butter Coconut Oil
Grass-Fed Beef Potatoes Egg Yolk Grapeseed Oil
Pork Sweet Potatoes Salmon/Other Fish Safflower Oil
Salmon/Other Fish Gluten-free Pasta Sunflower Seeds Hemp Oil
Yogurt/Kefir Honey Peanuts Olive Oil
Nuts Maple Syrup Almonds Sesame Oil
Bison Nuts Avocados Avocado Oil

Vitamins and Minerals

One of the biggest changes I have made in recent years in my nutrition planning was a switch away from a complete “If It Fits Your Macros” diet style, to a diet style more focused on balancing both calories, and chemicals. Meaning, changes in macronutrients can only take you so far! Yes, macronutrient planning alone can build a fantastic looking body; but it definitely does sacrifice in some areas. With my new approach I absolutely still take in to account macronutrient needs, but also focus on reducing the number of chemicals or chemically processed foods that I intake. By doing so, not only have I been able to achieve a physique which I am extremely proud of, but I have also dramatically increased my overall energy and work capacity; something which is even more important to me! As a basketball player it is not enough to look the part of a great athlete, but you need to be able to perform at your best at all times as well!

70% of daily needs for vitamines B1, B12, C, D, K

10% of daily needs for calories

My Theory-In Conclusion

Building the body you want is more than macronutrients, it is more than “eating healthy,” and it is more than “going to the gym.” Building a body which is functional for your life takes knowledge and intelligent programming, as well as a correct understanding of yourself. Having seen athletes and non-athletes around the world work on building their body has allowed me the opportunity to take I many unique factors which are often missed by close-minded views. Together, we can have you looking your best, feeling your best, and performing your best in a way which will only make you enjoy your life more than ever!.

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