How to Do a Full-Body Resistance Band Workout At-Home

How to Do a Full-Body Resistance Band Workout At-Home

Many fitness lovers focus exclusively on dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills, spin bikes, and other machines to fill their home gym, but what if you have limited space or money to set up a home gym?

Resistance bands are a perfect option for people looking to limit costs or get a full-body workout at-home with limited equipment!

Resistance bands are affordable and fun exercise equipment that you can use to get an effective stimulus for smaller and larger muscles.

Additionally, since they are lightweight, you can travel with them anywhere, so you don’t miss a workout.

Resistance bands are particularly beneficial compared to other exercise equipment because they engage the neuromuscular controls to give your body greater strength and balance. Resistance bands can even assist with the development of mobility as well.

There are many places to purchase resistance bands, such as daily yoga by MTL Weights.

Here are a couple of resistance band exercises that you can combine for an outstanding full-body workout:


The resistance band wood chopper is an excellent exercise that can strengthen your shoulders and core.

To perform this, you can hold a handle with each hand, with your foot lying in the middle of the elastic band. Then, bend your knees a little, and move the handles across your body in a diagonal format, extending the arms front and back.

Here’s an example of how to perform a resistance band wood chopper:

Pull Apart

To begin, you can stretch your arms before you with palms facing the floor. When you stand, your feet should maintain a gap as much as your hip’s width. Each hand should grab the band’s handle.

The band should have enough tension so that you can move your arms and hands parallel to the surface.

The resistance band pull apart is a great exercise for your upper back muscles.

Here’s a quick video explanation of the resistance band pull-apart:

Bicep Curl

To do a resistance band bicep curl, both feet should be on the band and at a distance from each other. The handle will be in one hand each, and your arms will remain lower on the sides.

Then, curl your arms upwards with both handles at the same time.

The resistance band bicep curl is an easy exercise you can do regularly.

Resistance Band Squat

To do a resistance band squat, you can either stand on the center of the resistance band or bring the band around the thighs, up from the knees, to create enough tension in the resistance band. Your feet should be about hip-width from each other.

Then, squat down as deep as possible (without pain), and stand back up. Keep your core tight during the whole movement.

Here is an example of the resistance band squat:

Concluding Thoughts

Resistance bands are an outstanding tool because you can use them in various ranges of motion, and there are many choices for what type of resistance bands to choose.

Smaller resistance bands (often called mini bands) tend to be suitable for leg and glutes workouts. You will need larger varieties if you want to do arm workouts with your mini bands.

Handles are useful during many resistance band exercises, but they aren’t necessary for all.

Find the right resistance bands for the exercises you want to do, and get after it!

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