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For those of you who are in relationships, whether married or dating, working out as a couple is an incredible way to increase your bond and improve your physical fitness.

According to a study published in Personal Relationships,

“Results indicated that shared activities help to sustain relationships, and do so beyond threat-based maintenance strategies (i.e., accommodation). Activities that were satisfying, stress-free, and increased closeness predicted greater relationship quality concurrently and longitudinally.”

Even if one half of the couple isn’t a fitness lover, finding ways to work out together can help them find a passion for fitness.

Keep reading below to find fitness tips for couples, and types of exercises that couples can do together!

The Best Fitness Tips for Couples

There are so many ways you can be physically active, but some of them are definitely better when you are doing them with someone you love. Check out these fitness tips for couples which will surely make you both want to be physically active get in the best shape of your life!

Try Playing Sports Together

Psychologists say that strong relationships are distinguished by couples who share a common hobby. If this hobby is connected with sports, then both partners can improve their health, normalize weight, reduce the chance of of insomnia, and even increase their libido.

Sports that couples can easily play together include:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Ping Pong

Create a Home Workout Program

To receive the benefits of getting fit together, it isn’t necessary to attend a gym. It’s easy to do even at home!

You can choose exercises which are interesting to perform in pairs, or you can do workouts which involve alternating exercises between the two of you. Firstly, make an exercise plan and follow it clearly. The main thing is to choose such exercises that are interesting to perform in pairs.

For example, if you have the space, yoga is an amazing form of exercise which you can do as a couple to increase your connection and improve your health.

Or, you can use your significant other as a training tool, as I have here:

Choose a Good Gym

If you really want to increase your fitness efforts, join a gym together! Joining a gym will give you a lot of variety for exercises you can do together, and it will also help increase your commitment to your goals because you will be paying for a place to train.

Find a gym with equipment that fit your needs, and you will enjoy the process of working out as a couple!

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Excessive training and extreme acceleration of the heart rate can seriously harm your health. Don’t stress the body to get in good shape. You should avoid the increased heart rate and take breaks between training to normalize your pulse as needed.

Also, training too hard, too quickly, can steer you away from future workouts if you don’t get used to training consistently first.

Discuss Your Preferences

Before you start training, discuss in advance with your partner all the organizational issues. Time and place of training should be suitable for both partners, as well as the type of exercise.

If you make your plan together, you will execute it together!

The Best Types of Exercise for Couples

Here are a few specific types of exercise which are great for couples:


If you as a couple prefer bodyweight exercises, then you should choose yoga, pilates or calisthenics. As I mentioned previously, yoga is specifically great for couples as instructors believe that during the practice of yoga as a couple there is an exchange of energy and spiritual rapprochement.


Couples, who seek to increase their muscle mass and develop a more significantly shaped physique should give bodybuilding a try. Some people think that this is a male sport.

However, it is great for both men and women!

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If one of the partners has contraindications to traditional exercises, then consider the variant aquafitness. Aquatic fitness exercises or even swimming suits people even with issues with their joints and spine.


Dancing can be considered one of the ways for couples to exercise. Couples, who want to fill their relationship with romance and passion, should sign up for pair dancing. Everyone can master the rhythmic movements of tango, salsa, and rumba.

Martial Arts

You might not expect it, but this is an excellent option for working out together. Joint martial arts training helps the couple to splash out all the negative emotions.

An alternative to classic boxing will be the fit-boxing, where participants kick a special punchbag.

Concluding Thoughts – Fitness Tips for Couples

Being in a healthy relationship with someone you love and care about can truly help you improve your physical and mental health, just ask all the healthy couples who found their partners on

By creating a harmonious tandem for fitness training, you not only diversify your leisure time but also strengthen your relationship as a couple.

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