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As we all know, working out on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. However, going to the gym every day is not possible for everyone.

Even if you have the motivation to workout each day, it might not be possible to get to the gym when you want to. A home gym allows you to exercise whenever you want, even on days when you do not have much time.

If you lived in a perfect world, you would have time for your social life, your family, working out, as well as your job.

That’s not the case though, as most people are too busy to have the necessary time for working out.

When it comes to priorities, unfortunately, a workout is usually the lowest on the list. Fortunately, exercising in the comfort of your living room or building your own home gym in a basement or garage is perfectly doable, and you can fit an easy home workout into your busy lifestyle and get fit without going to the gym by setting up your own home gym! It not only gives you the option to work out when you have the time, but there are other benefits as well, such as you also get to enjoy more privacy.

Building your own home gym can help you achieve an elite level of physical fitness, and cut down on the cost you will pay “in the long run” compared with always paying for a gym membership.

There are honestly tons of benefits to making a home gym, and it does not take that much money to do so. A simple DIY home gym is inexpensive and very efficient.

You can develop an easy workout routine for home in your basement just by buying a few pieces of fitness equipment!

For those who understand how valuable exercising is for their overall health and want to make sure they can exercise whenever they need to, keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about setting up the perfect home gym!

Why Should You Set Up a Home Gym?

Although I believe setting up a home gym is a great idea and I have been adding equipment to my own home gym for years, it is still a tough decision on whether you should invest in a home gym or purchase a gym membership.

The variety of exercise equipment available at the gym is one of the most obvious benefits of getting a membership. Most gyms have separate areas for free weights, machines, cables and cardio equipment. At home, you’ll have to be more selective about what equipment you want.

Along with that, when you become a “usual” at a local gym, you will find an overwhelming amount of support and positive energy from the people you train with regularly. Not only that, you will find it easy and comfortable to take the knowledge and experience of other people who are training at your gym as well. If you want to see an excellent example of a great local gym, check out Koko Fit Club Cherry Hill.

However, in my opinion, there are even more reasons why you should build a home gym instead.

The main reason to set up a home gym for yourself is that having your own home gym allows you to train on your own schedule when you regularly could not make it to the gym, ensuring you never miss a workout again.

Another main reason that you might want to set up a home gym for yourself is that you can exercise in the privacy of your own home. Many people find exercising in public to be uncomfortable, and the fear of working out in-front of other people is the main reason they don’t exercise as much as they otherwise could.

Along with, working out at your home can also help you focus more, and you might find yourself more productive than when you go to your local gym to train. If you know you are a person who loves to socialize, going to the gym might be fun, but working out in a home gym might be better for making physical improvements.

Furthermore, gym membership prices can range from $10 to $100 USD, depending on the amenities offered. Even though here are plenty of offers you can take advantage like Lifetime Fitness deals, for instance, purchasing your own home gym equipment will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Another aspect of going to a local gym or fitness center that many people don’t appreciate is that they are less hygienic than working out in a home gym.

There are numerous reasons you might want to consider setting up a home gym for yourself, these are just a few of the main ones!

Where Should You Set Up Your Home Gym?

If you’ve decided on investing in a home gym, the first thing you need to consider is the location of the gym.

When you begin planning your home gym, you need to think objectively when you are deciding on the size.

Make sure the space is well ventilated and the ceiling is high enough for you to perform all the exercises in a safe manner.

You should try to to keep the gym on the smaller side unless you believe you are going to start bodybuilding or you want to turn exercising and being physically fit into your career. You could certainly begin a path to becoming a bodybuilder or starting a fitness blog by making sure you have space for amazing workouts at home each day, but if not, you should try to condense the space you need as much as possible.

You can choose the basement, a spare bedroom, or the garage, but the final decision will depend on the availability of space as well as your home dynamic.

Basements are considered the ideal place for a home gym as you can still use the basement for many other functions. You can create a separate section in your basement for your home gym, which can still leave enough space for home storage, an entertainment center, or a wet bar.

Also, the basement gives you the independence to fit the space with a special kind of flooring material or lighting.

If you plan to set up the gym in a spare bedroom, it is important that you do not take up all the space if you need the room for your relatives or guests.

Also, a home gym can quickly take up space in the garage as large exercise machines take up a lot of space that you also need to for your car, yard equipment or lawnmower.

The best solution would be to build a new shed or annex off of the back of your house that you could use as a home gym, but not everyone has that type of space.

Once you have figured out the location for setting up your home gym, the next step is to figure out the right equipment you will need for your workouts!

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Home Gym

You need to take into account the frequency at which you are going to use the gym as well as if anyone else will also use it along with you. It’s important that you only buy exercise machines and equipment which you expect to use frequently.

You need to think about the other materials you will need in your home gym as well. For instance, you would want to have a TV or a sound system in the basement.

Also, you might need cabinets or shelving for holding workout bands, smaller weights, and other such things. You can check sites like Home Gym Reviewed to learn more.

Motivational quotes on the wall could be a nice addition too!

Check out these tips for which exercise equipment you might need for your home gym:

Cardio Equipment for a Home Gym

Cardio equipment is necessary for two main reasons in your home fitness center: burning extra calories and warming up.

Whether you are training at a fitness center or in your basement, you need to warm-up properly to make sure that you don’t injure yourself while training.

Doing dynamic stretches is obviously an excellent way to warm-up, but using a piece of cardio equipment to get the blood circulating in your body and full of oxygen is necessary as well.

There are certainly a lot of choices you have for this, but I think a stationary bicycle and a ERG rowing machine are your two best choices for cardio equipment in your home.

A stationary bike and rowing machine are both excellent for your home gym because they take up minimal space, but with maximal use. Both of these pieces of cardio equipment can help you to do some excellent anaerobic interval training at the end of your workout, to burn a massive number of calories.

They are efficient, and will give you a lot of variety for your home gym!

Although you can purchase used exercise equipment from Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, buying new equipment is great if you have the ability to do so. If you would like to buy a new stationary bike, this is one of my personal favorite options:

ERG rowing machines are a bit more expensive usually, but a great affordable option is this one:

If you want to be a little more adventurous, get yourself a Jacob’s Ladder Machine! It will still fit in your home gym, and it is a very intense piece of cardio equipment.

I don’t suggest taking a treadmill to your home gym, it is not very efficient compared to the other available options. Also, they aren’t very affordable. If you do want to buy a treadmill, you could get a buy now pay later treadmill that will allow you to make the payments at a more convenient pace.

If you are truly set on getting a brand new treadmill, I think this is a great option:

Dumbbells, Barbells, and Kettlebells

Depending on how much space you have, you’re going to want some free weights to work with. You could opt for something like a BoFlex or a Total Gym, but I personally think you will get more out of having a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, and maybe even a barbell.

If you purchase a quality squat rack and weight bench and some good Olympic weights, you can do a lot of functional training in just a bit of space!

You can check out websites such as Fitness Rocks Weight Set Reviews to find Olympic weight sets that you can use in your home.

Purchasing Olympic weights can help you do many useful compound exercises.

Examples of exercises you can do with this include:

  • Barbell Biceps Curls
  • Barbell Bent-Over Rows
  • Back Squats
  • Front Squats
  • Bench Press
  • Power Clean
  • Hang Clean
  • Military Press
  • Push Press

However, in my opinion, the best option is to get a weight bench, dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells, and a few kettlebells.

Although using exercises such as the floor press are effective, there are still too many exercises you cannot do without a proper weight bench!

Luckily, there are some incredible weight benches on the market for you to choose from whether you are stocking a commercial gym, or building your own home gym!

If you are looking to purchase a weight bench, this guide is incredible for helping you choose the best Olympic weight bench on the market!

A high-quality weight bench can be purchased for 70$-100$, and is easily found online.

One of the key qualities of a weight bench is its adjustability, and portability.  It is easy to assume that the weight bench you purchase will be used for a variety of different exercises that can require different incline levels, and will be moved about the gym room floor from time to time.

If you purchase a high-quality weight bench that can change angles and rolls on wheels you will have a much more functional weight room, with only one piece of equipment!

With kettlebells, you can easily do exercises such as the kettlebell swing to get a load of unique benefits. The kettlebell swing alone can be a huge part of your workout, and can easily be done in your home gym.

Kettlebells are also a bit more affordable if you are going to buy them new, such as this set:

Together, these few pieces of equipment can allow you to do a wide range of strength training exercises.

Space for Yoga

Yoga is such a crucial part of my own training that I think everyone needs to make sure that they reserve space for it in their home gym!

Yoga can serve multiple purposes for you as well. Yoga is clearly known to be one of the best ways to improve your flexibility, but I am sure a lot of you do not understand how challenging it can be for strength training and cardio as well!

If you have a yoga area in your home gym, you can easily do 20 minutes of vinyasa yoga to warm-up, and 20-30 minutes of hatha yoga to cool down at the end of your training.

Especially if you are going to be doing a lot of heavy compound exercises in your home gym such as barbell back squats, power cleans, and barbell bench presses, yoga is vital for keeping your muscles and joints healthy. One of the main advantages of building your own home gym is that you will save so much time from traveling to and from the gym, so you will easily be able to get this necessary yoga in your schedule.

There are a variety of different yoga props you can purchase, but the only essential one is a yoga mat. I own a Manduka yoga mat, and I am convinced it is the best option!

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Additional Workout Accessories for Your Home Gym

If you are looking for fitness gear for your home gym, MJ West Solutions is an excellent company for you to purchase from!

MJ West Solutions is primarily focused on developing quality fitness equipment and fitness gym gear that is affordable and functional, helping many people have better workouts each day.

James Ronald West is the Co-Founder and CEO of MJ West Solutions, and he is also a former U.S. Soldier with over 20 years of experiences as a physical trainer. He is a Certified Master Personal Trainer, and his life experience has given him a unique vantage point for understanding physical fitness. Along with the gym gear they produce, you can also purchase Recipe for True Fitness, the flagship eBook of MJ West Solutions, which is loaded with valuable information for only $3.99!

As explained in the book, True Fitness is a lifestyle. Unlike others who focus on only the physical aspects of fitness, True Fitness explains the mindset and attitude necessary to truly becoming in better physical shape.

The eBook explains how you must love yourself and want to treat yourself well before you ever make true improvements in your physical condition. Not only is improving your fitness level a physical task, but it is a mental task as well!

Along with physical exercises, Recipe for True Fitness demonstrates the roles nutrition and sleep play in helping you complete a transformation of your body from the inside, out.

Unlike other eBook’s or guides on improving your fitness level, James Ronald West wrote Recipe for True Fitness to share life-changing knowledge and assist people impacted by physical fitness or health challenges.

Currently, MJ West Solutions offers a few options for high-quality home gym gear.

Home gym gear options provided by MJ West Solutions include:

  • Push-up Bars
  • Ab Rollers
  • Jump Ropes
  • Pull-up Bars
  • Massage Gun
  • Weightlifting Equipment

Compared with other companies, the main advantages of using MJ West Solutions fitness products is that their quality surpasses their price, and you will receive a product worth the money you spend.

MJ West Solutions prides themselves on their core values and principles so you can trust what you are purchasing! Lastly, one last component of MJ West Solutions is their blog, which provides valuable tips and advice for no-price at all.

MJ West Solutions offers information on both physical and mental health that you can access whenever you want.

Other Necessary Materials for Your Home Gym

Outside of the workout equipment, there are other necessary materials you might need for your home gym depending on how and where you would like to set it up.

A Tool or Equipment Chest

As a fitness enthusiast, you will need a safe place to store your workout equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are working out indoors or outdoors, having the best tool chest will benefit you in a number of ways.

There are so many things that you must consider based on the design, size or even the right shape that you prefer.

The material determines whether a certain tool chest will last longer than the other. You should look for a tool chest made with a material that guarantees you durability and strength.

Having in mind that you will be using the tool chest to store heavy equipment, you need to purchase a durable model that will not get damaged easily.

On top of that, you should also consider the material that is used to make other components like hinges. They need be durable enough to prevent breaking too fast.

Along with that, do you want a portable or a rolling tool chest? This is a personal decision to make. A portable toolbox comes with many benefits like it helps you go with your important tools, helps you keep your tool, organized and it is very sturdy.

In as much as these chest tools might be big and heavy, they are great because they provide ample storage for your tools.

On the other hand, a rolling tool chest comes with more than 10 drawers to keep your tools. It is a perfect selection for people who have a lot of tools and you want to keep them organized in one place.

Furthermore, you do not want to end up with a chest tool that will give you a rough time when you need to access it and move. For instance, tools with plastic latches break easily and you will be forced to use bungee cords to close. Other things that you should check for a reliable performance include the wheels.

If you are concerned about home safety and want to protect expensive home gym equipment that could be stolen such as a TheraGun, you can choose a SteelWater gun safe to protect your valuable items.

The Flooring

As far as the choice of flooring is concerned, it will depend on your gym usage. If you are planning your basement to be used as a multipurpose room, it’s recommended to use wood flooring.

However, if you are going to focus on weight training, wood flooring is not the best option for you.

The most cost-effective solution to minimize impact damage to your body is to cover your workout space with thick rubber foam mats. Developed with interlocking sections, these floor coverings are easy to assemble and adapt to your space.

For weight training, you want something that’s capable of sustaining the weights.

Make sure the rubber tiles are strong enough to support your equipment in order to avoid tearing it off while using your equipment.

Fortunately, learning to keep rubber flooring clean is not difficult. Check the usage instructions that came with your workout gear and remember to clean and store your equipment properly after each session.

Carpets may not be your best idea, but you can make them work if you have an excellent vacuum cleaner such as the truepet ultra light upright.  A thin carpet can be comfortable for some people to train on, although it is not commonly used.

The Lighting

Lighting is another factor you need to look at.

There should be enough lighting in the space to exercise comfortably. In case you have natural light or you want to have a TV in the space, you need to ensure that the lighting setup works well with these options.

Having your own home gym makes it easier for you to workout. You can workout as per your own schedule on your own machines.

By setting up a home gym in the basement, you can ensure that it’s safe and appropriate for your needs while also keeping enough space free in order for basement to be multi-functional.

Insulating Your Garage

Perhaps the hardest component to insulate of any garage is its door. Garage doors are always large, usually wall-sized and made from thin metal, wood, or polymers and housed on hinges or tracks that are not insulated in any way.

Garage doors are the coldest or hottest part of any garage.

You can insulate a garage door in many ways, and each way takes into consideration the materials and the structure of the door. In some cases, it is cheaper and easier to replace the door with one that is easy to insulate, than to start insulating complex electronic roll-up models.

The most comfortable doors to insulate are standard slab doors. These are plates of material that open through hinged or rail movement, and in many cases, an overhead pulley movement.

A roll-up door has too many slats that insulating correctly and with good integrity is problematic.

Since garage doors are usually sold in standard sizes, a whole line of garage insulation kits designed for each and every format is available online. These kits are not expensive but do require that you fully comprehend the dimensions of your garage door, and are prepared to DIY without a bespoke fitment. Consider that a pre-made kit is made to fit a standard size, always check your garage door and check to see that the kit you buy fits it perfectly.

Ken from Mechanic Guides recommends always look at the costs of different insulation materials and tools, before you buy a kit, and check the value of the kit against performance and longevity.

After measuring every component, make a list of the materials you will use for each one. This material list will look something like this:

  • Drill and bits
  • Hammer and Nails
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Box Cutter
  • Adhesive or Duct Tape
  • Wide waterproof fabric
  • Paint and Brushes
  • Sealant (silicone)

Ceiling and walls require screwing in the cover plates over the insulation for double wall insulation, and this requires a drill with the various components for attaching the drywall over the insulation. To see some options for a small drill, read more here.

The garage door insulation kit usually comprises of a box cutter, insulation material, and adhesives to attach it. The box cutter is used to cut the insulation, as well as any drywall to account for power outlets and light fitments as well as windows.

You can apply a silicone sealant is used to close any gaps in some garage walls and door fitments, where the wall and the fitment are connected, but not sealed or not covered with foam insulation.

Insulating a garage door is not complicated, but it does require some hard work and proper planning. Make sure you leave the garage door to last and start with the roof, walls, and floor. Unless you only intend to insulate the door.

Take into account that DIY kits are designed for specific applications, there are universal kits designed for varying sized doors, but always check your door and its characteristics before plunging into a DIY prepared kit.

A final word on materials. Make sure all the materials you use are flame retardant, do not buy cheap unbranded materials since these can be extremely volatile.

An Air Purifier

Bacteria grows in moist, impure air. If you are working out at home, having an air purifier installed can help you avoid breathing in allergens or pollutants in the air. You can find more information on Pure Air Reviews about which air purifier you should purchase.

I have three air purifiers at home, and one of them is in my home gym area. It honestly makes a huge difference!

The air purifier I use is:

Building a New Room for Your Home Gym

If you are lucky enough to have a large garage, basement, or spare room that you can simply clear out and furnish, half the project is already done for you. However, someone who does not have this luxury is not completely out of luck!

There are many ways to develop an excellent home gym in your own backyard even if all you have is open land to start with!

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) is an excellent material to build your home gym with since it is sustainable, reliable, and affordable!

Compared with building a wooden structure or with another type of metal, aluminum composite metal is aesthetically pleasing, and can be build much more efficiently.  Aluminum composite panel is easy to work with, allowing you to build a home gym the size you always dreamed of!

Another reason to work with aluminum composite panel is that since technology has been improving so rapidly, it is now easier to afford than ever!

This is important since it will save you more money to spend on barbells, dumbbells, weight benches, cardio equipment, and other items you want for your gym!

Furthermore, aluminum composite material is easy to work with allowing you to easily add all the adaptions and creations that you want for a sleek and enticing interior!  No longer is a home gym just a garage or shed where you will have limited oxygen and breathe dirty air from a dingy room, you can afford to build your own dream gym!

This metal is long lasting and will maintain without the need to fix for many years, saving you even more money than you ever expected!

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Gym

With a little help from the internet, a well-organized space, and proper hydration, this healthy habit can save you a lot of money without having to compromise on the results. Check out these tips for getting the most out of working out in your home gym!

Take Advantage of Free Videos and Apps

YouTube is a treasure trove of free video workouts. For example, The Fitness Marshall channel uploads short dance workouts accompanied by current top hits such as “Mother’s Daughter” by Miley Cyrus, or “Never Really Over” by Katy Perry.

Another, Popsugar Fitness, offers a wide choice of YouTube workout tutorials with no equipment needed.

Would you prefer to take your Android or iOS device with you to your home gym? Don’t worry: there are plenty of free fitness apps waiting for you! Among our favorites are Nike Training Club that features recommended workouts from famous athletes, and WeBurn, focused on the needs of the female body.

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Remove the Distractions

Do you think it’s possible to focus on exercise right in front of the TV? Isn’t it more tempting to stop your cardio session to relax on the couch, maybe with your favorite Netflix series and some junk food?

To avoid this scenario, remove all distractions from the room where you plan to do your workout routine. Switch off your phone or, if you’re watching fitness tutorials, turn the notifications off. Stay away from the TV, magazines, and DVDs.

Once the distractions are cleared away, get in the mood for exercising by wearing your fitness clothes and sneakers. Also, make sure to have your yoga mat, weights, and any other workout gear handy before you start, so you won’t lose time while looking for it.

Drink Tap Water or Other Quality Water

When you workout, be it at home or at an expensive gym, you sweat a lot, so your body needs plenty of water to compensate for the fluid loss.

Unless you plan to exercise more than an hour, sports drinks aren’t necessary. Instead, since you’re in the comfort of your own home, drinking water straight from the tap may be a good idea to avoid dehydration in a natural way.

If you don’t like the taste of tap water, you can easily fix the problem with the installation of a water softening or filtration system. According to Men’s Health, drinking 250 ml of H2O before your workout session and 500 ml afterwards is enough to keep fully hydrated.


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