How to Make Your Own Dip Station or Dip Bars with PVC Pipe

building your own dip station

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Your customized home gym can be unbeatable, as you can design it to have all the things you require in your workout. Building a home gym is great because it is easily accessible with 24-7 availability.

You can hit it anytime you are free without worrying about festivals, seasons, holidays or any other excuse to skip a training session!

Having a function Dip Station comprises one of the most important parts of a gym.

Many exercise programs may be incomplete without dip bars. If you are under the impression that a dip station is required only for chest and tricep exercises you are totally wrong!

A dip station adds to complete body workout. You can read more about it at the Bodyweight Training Arena.

If you are planning to add a dip station to your home gym, you need not waste your money on buying a complete dip station. In fact, it may not even serve your purpose.

Go through the guide below to know how you can make your personalized dip station at home!

Step By Step Guidance To Make A Dip Station At Home:

Making a dip station at home can be highly fruitful to you, as it is convenient to use and you can carry out a full body workout with it.

Also, it is portable, so you can fix it on your lawn to exercise in fresh air or shift it to your indoor gym.

First, let’s start with the basic requirements to construct the dip station.

PVC Pip Dip Station Requirements:

PVC Pipe: It should be a minimum of 20 feet long with a thickness of 1.5 inches. The Dip station made with this pipe can withstand the weight of up to 250 pounds. If your weight is on the higher side, make sure to opt for a pipe that is approximately 3 inches in thickness.

PVC Elbows: You will require 4 PVC elbows bent at 90 degrees for the connection of pipes.

Measuring Tape: To carry out necessary markings while making the station precisely.

PVC T Joint Connectors: 4 in number

Hand Saw: To cut the PVC pipe in the desired length.


PVC End Caps: 4 in number

PVC Glue: To stick together the pipes in the desired shape and order.

Marking Pen: To ink the mark on the PVC pipe at the required points of measurements.

Grip Tape: Approximately 1.5 inch thick to cover the pipe for providing necessary grip.

Spray Paint Or Oil Paint: Any shade of dull finish of your choice to paint the PVC pipes and add the desired look.

Step: 1- Measure The Pipes And Make The Mark:

The first step is two cut the 20 feet long pipe in required dimensions. You will need

  • Six pipes of 2 feet long and
  • Eight pipes of 1 foot long.

Measure the pipe with the help of measuring tape and make the required markings.

Step: 2- Cut The PVC Pipes:

Once you have made the necessary markings, use your handsaw to cut the pipes. In order to cut the pipes, you should first hold the pipe in place. It can be done with the help of a vice. If you do not have a vice at your home seek someone’s help. You can ask someone to hold the pipe at both ends to get the straight cut.

Position the teeth of the saw exactly over the mark and push down firmly. The grip over the pipe should be very firm so that it does not move from the place.

Step: 3- Join The Pipes:

Take a 2 ft long pipe and attach the 90-degree elbow on each side with the help of PVC glue. Now take another pipe and repeat the same process. Two top grips of your dip station are now ready.

You can observe that one end of the elbow joint is free on each side. Add 2 foot long PVC pipes to each open end. It will make the legs of your dip station.

Step: 4- Carry Out The Desired T-joint Connections:

Place one foot long PVC bar inside each T-joint. Now connect the open end of T-joint to the leg of PVC station. It will make the feet of dip station.

Repeat the process on each leg to make the four feet of the dip station. Your dip station structure is now complete. Use the glue everywhere in a good amount to make the connections strong.

Step: 5- Color The Structure:

Now place your dip station on the newspaper and color the complete structure with the help of spray paint. You can choose the color of your choice. It can be as per your gym room or to match your other equipment.

On completion of color, allow it to rest overnight so that it is completely dried up.

Step: 6- Create A Grip:

Now mark the center point of the top grip of dip bar on both the sides. With the help of measuring tape create a mark on 3-inch distance on each side. Start folding the grip tape starting from the inner side of the mark to form a grip. Else your hand might slip during exercise.

This grip should be made on both the pipes of the top dip bar. Your dip bar is now complete with the grips on it to assure no mishappenings during the exercise.

Final Words – Making Your Own Dip Station

This dip station made by you at your home is ready in few simple steps and costs not more than a few hundred bucks. It is much more useful in comparison to those heavy exercise machines available on the market.

You can use it whenever and wherever you want, as it can be shifted easily due to its lightweight. It is multi-purpose equipment that enables you to have a full body workout.

On the counterpart, you will not miss using this exercise equipment a single day. You will have a special attachment to it as it’s your creation.

You will try new experiments on it every day to get the most out of it.

Hit your home gym daily and stay fit.


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