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Total Gym Review: What is the Best Total Gym to Buy?

Total Gym Workouts are efficient and effective. In this article, I will describe some of the best Total Gym exercises and workout routines, as well as the best Total Gym to buy for your home!

The Total Gym is one of the most innovative ideas that has been introduced to fitness enthusiasts throughout the world. This unique brand of gravity-based home gyms first made their debut in 1974, and it was designed for flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness.

Although there are certainly a variety of benefits of strength training with weights, fitness experts have also acknowledged that there are many unique benefits of relying solely on one’s own body weight for an effective exercise routine.

Not only do Total Gym workouts help decrease your body mass index (BMI) through burning calories and inducing weight loss, they also help assist in the increase of muscle mass and improvement of physical conditioning.

Regardless of what exercise or workout you choose to do with the Total Gym, the Total Gym transforms your own body weight into some form of resistance.

The Total Gym comes with a platform that is mounted on flexible rails, and a gliding board which can be mounted at different heights.

The higher the angle, the more the resistance.

The individual moves the platform via the pulley handles, and as earlier mentioned, the exercise is executed using your own body weight. The intensity of the exercises can be increased or reduced depending on where you set the gliding board and the platform.

If you want to make a certain Total Gym exercise more difficult, all that is required is an adjustment of the bench’s incline.

As with any exercise program, Total Gym Workouts are even more effective when a workout program is consistently maintained.

Read the rest of my Total Gym review to see what is the best Total Gym to buy and see the best Total gym workouts and exercises!

What is the Best Total Gym to Buy?

does total gym work

If you are looking for the best Total Gym for your house, it can be relatively difficult to determine which is the best Total Gym because there are a lot of great options!

Here is a review of the best Total Gym options (in my opinion):

Total Gym Optima Review

After analyzing the various Total Gym options, my initial suggestion for you is to buy the Total Gym Optima Home Exercise Machine.

Each version of the Total Gym comes with a variety of unique features. However, for the price of the Total Gym Optima, I believe it is the best overall value. Benefits of the Total Gym Optima include:

  • Uses Include Over 60 Different Exercises Ranging from Cardiovascular Exercises, Strength Training and Stretches
  • Easily Delivers a Total Body Workout
  • Works All the Major Muscle Groups Simultaneously
  • Includes Multi-Functional Attachments and Leg Pulley Accessories
  • Folds Quickly for Easy Storage

The Total Gym Optima has great reviews on Amazon from verified purchases, and even without purchasing it myself, I am sure that it is an excellent value!

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

Total Gym XLS Review

If money is not a problem for you and you would like to purchase a more advanced Total Gym so that you can get the best workout possible, the Total Gym XLS is the best Total Gym for you in my opinion!

Even though it costs $850.00, the Total Gym XLS is still a great value compared to how much you would normally pay for a gym membership over the course of a few years. If you are truly intent on using the Total Gym to get in shape at home (which I believe is a great idea), the Total Gym XLS is an incredible investment!

Features include:

  • The Total Gym XLS is the model “As Seen on TV” with Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley
  • Contains Resistance Training Function with 6 Levels
  • 400 lb Weight Capacity for Total Strength and Stability
  • Padded Glide-board with Head Support
  • You Can Use it for Over 80 Exercises!

Along with the features of the machine itself, the Total Gym XLS also comes with additional workout guides and dietary advice including:

  • Start It Up – An Introduction to Total Gym XLS Workouts
  • 6-8 Minute Workout – 12 Workouts for Men and Women Who Are Pressed for Time
  • Smart Training Workout – An Efficient Workout with a Slower Pace and Precise Movements
  • Body Makeover for Total Gym- A High-Energy and High-Powered Workout to Change Your Body!
  • A Simple Exercise Wall Chart with 35 Exercises
  • The Total Gym Training Deck
  • Dan Isaacson’s Meal Plan and Nutritional Program

Spending over $800.00 on the Total Gym XLS might seem like a steep price, but for the value you get compared to what it costs to purchase a gym membership, I believe it is an incredible option!

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

What Are the Benefits of Total Gym Workouts?

If you want to get the most out of your Total Gym, you should maintain similar rules as you would with any workout program. If you are looking to build muscle mass, you should use it three to four times per week.

However, even if you are not using your Total Gym that frequently, there are many benefits of using the Total Gym.

For example, the complexity of the movements is developed to give better neuromuscular and cardiovascular strength, and improve your fitness levels.

For people who have limited space at home and need gym equipment that is easy to use and store, then the Total Gym will be a perfect fit for you. Using equipment such as the Total Gym or the Bowflex SelectTech 552 is the best way to do a great workout in a small amount of space.

As you can imagine, Total Gym workouts provide myriads of benefits, or why else would Chuck Norris recommend it?

Keep reading below to learn a few more unique benefits of Total Gym workouts!

total gym exercise chart

1.   A Total Gym is Fantastic for Quickly Blasting Body Fat and Burning Calories

If you are a fan of quick fixes, this is a great piece of workout equipment for you. Due to the ability to do a wide variety of exercises in a confined space, the Total Gym can help you get fantastic results in much less time than other types of workout equipment.

Total gym workouts consist of complex exercises that target muscle groups that work together. Due to this, more energy is required to coordinate the various movements.

Most Total Gym exercises are multi-joint compound exercises, which make significantly more differences for your body than single-joint isolation exercises.

2.   A Total Gym Can Help You Build Muscle Mass

For most fitness enthusiasts, it is important to see results in muscular size. If muscle building is your major reason for working out, doing small isolation exercises is not a great option.

The Total gym was originally conceived as a rehabilitation tool, however, it seemed clear that it was also fantastic for working out whole muscle groups and improving general fitness levels.

If you’d like to build more muscle mass, then you should take a different approach than people using it for general exercise, but you can certainly accomplish your goal.

Total Gym exercises effectively target a variety muscle groups at the same time. Doing Total Gym workouts at least two or three times each week nearly guarantees increased muscle growth.

3.   Helps You Improve Physical Strength

Similar to improving muscle mass and increasing general fitness, Total Gym exercises are effective in improving physical strength as well.

For most fitness enthusiasts, increasing physical strength is incredibly important for them. If you have a similar goal, then multi-joint exercises are your best bet.

Complex multi-joint workouts help you develop physical strength which transfers to real-life.

Since Total Gym exercises require many muscles in the body to be utilized at the same time, performing them will help make you stronger and healthier than you ever imagined you’d be.

4.   It Is Very Efficient for Working Out

Our tech-savvy world is full of demands and distractions, and due to this, finding sufficient time for exercising can be a huge struggle.

Total Gym exercises are perfectly suited to our fast-paced lives.

If for instance, you can spare no more than thirty minutes on exercising, incorporating Total Gym workouts into your routine can help you get a full-body workout without going over your time limit.

This simple minimalistic piece of equipment is built to perform complex multi-joint exercises that work out the whole body, and you do not need a huge amount of space to do them.

Therefore, you can, within less time, exercise more muscles than single-joint exercises would.

Total Gym exercises teach you to focus more on the complex movements that help you maximize your workouts at home.

5.    Provides Flexibility in Your Schedule

Like most people, fitness enthusiasts like workout routines that allow a lot of flexibility. This is one huge advantage Total Gym workouts have over others. These exercises treat the whole body as the interconnected system/unit that it is., and these exercises permit the stimulation of several muscles at the same time.

This helps the body build strength and flexibility with each workout.

Furthermore, you get amazing results without having to give up the other fun programs you have planned.

If you’re a traveler, Total Gym exercises make it easier to exercise without losing time or focus on upcoming adventures.

If your holiday includes other activities like bungee jumping, snorkeling, or even good old yoga, Total Gym workouts help you find time to perform all of these without jeopardizing your strength-building routine.

Instead of having to go to a fitness center or local gym and spending a long amount of time for a full-body workout, performing these exercises and workouts at home provide flexibility in your schedule and life!

Best Total Gym Workouts

total gym full body workout routine

Instead of giving you exact total gym workouts, I want to provide you with valuable information that can help you create your own workout program.

First, my advice is to do full-body workouts, not isolated workouts that focus only on one or two specific body parts. You can easily combine Total Gym exercises with body weight exercises.

Next, you should try to create “circuit” workouts as much as possible. Circuit training with the Total Gym is an incredible way to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Lastly, I suggest you use moderate to high repetitions and lower weights. Total Gym Workouts are great for doing a lot of repetitions, and working on creating muscular tone and endurance- not building muscle mass.

If you use these tips, I am confident you will come up with the best Total Gym workouts on your own!

If you would like to see a specific Total Gym workout, check out this video of Chuck Norris using it:

Concluding Thoughts – Should You Buy a Total Gym?

In my opinion, the main reason to purchase a Total Gym is that you can legitimately improve your body by using it as your main piece of workout equipment.

The Total Gym is a great way to improve your physical fitness and develop an aesthetic body without leaving your home.

Taking a look at Total Gym reviews reveals the Total Gym is a flexible and easy to use piece of equipment, which allows an individual to target and exercise major muscle groups with just a few simple changes. Total Gym workouts rely on compound, multi-joint movements, which means that you can have a better chance of building muscle mass and losing weight.

If you would like to purchase a Total Gym, I think the best Total Gym for people on a budget is the Total Gym Optima Home Exercise Machine, and the best Total Gym for people with unlimited funds is the Total Gym XLS.

I hope you enjoyed my Total Gym product review, please let me know if you have any questions!

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