Jump Rope Workout Benefits & The Best Jump Rope Workouts

the best jump rope workouts
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Doing the best jump rope workouts can decrease the overall amount of cardio workouts that you need to do, and give you a more enjoyable cardio workout overall. Although it may seem like just a simple and traditional exercise for boxers or small girls, jumping rope has several health benefits that will amaze you and motivate you to buy one.

One of the main benefits of the jump rope is the ease with which you can use them; as you can travel with a jump rope and use it conveniently literally anywhere in the world.

Jump ropes actually do come in various sizes and weights, and you can match your desired fitness goals to the jump rope you purchase!

It is not difficult to find a quality cheap jump rope, and here is why you should look for one today!

Jump Rope Workout Benefits

benefits of jump rope workouts

Jump rope workouts have many unique benefits. For a professional athlete such as myself, doing a jump rope workout every couple days is an excellent way to stay in cardiovascular condition to play, and also work on my speed and quickness.

For many people, using a jump rope is an excellent idea for a low-impact cardio workout. Compared to jogging or running, a jump rope is much easier on your joints!

There are lots of reasons to involve a few jump rope workouts in your weekly routine, check out some of the benefits below!

Training with a Jump Rope will Enhance Your Coordination

A well designed jump rope workout is excellent for your overall coordination since you naturally pay less attention to your feet even though your brain is aware of them.

When you repeat this training several times, your feet will become lighter and including tricks and difficult footwork will force your body to become more coordinated and conscious.

According to a study that was conducted on the Self-Concept Responses of Children to Participation in an Eight-Week Precision Jump-Rope Program (University of Maryland), it was observed that even though children exhibited high self-concept as a group from the beginning of the study, there was a significant improvement after a jump roping regime.

A Jump Rope Workout Helps to Burn Large Amounts of Calories, In a Small Amount of Time

jumping rope for fat loss

With about a total of 0.1 calories consumed for every jump, a jump rope workout can help you burn up to 1300 calories within an hour of intense activity.

According to a University of New South Wales study, it was discovered that women who indulged in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) were able to burn fat at a rate that is much higher than those who did long-duration aerobic exercises.

10 minutes of interval jumping to warm-up, and 10 minutes to cool down, can burn easily near 300 calories in this time alone!

Clearly, jump roping is an excellent way to increase your metabolism and lose weight fast.

Consistent Jump Rope Workouts Enhance Bone Density

One of the best exercises that will help to improve the bone density of athletes and the elderly is jumping up and down, provided your bones are strong enough to start the exercise in the first place.

If you are concerned about your bone stability it is always advisable to first ask a medical professional, but given this clearance, a jump rope workout can be an excellent addition to your daily routine!

Based on studies in Japan according to The New York Times, the bone density of mice increased significantly after a period of 24 weeks when they jumped and landed 40 times within a week.

This correlates well to humans as the light jumping of a conventional jump rope workout is easy enough not to cause any new damage, but effective enough to promote bone growth and development.

Jump Rope Workouts Can Even Improve Your Intelligence!

The Jump Rope Institute explained that jump roping can make you more intelligent because it enhances the development of the right and left hemispheres of your brain, which is able to improve your reading skill, spacial awareness, memory and mental alertness.

It also helps you to improve your dynamic balance and coordination, reflexes, muscular endurance and bone density.

The more difficult of style, or longer that you jump rope for, the more benefit you will receive in these capacities.

Training With a Jump Rope Enhances Your Ability to Remain Calm

In a somewhat similar form to yoga, in a jump rope workout you are exercising your brain and your body at the same time; and can actually enhance your ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

The coordination and control that you need between your brain and body when you are jump roping helps to synchronize your whole body!

Whether you are currently in a stressed state or not, utilizing a well timed jump rope workout can do nothing but benefit your overall mood!

Improve Anaerobic Fitness

When you increase your heart rate to between 80 to 90% of its maximum, you enter into the anaerobic zone.

Anaerobic fitness by definition means the extent to which you can exercise without oxygen, and you can actually develop your anaerobic endurance by jump roping.

You will achieve this by alternating periods of extremely fast jumps and slower periods of recovery.

You can alternate 1 minute of fast jump roping by jumping as fast as you can and then a slow jump which will also last for a minute.

This exercise can be repeated 10 times for a total period of 20 minutes and jump roping for your anaerobic fitness will help you to develop muscles.

Traditional interval training protocols such as the Tabata interval training method work well with jump roping as well!

Below I will explain my own,  personal favorite jump rope workout!

My Favorite Jump Rope Workouts

There are tons of jump rope workouts that you can do, but here are the two I believe are the best jump rope workouts:

The Best Jump Rope Workout for Endurance

I have tried many different jump rope workouts but this one I am about to tell you is my absolute favorite!

The first workout is one in which you will be doing intervals of 40 seconds of high intensity jumping, with 20 seconds of rest.

For a new trainee, I would recommend starting with 4-5 sets of this, and then working your way up.  20 minutes of this will be fatiguing for almost all athletes, and I definitely suggest working towards this!

The Best Jump Rope Workout for Weight Loss

Another one of my favorite tactics for getting my jump rope workout in is to do sets of 30-45 seconds in between each of your exercises while lifting.

You don’t even need to do it for the entire workout!

For your first 10-12 total sets, try doing 30-45 seconds of jump roping in between.

Your heart rate will elevate and you will become a fat burning machine, believe me!  If you are feeling really daring, try to do this through your whole workout!

It’s not easy, but it is definitively worth it!

The most amazing thing about jump rope workouts is that the jump ropes themselves are not expensive, and are as simple as they appear.

They can help you to maintain overall fitness of your body, as well as build anaerobic conditioning for any level of athlete.

The Best Jump Rope for Working Out

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In 2016 I purchased three different colors/weights from them and could not be happier because I still am using them!

The price is reasonable and the quality is impeccable!

Check them out and get yours today, there are way too many benefits to be missing out on for any longer!

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Concluding Thoughts – Should You Do Jump Rope Workouts?

Consistently sticking with a jump rope workout program is a great way to improve your physical conditioning while burning a ton of calories. If you do jump rope workouts week after week, I am confident you will love the results!


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