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TheraGun G4 Pro Review & TheraGun G3 Pro Review (2022)

In my opinion, the TheraGun G4 Pro is by far the best percussive massage gun. I own the TheraGun G3 Pro, but the TheraGun G4 Pro has surpassed it!

I’ve bought and used dozens of different health products, supplements, and devices in my life to try to improve muscle recovery and decrease fatigue, but I am writing this TheraGun Review because the TheraGun G4 Pro has more than lived up to my expectations.

Even with the higher price tag, the TheraGun G3Pro and TheraGun G4 Pro are investments from which I more than got my money’s worth.

The TheraGun G4 Pro is the best percussive massage gun on the market because it is the most powerful, has the best attachment options, and provides the best overall results of all the percussive massagers currently being made. In addition, as the G4 Pro Theragun has recently replaced the TheraGun G3 Pro, it has taken percussive massagers to new levels of innovation I couldn’t have imagined!

Keep reading below to read my full TheraGun review and learn more about why I am confident the TheraGun G3 Pro or G4 Pro is the best percussive massage gun!

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TheraGun G4 Pro Review (Updated 6/30/2022)

On May 4th, 2020, TheraGun announced and released their 4th generation percussive massager, the TheraGun G4. After using the TheraGun G4 Pro for the last year, I am confident that it is the best percussive massage gun.

Over the past year, I have used the Hyperice Hypervolt Pro 2, TheraGun G3 Pro, and TheraGun G4 Pro, and the TheraGun G4 Pro is my favorite.

Compared to the TheraGun G3 Pro and Hypervolt Pro 2, the TheraGun G4 Pro is stronger, more comfortable, and more efficient.

I still own and use the TheraGun G3 Pro, but the TheraGun G4 Pro is better for many reasons.

You can learn more about the qualities of the TheraGun G4 Pro and how it is better than other massage guns, but in my opinion, the TheraGun G4 Pro is the best percussive massage gun.

Theragun G3 Pro vs Theragun G4 Pro

There are a few main differences between the TheraGun G3 and G4 Pro models, but the main difference is the noise volume. In my opinion, the main negative of the TheraGun G3 Pro model is that it is very loud. However, with the new TheraGun G4 Pro model, TheraGun invented a proprietary “QuietForce Technology,” which makes this percussive massager as quiet as an electric toothbrush.

After using both TheraGun models, the noise difference is substantial.

Another key difference is that the TheraGun G4 Pro comes with an enhanced Therabody app, which uses artificial intelligence to learn from your behaviors and preferences. With that technology, the TheraBody App integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health to recommend routines for your health and wellness.

Lastly, the new G4 Pro Theragun comes with a convenient OLED screen which provides you more control over your current speed and the pressure you are applying. The OLED screen on the TheraGun G4 Pro is a huge upgrade. The G3 TheraGun only provides two-speed options, while now, the G4 TheraGun has speed ranges from 1750 – 2400 percussions per minute (PPM), which can be controlled through the Therabody app.

The TheraGun G4 Pro also has a more convenient charging system than the G3 Pro model, which is a significant upgrade.

What Are the TheraGun Model Differences?

Each TheraGun model is slightly different, so you will have to decide which TheraGun model is best for you.

The G4 TheraGun comes in Elite, Prime, and Mini models, which are more affordable but less powerful. The TheraGun G4 Pro costs the same as the G3 Pro previously did, but if you are looking to spend a little less money, I suggest the smaller TheraGun percussive massagers over any other brand!

The TheraGun Mini is especially unique it is a portable Theragun massager that can be used easily while traveling. I haven’t bought it yet, but I am still considering adding the TheraGun Mini to my collection of workout equipment for on-the-go muscle recovery!

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TheraGun G3Pro Review

Although TheraGun itself makes other percussive massage guns, and there are many other options on the percussive massage gun market, there are a few key reasons why the TheraGun G3Pro is a great investment. Although it is older than other percussive massagers, it is still useful and powerful.

The TheraGun G3 Pro uses massage strokes that go 16mm deep into muscles, 40 times per second!!

The TheraGun G3 Pro comes with an adjustable arm and a triangular-shaped handle that helps you reach spots all over your body. The G3 Pro delivers up to 60lbs of force with each stroke and comes with two different speeds depending on how sensitive your muscles are.

The TheraGun G3Pro comes with six attachments, all of which have specific and unique uses. They are:

  • Dampener: For use around bones or muscles which are highly sensitive
  • Large Ball: For large muscle groups
  • Standard Ball: For both small and large muscle groups
  • Wedge: For shoulder blades and IT Band
  • Thumb: For precision areas (very intense therapy)
  • Cone: The most intense therapy, for specific areas only

I use all of the attachments, and you can really feel the difference with each one! I am very happy that TheraGun developed all of these specific attachments because using them all makes a tremendous difference for various muscle groups.

The G3 Pro also comes with two chargeable batteries, and the batteries themselves last several treatment sessions each.

Negatives of the TheraGun G3 Pro

Although the TheraGun G3 Pro is an incredible device, it is not without any “issues” completely. I don’t have too many bad things to say about this device. However, I wish it were quieter.

When my wife and son are sleeping (we live in a moderate-sized flat in Poland at the moment), I don’t use my TheraGun because of the sound it makes.

The sound is about the same level as most vacuum cleaners, in my opinion. Due to the sound problem, I suggest you buy the TheraGun G4 Pro instead of the TheraGun G3 Pro.

However, the TheraGun G3 Pro is a more affordable option since it is older if you want to save some money.

What are the Benefits of Using a Percussive Therapy Massage Gun?

Benefits of Percussive Massage Therapy

There are many advantages of using a percussive massage gun. Most notably, with a percussive massage gun, you can easily achieve the results and benefits of massage therapy on your own. When you purchase the TheraGun G4 Pro, you can give yourself a massage every day!

Although percussive massage therapy is only recently growing in popularity due to the many percussive massage guns being developed, percussive massage therapy itself has long been part of traditional Swedish massage therapy. Percussive massage therapy is formally known as tapotement.

According to a study published in The Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, tapotement is a percussive massage stroke aimed at stimulating the cutaneous tissue and superficial muscle, which assists in preparation for athletic competition.

There are a few places on your body that you cannot use the TheraGun or other percussive massage guns on, but I believe the TheraGun provides a better massage for larger muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, low back, etc.) than most massage therapists!

Percussive massage therapy can improve your muscle recovery and decrease muscle fatigue after training, and it also can help you warm up for training sessions. For example, I have used my TheraGun on my quads, glutes, and calves before many basketball practices or weightlifting sessions since I purchased it.

Along with that, it is also a main component of my pre-game routine. Before games, I use the TheraGun to help refresh my muscles before playing professional basketball games.

Using the TheraGun G4 Pro makes my muscles feel “fresher,” and it also prepares my central nervous system for games. According to one study published by the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, using a percussive massage gun can be great for improving your reaction time.

When participants’ reaction times pre and post-Tapotement massage were compared, individuals using tapotement massage demonstrated improved reaction time, which can be advantageous in many competitive sports.

There are other benefits of using a percussive massage gun as well. According to a study published by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, three minutes of tapotement massage increased ankle flexibility while not adversely affecting jump power measurements.

Due to that, using a percussive massage gun can be an effective alternative to static stretching as a component of a pre-event warm-up.

Whether you are a professional athlete such as myself, a bodybuilder looking to find a way to push their muscles to the max, or simply someone looking to live pain-free and improve their overall health, the TheraGun G3 or G4 can improve your life!

Concluding Thoughts –  TheraGun Review

Even though the TheraGun G4 Pro costs $599, I believe this is a great investment because you will get your money’s worth! This is a device that is easy to use every day, and it can make a significant difference in your muscle recovery.

If you are interested in a more affordable option, I suggest the Elite, Prime, or Mini models.

If you have any additional questions about the TheraGun G4 Pro or G3 Pro, please email me and ask!

I hope my TheraGun product review was helpful!

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