Bikini Body Tips – How to Get a Bikini Ready Body

tips for maintaining your bikini body all year

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Keeping a bikini ready body through the fall, winter and spring is one of the dreams of many girls. If you are looking for bikini body tips that will help you stay in bikini-shape all year, you have come to the right place!

With all the delicious holiday meals in the fall and winter, it’s normal that you will be tempted to potentially ruin all that you’ve worked for so far, and lose that aesthetic body figure over a couple days of feasting.

But, you don’t let that happen!

How to Keep a Bikini Ready Body

If you don’t know how to sustain to your daily plans and find time to work out, take a look at our tips which can help you maintain your bikini body all year!

Alter Your Diet the Right Way

When trying to stay fit, lose weight or boost your muscle mass, you need to understand that diet is everything. You can work out all you want, exercise each day and push your body to the limit, if you don’t clean up your diet you won’t really make any progress.

Colder weather makes you crave carbohydrates. You can resist all you want, but there’s something about those dark, long days that makes you grab that extra portion, or pile your plate more than you might have a month or so ago.

Be aware of the changes that are going to happen to your eating habits and alter accordingly. Consider those evenings you may be stuck inside instead of going to the park or exercising on the beach for hours.

If your know the gloom of the evenings will make you reach for the cookies, get an exciting range of healthy snacks. Try exploring a salad of your favorite exotic fruits and natural yogurt.

It’s okay to eat more, because your body does need it.

While that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a healthy dessert one in a while, it does mean that you should base your diet on quality proteins, carbs, and fats from vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products.

Just make sure you eat the right carbohydrates – whole grains, nuts, wholemeal bread, bananas – and stay away from carbo-loading when you won’t be burning it off.

Also, review all food labels and make sure that you’re not eating more than your daily calorie limit. Even vegan foods come with calories, and it’s possible to go over your calorie threshold by eating calorie-dense vegan snacks like brownies and cookies that sometimes come with as much as 750-calories per serving.

how to eat to maintain a bikini body

What’s important is to cut down on the sugar, unhealthy fats, and increase fiber and protein.

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve your diet may be based on vegetable and meat, food with limited amount of carbs, etc. By all means avoid fast food, too much bread as having a diet like that will result in reversing the effects of your exercises.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, meat like fish, beef, and plan your meals.

You can prepare you food for the entire day and store it in the fridge as a serving for each meal.

Exercise A Lot!

The popular saying in the fitness industry “abs are made in the kitchen” might be true, but that doesn’t mean that regular exercise doesn’t play a crucial role in losing weight to get a bikini ready body.

As the temperature starts to drop, you may lose motivation to go outside, unless you have to. Getting up in the morning is hard enough, but fall mornings tend to be chilly. Even if you like to think you can push yourself through cold weather on dark nights, you most likely won’t last as long as you would in spring/summer.

Finding an enjoyable indoor activity will keep you in shape. There’s plenty of indoor activities that are fun and creative. Rock climbing, badminton and aerobic classes are good examples.

Trapeze, pole fitness and martial arts are all unusual ways of staying fit, but really challenge your stamina, core, and upper body strength. Why not make this the season to try new things?

working out at home to keep a bikini body

What you need to do is create a good training schedule, work on motivation and equip your private gym with all accessories. Focus on specific muscle groups, engage in cardio training and burn fat quickly or try yoga.

Everything is more interesting if you have the right accessories.

Find the best weighted vests for your training, find the right equipment and you get guaranteed results.

Organize your day and try to fit in your tight schedule a daily exercise that will keep you in shape. Print it and hang it on the wall if you have to. It certainly helps to keep up and maintain the tempo throughout the week.

If you find it hard to follow your program, shuffle and rearrange the exercises for each day and make it interesting. For example, if you don’t feel like doing squats one day you can work on other body parts and make it up for it.

Hire a Personal Trainer

benefits of a personal trainer for getting a bikini body

If you’re finding it hard to push yourself as your mood and incentive dip, why not get someone to give you a boost? Trainers such as London personal fitness trainers will ensure that you stick to your fitness and diet goals. They will also provide you with support when you need it, and cater your plan to your schedule.

Getting a personal trainer is a guaranteed way to get that bikini body, stay in shape, or stay healthy with exercise. Look for a professional who knows their business and try to keep up with the tempo.

The best thing about getting a personal trainer is that you get all the motivation, right diet, tips and tricks and all you need to do is follow the plan. At first it might be really hard to keep up the continuity and exercise each day.

So, be sure to present your lifestyle as accurately as possible so they can adjust the training to your current abilities.

Have faith in the program ahead of you, stay motivated and conquer each day and you’ll be closer to your ideal body as each training passes. You won’t see the results in a couple of days, but you will feel better and after a week or so.

You’ll see that your overall health has improved, your skin became tighter, muscles more flexible and your stamina increased.

Personal training can provide results unlike any other type of fitness.

This is exactly what will push you to do more and continue with the plan.

So again, maintain discipline, routine, adhere to every tip and advice you get and you will definitely see results in a short period of time.

Fight Cellulite the Right Way!

Cellulite, only Instagram fitness models don’t have it, and that’s only because Photoshop became too easy to use over the years. Cellulite shouldn’t cause you any image issues or cause you to worry too much, but it’s true that many people want to get rid of it.

Cellulite is a difficult concept because even though it is an issue that affects a wide amount of people,contrary to what you might have been told, cellulite is not just caused by fat. Cellulite is a condition which effects the appearance of the skin, mainly being caused by fat deposits in certain areas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid fitness freak with sub 10% body fat, you still have cellulite, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to minimize its presence and hide it from sight effectively.

While cellulite cannot be banished completely no matter what popular media outlets want you to believe, certain methods entailing hard work and dedication can help you attain an amazing physique with no visible marks.

The road can prove to be longer than you expected and the results you were looking forwards to might not come as fast as you expected.

Sometimes, it’s not even your fault, it’s simply your genetics not allowing you to make the desired progress with training and nutrition alone.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong about discussing alternative options with a professional to get the answers you need. For instance, cellulite treatments are quite popular all across Australia, particularly effective body sculpting in Sydney. You can also try DIY coolsculpting at home as well, but it is often less effective.

Furthermore, one of the most useful ways to reduce cellulite is by foam rolling the affected area.

Foam rolling is a form of self-massage which is highly effective at improving circulation, oxygenating your blood, improving the condition of your muscles, and much more.  Foam rolling can restore and improve elasticity and youth in your skin, maintaining its health overall.

Essentially, foam rolling allows your body to become less congested, and more effective at healing itself.

Since cellulite can predominately effect the areas of the abdominal muscles, pelvic region, and lower body, this makes foam rolling a perfect treatment. Foam rolling certainly can be painful, but it is effective for this!

You could also try using a percussive massage therapy gun.

Finally, proper hydration can help you cleanse your system of toxins and speed up your metabolism for faster fat loss. Drinking green tea before or after exercise is one of the best decisions you can make for hydration and detoxing toxins.

Additionally, you can aid the battle against cellulite by sticking to a day and nighttime skincare routine.

Use only natural oils, crèmes, and compounds devoid of harmful chemicals.

While skincare products might not have a significant effect overall, they can help you reach your goals faster.

If you use these tips, you will certainly reduce the appearance of cellulite and have a slightly more bikini-ready body!

Concluding Thoughts – Bikini Body Tips

Keeping body fat to a minimum, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying true to the path can be hard but it’s worth it. One of the best ways to keep track of your progress is with before/after photos. This way, you can always look back and see how you looked before and where you are now.

It will definitely boost you and help you get through hard those hard times and days when you feel lazy and want to skip a training.

Exercising is great for your mental health as well, as you’ll become more organized, work on resolving those bad habits, boost your confidence and learn how to maintain mental hygiene.


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