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The RSP Nutrition AminoLean is one of my all-time favorite supplements, and RSP Nutrition QuadraLean is easily one of the best fat burners I have ever used. I wanted to write this RSP Nutrition review because compared with the hundreds of other products I have used in my training career, these  RSP Nutrition supplements still stand out!

For me, RSP Nutrition products are one of the only brands of supplements that I currently take because they are products I can trust to be effective with every single use.

Below I will breakdown some of the features of RSP AminoLean and QuadraLean, as well as how I personally use them! Keep reading below to see my full RSP Nutrition Product Review!

RSP Nutrition AminoLean Review

RSP Nutrition AminoLean Review

I’m going to start with this one because as I said earlier, this is the best BCAA product for energy I have ever tried, and probably my favorite supplement on the planet! AminoLean is one of the best BCAA products because it is a unique blend of amino acids, fat burning agents, and energy.

Ingredients in RSP Nutrition Amino Lean

I take AminoLean about 15-30 minutes before my workouts, and occasionally I use it as an alternative to coffee in the morning or during the middle of the day.

Each serving of RSP Nutrition Amino Lean provides 5g of amino acids, making it a near perfect amount to take before you start your workout.

Some products make the mistake of adding “too many” amino acids as a pre-workout or inter-workout product. If you want to purchase the best BCAA product for yourself, you need to buy one with the optimal amount and ration of BCAAs.

Amino acids are absorbed in to your body quickly and efficiently when they are in standalone form, but there is still limits to this.  Pumping your body full of too many amino acids before you train will slow down your ability to work and cause a decrease in overall work performed.

5-10 grams (1-2 servings of AminoLean) is a perfect amount to fuel your muscles, while also not hampering your bodies metabolic processes.

Along with having a correct amount of amino acids, AminoLean also has an excellent “scope” of amino acids. There are 22 different amino acids which are bodies need, and AminoLean provides a wide variety of different amino acids.

My favorites are the inclusion of Beta Alanine, and Citrulline Malate. Due to the amino acids in AminoLean, it is a great muscle building supplement!

Another reason I believe that AminoLean is one of the best BCAA products in the world is because it combines 4 different fat loss aiding agents, all 4 of which you can find documented scientific proof that they will help you burn fat away from your body.

I was extremely impressed myself that they combined these specific ingredients.

CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, and Green Coffee Bean Extract are something like a Fantastic Four of Fat Fighting to me.

In fact, I believe green tea before a workout is possibly the single best pre-workout product!

Combining these four ingredients together is incredibly rare for even a product being touted as strictly a fat burner, but this BCAA product is so much more even!

Natural sources of caffeine tend to help me feel less “stimmed” out, and give me more controlled energy when training.

Luckily, AminoLean has caffeine from green tea, theobromine, and pterostilbene, 3 compounds which have shown the ability to increase energy along with other benefits.

With AminoLean, not only will you feel an increase in energy; you will literally feel better and more ready to train!

Pure caffeine has limits, so an energy matrix such as this has far bigger potential to push you through your workout!

Taking AminoLean about 15-30 minutes before your workouts can help you have better workouts, build more muscle mass, and reduce your body fat percentage!

RSP Nutrition Vegan AminoLean Review

For those who are interested, RSP Nutrition also makes Vegan AminoLean, a 100% vegan bcaa supplement. Vegan AminoLean is relatively the same product, except ut contains only vegan BCAAs and EAAs (essential amino acids).

For caffeine, Vegan AminoLean contains guarana and organic matcha.

Personally, I prefer Vegan AminoLean because it is all natural and does not contain anything artificial at all! It is slightly more expensive, but I believe it is worth the extra price!

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RSP Nutrition QuadraLean Review (Thermogenic)

RSP Nutrition Quadralean Review

RSP’s Quadralean comes in 2 different forms, the thermogenic version which includes stimulants, and then non-stimulant version.

I will only review the thermogenic version, but if you wish to fight fat without stimulants, the traditional RSP Nutrition Quadralean is one of the best supplements to help you with that goal.

However, if you are comfortable using stimulants along with other thermogenic ingredients, RSP Nutrition QuadraLean (thermogenic) is an even more powerful fat burner!

For starters, QuadraLean contains CLA and L-Carnitine.

Both CLA and L-Carnitine have been scientifically proven to aid in fat loss, in differing ways. Combining them is an excellent base to any fat fighting stack that you would want, and having them together makes sure you will benefit from this product!

Along with those, RSP QuadraLean also contains yohimbe.

Yohimbe is becoming more well-known as a fat fighter, and for good reason!

Yohimbe is another product which has been scientifically proven (multiple times) to help burn fat away from the body.

Yohimbe also has positive results on other parts of the human body, and is generally considered as something that will improve your overall health.

I am impressed with the dosage of Yohimbe in Quadralean, as many fat burners under dose this product.

I have often seen it dosed around 15-20mg.  With the 40mg dose in Quadralean Thermogenic, you will be sure to feel the full effect of this compound; benefitting all the better!

The last important ingredient in QuadraLean is Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC has many positive benefits on the human body, and has been proven to increase growth hormone levels while, and after training.  This is exceptionally important to burning fat (and everything else, for that matter), which makes it a unique ingredient added by RSP.

Alpha GPC is not generally added in many fat-burners, but I am happy to see it here!

Taking a fat burner with this ingredient in it will help you feel more than just a sweaty, stimmed out feeling Alpha GPC is excellent for increasing mental focus and energy during training, helping you burn more fat through thermogenesis as well as a growing work capacity!

Does QuadraLean Work?

My favorite parts about the QuadraLean supplement is that it has only 8 ingredients, 100% full disclosure on the amount of each ingredient, and ingredients which are backed by heavy science.

You do not need to wonder what your results will be when you are using QuadraLean, the answers are right in front of you!

Concluding Thoughts – RSP Nutrition AminoLean and QuadraLean Review

When you go to spend your hard-earned money on a product that is supposed to improve your health, it better work!  I have wasted (way) too much money in my life on useless supplements and products, that I wish I could have back.

RSP Nutrition has consistent products, that will suit you and your goals; regardless of what they are!

It can be difficult to find a supplement brand that you can always trust, but these are products that I believe in myself!

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