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The CrossFit hype has overcome fitness enthusiasts in every part of the world. CrossFit is an excellent solution to lose weight, build muscle, and become in better physical health overall.

However, there are both pros and cons to CrossFit training!

If you are one of those fitness enthusiasts who is considering joining a CrossFit gym, it is advisable to embark on some research so that you can be sure of what a CrossFit training program entails!

You don’t want to be caught out off guard when you show up to your first workout, and you’ll be expected to commit to your training as soon as you arrive.

Not only will this article discuss the main advantages that CrossFit Workouts provide for you, but it will also address some of the major concerns that people have about this training method.

Personally, I have experimented with CrossFit-style training a lot in the past. As a professional basketball player, these workouts are excellent for improving my anaerobic endurance and lactic acid threshold.

I believe that these workouts are excellent for a wide variety of people, especially if you do them in moderation and to your own ability level!

The Pros of CrossFit Workouts

In my opinion, there are more pros to CrossFit workouts than there are cons. There are some negatives, but we don’t want to focus only on that!

I have had a lot of success training in this style before, and I am not even the prototypical body type for these workouts!

Check out the pros of CrossFit below!

Motivational Support

In my opinion, the motivational support from your local CrossFit box is the most important benefit that these workouts provide. Anyone can find a High-Intensity Interval Training workout and do it on their own, but CrossFit gyms are a special place themselves!

When you go to a CrossFit gym, you will benefit from all the support that you need on your fitness journey.

First of all, you will benefit from the support of the professional trainers who will teach you how to work out more efficiently. Not only will these trainers help you with your form and workouts, but they will also provide you with nutritional advice.

For example, if you take a look at Brick, the best Crossfit Los Angeles gym, you will see that the expertise of their coaches extends way beyond Crossfit, from martial arts, to baseball, fencing, tennis, track and field, gymnastics, dancing and much more.

Moreover, these gyms are tight communities where the members can count on each other for motivation and support.

Whether you are having difficulties with your workouts or your personal life, you can be confident that you will find support from your workout partners!  Motivational support is a very underrated aspect of fitness in general!

The Workouts are Intense!

CrossFit workouts are easily the most intense workouts that most people will ever do in their lives. The workouts of professional athletes inspire CrossFit workouts, and likewise, even professional athletes (such as myself) can benefit from CrossFit-style training!

You will train as hard as professional athletes, but you will also enjoy the same long-term health benefits of an athletic body.

These workouts will:

  • Stimulate Your Metabolism
  • Promote Health Weight Loss
  • Improve Your Physical Strength
  • Promote Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improve Bone Density and Strength
  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease or Other Heart Issues
  • Reduce the Risk of Depression, Anxiety, or Other Mental Health Issues

If you are looking for a workout that will help you look better, and become healthier internally, CrossFit is exactly what you need!

As I said before, I love these workouts for building anaerobic endurance. As a professional basketball player, this type of endurance is a necessity to play at a high level.

If these workouts can leave me gasping for air, I promise they will work for you as well!

The Cons of CrossFit Workouts

Although there are many benefits of practicing CrossFit workouts, they don’t come without cons as well. I believe that the pros outweigh the cons, but read below to determine for yourself!

Accessibility of CrossFit Gyms Is Often Difficult

Although you can find space to make your own CrossFit Workouts in nearly any fitness center, true CrossFit workouts can be performed only on real turf for CrossFit in certified gyms.

While these gyms can be found all over the world, they are not exactly at every street corner. If you live in a big city, you can probably choose between several of these gyms. For instance, there are dozens of Crossfit New York Gyms.

However, smaller cities might have only one of these gyms at best!

If you live in a small rural area as I do, you may not have a CrossFit gym accessible at all! If you want to take the time to research and learn the workouts on your own, you can probably avoid this issue by using your regular gym. However, you won’t get the “motivational support” as you would from a true CrossFit box.

CrossFit Workouts Can Cause Unnecessary Injuries

In my opinion, this is the biggest reason I would advise someone to avoid CrossFit.

Compared to other styles of weight training or physical fitness, CrossFit disproportionately causes injuries to new and experienced trainees.

According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,

“Injury rates with CrossFit training are similar to that reported in the literature for sports such as Olympic weight-lifting, power-lifting and gymnastics and lower than competitive contact sports such as rugby union and rugby league.”

Although there are a ton of benefits from CrossFit training, for many people it is not worth the risk.

Unless you are training for a competitive sport, CrossFit is often an unnecessary style of workout!

Crossfit is all about pushing your limits, but people often forget that pain is the one limit that you should never try to push.

While all workouts should push you out of your comfort zone to help improve you both physically and mentally, any workout you do should stop as soon as you feel legitimate pain.

CrossFit “trainers” are notorious for not having the proper coaching skills to understand their clients, specifically because it is relatively simple to earn a coaching certificate.

If you are planning to try these workouts, make sure that you are going to a gym with an experienced trainer!

Additional Advice for People Beginning CrossFit Workouts!

If you are going to adventure into the world of CrossFit, you are going to need to make sure your diet is in check!

These are intense workouts, and your body needs the proper nutrition to recover.

Many people follow a “Paleolithic diet” when they begin CrossFit, and I believe it is an excellent option. The Paleo diet relies on foods which are completely unprocessed since you can only enjoy foods which were around in the Paleolithic era.

Along with this, you can also feel free to use muscle recovery products as well.

For example, WOD Relief is an all-natural essential oil muscle and joint rub, designed specifically for Crossfitters to recover from their “Workout of the Day.”

Concluding Thoughts – Advantages and Disadvantages of CrossFit Workouts!

Although there are some cons to these workouts, it shouldn’t scare you away!

The points mentioned above serve to prove that it is wise to approach CrossFit workouts with cautiousness and thoughtfulness before you jump in too quickly.

However, there are clearly too many benefits for you to miss! CrossFit is especially perfect for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who already prefer intense forms of strength training.

Even if you are more likely to enjoy traditional cardiovascular exercise, light weight training, or yoga, CrossFit could be an excellent experience for you!

Especially for people who enjoy to train but struggle to find motivation daily, these workouts are a great option!


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