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how to do a 3 day weight loss cleanse

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It’s not impossible to drastically improve your body in 3 days, in fact, it is relatively simple. Congratulations on your desire to detox your body and lose weight, but there is a lot of work to do! The reality is that there are many toxins in the body which can contribute to unhealthy and undesirable excess weight, and 3 day cleanse can help you lose weight and prepare your body for a long-term weight loss program

No one wants extra weight on their body that isn’t necessary, but life is not simple and it is easy to lose control of yourself at different points.. However, the good news is that there are many healthy decisions you can make to cleanse your body and help you to get an aesthetic body efficiently.

Want to know how to make a simple 3-day weight loss cleanse and improve your body?

Keep reading below!

Do’s and Don’ts of a Detox Cleanse

Detox diets have gained massive popularity in the past couple of years. Whether you are going to follow the 3-day cleanse for weight loss that I am suggesting below, or any other type of detox diet, there are a few simple rules you should follow.

While it’s true that detoxes hold somewhat of a bad reputation, detox diets and cleanses can be very beneficial for your health if done correctly.

There are various types of detox cleanses, from ditching meat and animal products, to completely avoiding sugar, or even limiting yourself to only juices.

There are also simpler “cleanses” which involve taking in extra amounts of water for 5-7 days in order to cleanse your organism.

So, for all of you who are interested in properly detoxing your body with a cleanse, here’s a basic guide which can get you started:

Do Consult Your Physician

While there are a lot of benefits to be gained from cleansing your body, not everybody is suitable for a detox diet.

This is mostly because every time you detox, toxin moves from your system into your blood before being thrown out of your body. Some conditions are particularly sensitive to this, which is why you’ll always want to consult your physician before going on a detox diet.

That way you’ll know all the potential risks to your health before committing to a diet. If you want to start a cleanse or detox on your own, make sure you are very careful.

Don’t Avoid Sleeping

Your sleep is extremely important and it’s even more so when you’re trying to cleanse your body. Our bodies have more time and energy for detoxing while you’re asleep, which is why you’ll want to sleep regularly at night.

The Chinese believe that the three hours between 9 p.m. and midnight are most important as in this period your body will most efficiently process toxins and regenerate your tissue.

We understand that 9 p.m. may seem like an early time to go to bed, but remember that this is only vital for you to do while trying to cleanse your body.

Do Your Research

One of the worst things you can do is commit to a detox diet or cleanse without knowing exactly what you’re getting into. Before you do anything, you should know for what reasons you’re committing to it, which detox or cleanse you’re opting for, and whether or not it is effective and safe.

If you’re going on a juice detox diet, you should do your research on the ingredients and herbs in order to ensure they’re good for you and your goals.

Many ingredients and herbs that are sold as supplements can be detrimental to their bodies, as they sometimes come with heavy metals, chemicals, or various pharmaceuticals within them.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s important that you know the limits of your body and never go beyond what’s sustainable for you. Some people can easily go through a 10-day long cleanse, while others can’t go further than a 3-day cleanse.

Depending on your overall health, history of alcohol and medication use, and other factors – it’s probably better to start with a shorter cleanse and then build from there.

While some substances like BCAA powder may do you good during your cleanse, it’s important to always take care of what you’re taking into your body and in what amount.

For example, using ACV with garcinia for your detox might help you lose weight quicker, but some people might notice detrimental side effects.

How to Do the Best 3 Day Cleanse for Weight Loss

For my version of the 3 day cleanse for weight loss, I will provide you with some usable guidelines and some specific changes you can make in your life. The goal of this 3 day weight loss cleanse is to jump-start your metabolism, help you lose some weight quickly, and put you on the right path for long-term weight loss.

Keep reading below to learn more!

Consume Fermented Foods and Beverages

the best way to start a detox diet

The gut is a complex microbiome that has its own nervous system. It’s thought that by prioritizing gut health, all the other pieces will fall into place for overall well-being.

Fermented foods and beverages restore gut health by reintroducing healthy bacteria in an overly sanitized world.

These bacteria aid with digestion and boost immunity.

According to Current Opinion in Biotechnology,

“It is increasingly understood that fermented foods can also have enhanced nutritional and functional properties due to transformation of substrates and formation of bioactive or bioavailable end-products. Many fermented foods also contain living microorganisms of which some are genetically similar to strains used as probiotics.”

For a DIY approach, a kombucha starter kit will help you boost your gut health on the go and kick-start your detox. Drinking kombucha or eating other fermented foods will improve your gut health and make the rest of your cleanse much easier!

Cut Down on the Sugar

If you truly want to detoxify your body, there will be a few foods and drinks that you must be willing to refrain from ingesting to achieve your goals. Sugar (especially refined sugar) is one food that you must avoid as much as possible.

Excess sugar intake can pack on the pounds very quickly, and those pounds can be hard to take off.

Also, too much sugar can lead to pre-diabetes or Type-2 Diabetes.

There are many sugar alternatives you can consider instead, and many people find it much easier to eliminate sugar from their diet than they previously thought! Cutting down or completely cutting out sugar during your 3 day cleanse will make a huge difference in how you look and feel!

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods have chemicals and other substances that are not good for the body, and you should avoid them at all costs, especially during your 3 day cleanse.. The chemicals and artificial ingredients in processed foods work together to pack on body fat, slow your metabolism, form diseases and create a sense of lethargy.

According to a study in Quantitative Research,

“Ultra-processed food consumption is positively associated with obesity. After adjusting for confounding factors, individuals in the highest quintile of ultra-processed food consumption were 32% more likely of having obesity compared to individuals in the first quintile.”

All too often, we eat overly processed foods and fill nutritional gaps with supplements or ignore them entirely. To get your body back on track, ditch the processed foods and fill your body with vegetables and fruit for three days, limiting the introduction of toxins that had you feeling gross in the first place and cleansing whatever remains from your system.

These foods are highly effective in reducing your metabolic rate, which is contrary to your general health and well-being.

Avoiding processed foods will help stabilize your metabolism over time, and improve your body in many different ways.

Sleep as Much as Possible

Although it is difficult for many people to sleep seven or eight hours per night, it is necessary to sleep as much as possible during your 3-day weight loss cleanse for maximum detoxification and cleansing effects.

I don’t mean that you should be lazy, but you need your rest!

Getting some good sleep can help regulate your hormones, improve digestion, and make it easier to follow a healthy lifestyle free of toxins.

You do not have to sleep all day and all night to lose weight, but the reality is that many people work long hours and don’t sleep enough to cram more activities into their day.

However, this can quickly lead to harmful health problems. Furthermore, studies show that sleep is important to rejuvenate the muscles, heart, and mind.

Increasing the hours you sleep each night is vital for a proper weight loss cleanse.

Create a sleep routine by setting a reminder to go to bed early, preparing everything you need for the morning, and creating an environment that promotes sleep. Let your body do the detox work for you while you drift off to dreamland.

Don’t Forget to Exercise!

what are the best ways to detox your body

When you want to lose weight, it will not just fall off without effort.

Cardiovascular exercise and other workout routines will help increase blood flow, stimulate metabolism, and improve the rate at which your body can cleanse itself.

Depending on your level of physical fitness, there are many different workout programs that you can use. If you are trying to lose weight, Escalating Density Training and German Volume Training are two excellent workout programs.

Along with these, you can also use various high-intensity interval training workouts such as the Tabata Interval Protocol to stimulate your metabolism and lose weight more efficiently.

Lastly, fasted morning cardio is an excellent exercise for detoxing your body and cleaning yourself from within.

You could also try wearing a sauna suit while exercising or multiple layers of clothing to induce sweating and promote cleansing through the skin. Sweating more doesn’t mean you are losing more weight, but cleansing your skin through sweating is an excellent addition to your 3 day cleanse!

If you are on a 3 day cleanse, you might not want to exercise too intensely since you will be making some drastic changes in your diet and lifestyle already.

Regardless of which workout program you choose, exercise is vital for a proper weight loss cleanse!

Hydrate Like a Champ

If you are one of those people who knows that you don’t drink enough water but have yet to do anything about it, the time is now. Replace your sugary beverages with water and get drinking.

Not only does hydration play an essential role in how you feel overall, but it also flushes toxins from your body, improving digestion and keeping you feeling fresh. If you “don’t like water” infuse with lemon or mint for a flavor boost.

Read More: Hydration for Athletes

Reduce Your Stress Levels!

It is not good to have too much stress in your life, regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

When you feel stressed, take a day and do what you enjoy to do to change your mentality and mood. Whether you choose to take a relaxing shower, go for a walk, visit a friend, or something else, taking time for yourself is necessary for a proper 3-day detox cleanse.

Remove people from your life that cause unneeded stress, because increased stress levels negatively affect your health in many ways. For example, you might need to avoid a toxic acquaintance or change your job if you have a nasty boss.

Cannabidiol oil (like the products from Infinite CBD) are another option for people with too much stress or anxiety in their life. CBD oil is a safe and natural product, and many people have reported excellent results when using CBD for stress or anxiety.

Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea has numerous benefits. By swapping out your cups of sweetener-filled coffee with some green tea, you are often reducing the intake of fat and sugar (depending on how you take your coffee) and introducing powerful antioxidants.

Even some of the leading nutritionists and elite athletes in the world make green tea a part of their repertoire.

For an even better result, try drinking green tea before a workout, like I do!

Try these Detox Drinks

Unlike other detox teas or detox drinks, these drinks are meant to cleanse your body by improving your digestive system and providing loads of cleansing nutrients to your body. They are perfect for a 3-day weight loss cleanse!

The Nighttime Super Smoothie

The first detox drink I created together has become our full-proof replacement for any artificial fibers, and what I would consider to be a “fast-track” to stomach health.  Composed of only 3-4 ingredients, drinking this smoothie about 3 hours before bed will show its impact after the first night.

Regularly drinking this combination of fruits and vegetables will without a doubt help you build a health digestive system, as well as flooding your body with necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients! The ingredients are:

  • 3 Apples
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Pint of Blueberries

One of the most important factors for us when considering the creation of this drink was cost, and this drink is well worth every penny.

You can purchase apples, oranges and carrots in bulk at nearly every time of the year for a fairly low cost, while blueberries you may need to do some searching to find at the best price.  Regardless, your unit price for each smoothie can easily be under $2.00!!

For the benefits, this is an extremely perfect cost.

Benefits include:

  • Enormous amounts of antioxidants from all ingredients combined.
  • Large amounts of fiber and pectin from the apples.
  • Daily dosages of beta carotene from the carrots.
  • Daily dosages of Vitamin C and other necessary vitamins from the orange
  • Antioxidants and digestive health benefits from the blueberries.

Normally, your body cannot process all of these things together at one time, it is far too much work for your body.  By blending them together you actually manage to gain all of these benefits, and can successfully supercharge your body for a healthy sleep, and an even better morning the next day!

The Daytime Elixir

I am calling this drink an elixir because that is exactly what it is.  With absolutely 0 grams of added sugar, this is the sugary drink that we all have been craving for our diets.  This drink is perfect for morning or while you are working through your day, as the 100% natural ingredients stimulate both your mind and body to work more efficiently and more clearly.

The ingredients are:

  • 4-6 Bottles of Organic Sparkling Water
  • 2-3 Lemons
  • 2-3 Pints of Blueberries (half blended/half whole)
  • Organic Local Honey

Yes, that is it!  You can certainly add other ingredients as you please, I personally add an additional 2-3 apples usually.  However, this is all you need!

Lemons are loaded with Vitamin-C as well as nearly all other essential vitamins.  Lemons are also a natural source of energy as their sour nature is stimulating to the mind, body, and metabolism.  Blueberries are widely known to be potentially the most beneficial superfood in the world.

Blueberries stimulate your metabolism through multiple pathways, and benefit nearly every property of your body.

However, blueberries are not perfect for an Alkaline Diet.

Are blueberries acidic? Yes, they are. So, avoid them on an Alkaline Diet.

Raw honey is a perfect source of glucose, and is one of the only sweeteners you will find that has far more positive benefits than negatives.

Add Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a unique healing method that has been used for literally thousands of years in different parts of the world.  Bentonite clay is a deposit made from the ash of volcanoes, with its name stemming from Fort Benton, Wyoming (the home to where it is mostly harvested today).

Bentonite clay has a history in the cultures of the people of the Andes mountains, Central Africa, Australia, France, Italy and more.

Understanding this unique healing method is a great way to involve traditional healing practices in to your daily life!

Although Bentonite clay receives its common name from the place it is most readily found today, it was first “discovered” in the Montmorillon region of France.

Bentonite clay has been used as an internal cleanser of the body for thousands of years since it does not require any type of “modern” processing to alter its chemical composition, and because it is available in large quantities in many parts of the world.  It is cheap, and it is useful!

Bentonite clay is mostly known as a body-detoxifier or internal cleanser, and can be useful to aid individuals who suffer from constipation, bloating, gas and other stomach issues.

Bentonite clay accomplishes this and other benefits of your body through cleaning your boy of toxic metals and chemicals, promoting a healthy bacteria balance within your digestive system, supporting the detoxification process of your liver, aiding the cleaning process of your colon, and boosting your immune system.

Bentonite clay super powers your body to be more productive than ever, and will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

The special characteristic of bentonite clay which allows for it to accomplish these various benefits for your body is that it has negatively charged molecules, giving it adsorptive properties.

When the bentonite clay passes through your intestinal tract, it attracts toxins which are positively charged to it; where they then will “swap” ions and the clay itself will bind with the toxic molecules.

Following this, it becomes much easier for your body to excrete all toxic matter from your body.

If you’d like to try bentonite clay, you can try this product:

Smart Solutions Calcium Bentonite Clay Food Grade, 2 lb | Natures Detoxifier All Natural for Internal and External Use
291 Reviews
Smart Solutions Calcium Bentonite Clay Food Grade, 2 lb | Natures Detoxifier All Natural for Internal and External Use
  • NATURES DETOXIFIER. Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay
  • USE. For Facial Mask, Body Wraps Insect bites, Tooth Paste & Small Amounts for Internal Use
  • DIRECTIONS. For Facial Mask mix 3 Parts Water to 1 Part Clay. Leave On For 15 to 20 Minutes

Use an Activated Charcoal Supplement

If you have a history of poor eating habits or excess alcohol consumption, drinking activated charcoal before sleep is one of the most impactful additions to your 3-day cleanse for weight loss you can make!

Activated charcoal is a powerful detoxifier that can even be used in cases of poisoning. According to a study in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology,

“Activated charcoal, in a dose 5 times that of each poison, administered 30 min after poisoning, effectively reduced mortality in dogs given lethal doses of pentobarbital, barbital, or chloroquine. Intoxication developed so rapidly in some dogs that the administration of charcoal, 30 min after poisoning, was ineffective in preventing death. This investigation confirms the effectiveness of activated charcoal in the treatment of poisoning. It also emphasizes the need for immediate treatment with an adequate dose of the absorbent in the management of ingested poisons.”

If you are going to use activated charcoal on your 3-day cleanse, make sure that you don’t take it around the time of other important supplements or medication. I suggest taking it close to the time you go to bed, and at least an hour after your other supplements.

If you’d like to try activated charcoal, I suggest this product:

Coconut Activated Charcoal infused with Organic Coconut Oil | Fast detoxing for better digestion | Non-GMO & Gluten Free…
192 Reviews
Coconut Activated Charcoal infused with Organic Coconut Oil | Fast detoxing for better digestion | Non-GMO & Gluten Free…
  • From Coconut Shells
  • Made with Coconut Oil
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Made with Non GMO Ingredients
  • Gluten Free

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

My last secret ingredient for any 3-day weight loss cleanse is none other than Apple Cider Vinegar.

You can use Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss and much more!

This product has made a significant difference in my health in a very short amount of time, and showed immediate signs of contributing to abdominal fat loss, and digestive health. Apple cider vinegar helps to naturally clean your stomach, and allow for stubborn belly fat to be far more easily broken down.

Also, it can improve your insulin sensitivity so you can break down the food you eat more easily.

If you are doing a 3-day cleanse, you should definitely include ACV!

Use a Steam Room and/or Sauna

Using a steam room or a sauna during your 3 day cleanse for weight loss is a great way to boost the effects of all your other cleansing efforts.Both the infrared sauna and the steam room help you by:

  • Increasing Your Circulation
  • Making You Sweat
  • Cleaning Your Skin
  • Cleaning Your Body Internally

Along with these benefits, using a sauna or steam room is a perfect way to relax and drain stress out of your body. The heat and therapeutic setting can have immediate impacts on your physical and mental stress levels!

Furthermore, since both of these cause an increase in body temperature and sweating, they are both excellent for your immune system. Sweating is your body’s natural way of cleaning itself, and both the steam room and sauna maximize your body’s ability to sweat!

Using a steam room will loosen the secretions from the linings of your throat, lungs, and sinuses and cleanse your nasal passages and airways as well.

It is a simple, yet, effective way to keep your sinuses clean. Dr. Samuel Becker, a sinus expert from New Jersey, warns that untreated sinus problems can lead to secondary infections like meningitis, eye infections, and brain abscesses.

Lastly, the increase in blood circulation from sauna or steam room use can help lower and stabilize your blood pressure. According to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes,

“results suggest that infrared sauna use may be beneficial for lowering blood pressure and waist circumference.”

Steam room and sauna therapy has been proven effective in helping to treat numerous dysfunctions and diseases.

Although you should always consult a doctor before attempting to treat a specific issue with a steam room, sauna or anything else, infrared saunas and steam rooms can be beneficial in the treatment of:

  • Hypertension
  • Post-myocardial infarction
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cognitive heart failure

There is a large number of health benefits that you can find from both saunas and steam rooms, especially if you are using them correctly.

Concluding Thoughts – How to Do a 3 Day Weight Loss Cleanse

Regardless of how poor-conditioned your body is at this point, there is help when you want to detox and lose weight. If you are surprised to not see a load of supplements or “detox teas” in this article, don’t be!

Although I do occasionally advise people to try “alternative” weight loss methods such as using black seed oil to lose weight, most of my advice contains other methods. I do believe you can lose weight without exercise and make positive beneficial changes to your body in only a few days, but I don’t believe in crash diets or detox diets for extended periods of time.

Many dietary supplements are not effective for cleansing your body, especially not as effective as they claim to be.

An example of quality dietary supplements that can assist you with your weight loss cleanse are the products from Isagenix. Read this Isagenix review to decide if their products are something that you would like to implement in your regimen of detoxification and weight loss.

Unlike people who rely on fad-diets and crazy supplements to lose weight, doing a proper cleanse is an excellent way to get healthy and in better shape than ever before.

Use the tips listed above, and I am confident your 3-day weight loss cleanse will improve your health both physically and mentally!


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