How to Lose Weight on a Budget – Tips That Make it Easy!

How to Lose Weight on a Budget

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If you look on Instagram or other social medias for information about health and fitness, it might seem incredibly expensive to live the way that a lot of the fittest influencers do. Fortunately, they don’t represent real life, and there are a lot of simple ways that you can improve your health and lose weight on a budget.

Check out these tips which will help you get healthy and lose weight while saving money!

Losing Weight On a Budget – How to Make it Happen

The invention of fast food restaurants crippled health in America simply because it is a cheaper option than buying food from other sources. If we want to fight back against health issues in America, we are going to need to find the most inexpensive way to do it!

Here are a few ways you can do it:

Set a Budget and Make Weight Loss a Part of It

If you want to lose weight and get healthier, the first step is to assess your budget and make sure you have made some space for getting healthier and losing weight.

You don’t have to give up essentials or completely disrupt your life, but if you truly want to lose weight and get your dream body, you are going to have to make your health a priority.

A sound financial plan and budgeting for weight loss will go a long way.

Getting healthy won’t only help you feel better about yourself and increase your self-confidence, it will also help you save more money in the long-run by reducing medical bills and helping you save money on health insurance amongst other factors. Losing weight is an investment in your future, and you should treat it as an investment when you plan your budget!

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Buy Real Foods, Not Supplements

One of the biggest cons of all time is the fact that people believe supplements are less-costly and more important than buying real foods. Sure, the benefits of celery juice powder and other superfood powders are enticing, but you shouldn’t rely on them first.

Dietary supplements are supposed to “supplement” your diet only after you have a consistently healthy eating plan.

Buying supplements is also expensive! If you are spending $200 per month on supplements, just think about how much your overall diet could improve by just spending that money on better food each day!

Most people will never need to waste their money on supplements again if they rely on quality real food.

There are a few types of dietary supplements which are healthy additions for athletes or people who are training at a high level, but they are relatively useless for a lot of people until they hit a certain point in their fitness goals.

However, if you do want to purchase some supplements to improve your health even more, make sure you find the best deals on those as well. The fierce competition in the supplement market has caused a dramatic fall in the prices.

Companies themselves are giving out discount coupons in order to expand their market share. For example, VitaCost and Puritan’s Pride are giving up to 60% discounts. You can maximize the discounts available by using a site-wide promo code because it works on all items of your shopping cart.

If you do a small bit of research online, you will come up with many coupon sites offering recent promo codes!

Personally, my favorite supplements for improving your overall health and helping with weight loss are the superfood powders from Your Super.

If you are trying to lose weight on a budget, focus on purchasing quality real foods first, and make supplements a secondary part of your budget.

Choose Your Fitness Center or Gym Wisely

When you’re looking for a gym to workout at, don’t just go to the gym that’s closest to your house if it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

First of all, you want to research the fitness centers in your area. Some fitness centers or gyms might cater to a specific type of personality which is more like yours. If you enjoy the gym you’re going to, you’re more likely to go more often and you will lose more weight.

Along with that, if you are working for a company that has health related benefits for their employees, then you should check to see if they will give you discounts at local gyms or for other health & wellness programs. This might be a factor in which gym or fitness center you choose to attend as well.

You also should check with your health insurance to see if they offer reimbursements on you getting healthy.

Whether this is paying for part of your gym fee, helping you out with nutrition programs, or anything else; there are plenty of options for you if you have a quality insurance on your side. Your health insurance might partner with a specific gym or fitness center, and going to that one could save you a lot of money!

Build a Home Gym Instead of Buying a Gym Membership

staying health and losing weight on a budget tips

For just a small price, you can easily start building a home gym in your basement or family room and workout on your own schedule.

You can start with very inexpensive equipment such as resistance bands and a yoga mat, and add more equipment over time. Eventually, you can even add a home rower or other home exercise machines to have a more complete workout facility.

Although you can certainly start with bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and doing cardio outside, your home gym should contain at least one piece of gym equipment, such as a treadmill, a stationary bike, a Total Gym, or a rowing machine as you progress.

If you can, purchase a fitness watch like the Apple Watch or HELO watch to help track your results better.

Over the course of a year and multiple years, this is going to save you huge money.

Along with this, the other benefit of a home gym is that you will be less likely to skip your daily training session. If you are interested in building your own home gym, check out local fitness stores to buy new or used equipment at a good price.

Doing your daily workout in the comfort of your home whenever you want is one of the best ways to ensure you follow through with your fitness resolutions and reach your weight loss goals.

Not having to drive to a commercial gym every day and waste time and money means that a home gym and developing an easy at home workout plan is truly a long-term investment.

Hire an Online Personal Trainer to Guide You

If you truly want to lose weight and get in shape, hiring a personal trainer is an outstanding idea. However, hiring an in-home personal trainer or a personal trainer at a fitness center can be expensive. Instead, you can hire an online fitness coach or online personal trainer that can provide you a lot of help at a fraction of the price.

A personal trainer is usually the best way to learn about health and fitness, and become in better physical condition, but it is often expensive and time-consuming.

Online fitness videos have been popular in America for a long time, but they began to become more mainstream with the invention of the P90X program.  P90X was developed in the early 2000’s, and became a sweeping revolution in the fitness industry.

This program consisted of 90 days of workouts, with a meticulously designed program to enable any level of athlete to become healthier and more physically.

The difference between this and other online fitness programs was the attention to detail within each workout, as well as the large amount of variation involved. Essentially, you were working with a personal trainer; for only a fraction of the cost.

Following the initial P90X craze, more and more online fitness programs began to pop up in America and the rest of the world.   P90X itself began to create different online fitness programs as well to keep up with the times, and continue to push the online fitness market.

If you are looking to begin following an online fitness program, it is essential that you understand what separates the good programs, from the bad.

The key to investing in a solid online fitness course is to find a program which involves both exercises and training, along with teaching actual knowledge.

Although you will initially spend most of your time just following along with the prescribed workouts and videos, in the long run it is much better if you are learning about why you are training a certain way. This will allow you to mix in your own personal workouts by yourself, along with the video workouts you will be following.

If you are in the market for online fitness courses, a great option to check out is

For workout programs and other information, I also suggest BodyFit by It doesn’t provide as much personalized advise as hiring an online personal trainer, but it is a great option for workout plans and other general advice. You can click this link to learn more:

Do Housework to Keep You Active


Doing activities around the house can do more for your body than you think. Believe it or not, just doing traditional house chores can give your body an awesome “house cleaning workout” for weight loss.

Picking and moving boxes all day will have your body muscular and fit! Sure, there are many options for easy workouts to do at home, but simply working around the house can keep you in shape as well!

For example, moving boxes is a huge workout. If you have been wanting to rearrange your house for awhile but can’t find the time, take a day to skip your workout and do all the heavy lifting yourself. Just like with your deadlifts though, make sure to lift with your legs.

Lifting heavy boxes or furniture could burn more calories than deadlifts, believe it or not. The fact that boxes and furniture are not easy to lift due to their angles and odd weight make your body work harder than lifting the same amount of weight in a conventional deadlift.

Another example is mowing the lawn with a push mower. Especially if you have a big backyard, you can use a gas-powered lawn mower and mow your lawn to get some exercise.

Spend 2 hours mowing your lawn outside and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

The motion of mowing your lawn isn’t all that different than pushing a prowler sled, and you’ll work the similar types of muscles from doing this for a few hours.

Of course, you won’t get the same anaerobic stimulus, but I think you know what I mean. Mowing your lawn without a riding mower is an excellent way to get a house chore done for the day, and burn an enormous number of calories!

There are tons of other examples as well!

Make Sure to Look for Sales on Workout Clothes

When you are shopping for your new compression clothing or workout clothes, you should always be looking at the sale section first.

This is where you’re going to find the best discounts and not have to spend hundreds of dollars in clothes that you’re just going to be sweating in.

Remember that it’s not about looking good, it’s about getting a good workout in! However, buying clothes that makes you look and feel good can help you want to workout more often, which will lead to more weight loss!

Create Lasting Relationships

Although your main goal might be to lose weight, improving your overall physical and mental health is vital to sustaining any amount of weight loss.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not only mean consuming a balanced diet plan, it means maintaining balance in every sphere of your personal and professional life. Individuals who are fit enough to run a marathon or play sports among their peers can get caught up in technology and the digital world too easily.

While the modern way of communication is online, failing to steer away from the mobile phone or the PC can prove detrimental to your well-being. If you consider yourself healthy, you could be forgetting to take care of your inner balance and important relationships.

Maintaining social family connections and friendships provides a sense of belonging and social unity. These connections have shown vital in later life serving to promote psychological and social well-being.

It doesn’t make sense to lose weight if you aren’t maintaining your mental health as well. Creating lasting interpersonal relationships will keep your mental health in-check and help you with your long-term weight loss goals.

Concluding Thoughts – Losing Weight on a Budget

Losing is not going to put a whole in your wallet if you follow these tips! In fact, most people will see a direct correlation between caring about their health, and their financial status.

The saying is that “health is wealth,” and that truly is the case for a lot of people!


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