The Benefits of Wearing a Sauna Suit While Exercising

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Sauna Suit While Exercising

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Wearing a sauna suit while exercising is a controversial topic. However, there are a few legitimate benefits of wearing a sauna suit during a workout.

A sauna suit is a piece of clothing made from waterproof fabric that is designed to make the person wearing it sweat profusely. Sauna suits are typically made in the style of a waterproof sweat suit, with both a pullover jacket and drawstring pants. Sauna suits have closures at the waist, neck, wrists and ankles which are all elasticated to retain as much body heat and moisture within the garment as possible.

The more you exercise, and the harder you work when wearing a sauna suit, the more sweat and heat builds up inside.

Sauna suits are often worn while exercising by wrestlers, boxers, MMA fighters or other combat sport athletes who want to lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time to make a “weight class.”

Although using a sauna suit to lose weight is not the healthiest way to lose weight fast, there are a few benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising. Keep reading below to learn more!

The Main Benefits of Working Out in a Sauna Suit

Research has found that there are a few legitimate benefits of wearing a sauna suit while working out. Here are some of those benefits:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

According to a study published in the International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology,

“Our findings support the feasibility of exercise training with a sauna suit–and the amplified exercise energy expenditure and EPOC–to contribute to long-term energy balance and thus improve cardiovascular health.”

Exercising in a sauna suit makes the exercise more intense, which leads to more calories burned and a greater response from your body.

Although you have to be healthy to begin working out in a sauna suit in the first place, if you do it, you will get in even better shape!

Increases Circulation

Wearing a sauna suit increases your pulse rate and boosts your metabolism, meaning that it can significantly increase the circulation of blood around your body. As your pulse increases, the blood in your body will rush to the surface of the skin, making your vessels dilate and increasing your flexibility.

Having good circulation is important as it is a crucial function in your body and we rely on it in order to survive. Having good circulation can also encourage cell growth and promote healthier looking and feeling skin.

Exercising regularly can significantly improve your circulation, and wearing a sauna suit while exercising can make an even bigger impact on your overall health.

Many people believe you can get similar results from wearing a waist trainer. However, they are wrong. Waist trainers promote circulation because they heat up your waist, but they will not provide the same amount of heat and benefits as wearing a sauna suit while exercising does.

Supports Healthy Detoxification

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to try and avoid putting toxins into your body, they are often impossible to avoid. From bacteria, to pollen, and pollutants, they are everywhere.

Therefore, it is important that you detoxify your body at every opportunity, and a sauna suit is a great way to do it. By wearing a sauna suit, you can increase perspiration and sweating, just like when in a real sauna, which helps to trigger your body into a state of profuse sweating which is a great way to expel all the nasties out of your body.

According to a study published in Temperature,

“Exercising in an upper-body sauna suit within temperate conditions induces a greater physiological strain and evokes larger sweat losses compared to exercising in the same conditions, without restricting heat loss.”

This can make you feel more energized, more likely to push yourself while working out, and provides an increase in your overall sense of well-being.

If you are trying to do a 3 day cleanse for weight loss, wearing a sauna suit while exercising during those 3 days is a great way to promote additional cleansing.

What is the Best Sauna Suit to Wear While Exercising?

In my opinion, HOTSUIT and Kewlioo makes the best sauna suits for exercising in. They make a variety of styles for both men and women, and all of their sauna suits are made with comfortable material that will make a big difference!

For example, here is a HOTSUIT jacket with a hood:

Kewlioo makes a thinner pullover, which is not as bulky but still heats your body:

Both of these are great brands and they make outstanding sauna suits for your workouts!

Concluding Thoughts – Working Out While Wearing a Sauna Suit

By investing in and wearing one of the neoprene sweat suits that is tailor-made for exercise purposes, it can take your workout’s intensity to the next level and boost the benefits you can experience from exercising.

Wearing a sauna suit while exercising is a great way to reap all of the benefits you would get from sitting in a real sauna, and research has found that it can significantly improve your workouts. When used in the correct way, the benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising can bring your body to the next level!


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