New Years Fitness Resolutions 2021

The Top 10 New Years Fitness Resolutions for 2023!

Eat healthily, count your macros, start exercising, yadda yadda, it has all been said and done a million times. You’ve heard the conventional fitness advice for making a New Year’s fitness resolution, I know you have!

Hopefully, by now you have grown past those beginner New Year’s resolutions and you’re ready to take on new challenges this year that will not only help you lead a healthier lifestyle but also become a certified badass in and out of the gym.

The Best New Year’s Fitness Resolutions for 2023!

Maintaining a well-balanced diet, training regularly, and hydrating properly should already be your year-round non-negotiables you are adhering to a tee, so what are the real fitness resolutions you should strive to achieve in 2023?

1.) Hit a New Strength PR

So you’re hitting the gym regularly, you’re torching fat, you’re building lean muscle, but what about raw strength and explosive power? There is nothing quite as satisfying as breaking your previous one-rep max and setting up an all-new strength goal. And you can do this in a number of ways.

While you absolutely should aim to get stronger over time, you also want to pursue new 1 RMs across the board, with movements such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, military press, leg press, barbell bent-over row, etc.

These exercises are not only great for building muscle but they truly shine when you use them to increase your explosive power and strength.

2.) Reach Your Desired Body Fat Percentage

Eating a healthy diet is all fine and dandy, but optimizing your nutrition to cut weight and burn body fat is a completely different story.

You need to know exactly how to design meal plans for weight loss and how to count your calories and allocate macronutrients for maximum results.

Remember, dropping weight fast is not the answer either, as it can have serious consequences for your health and general physical readiness, in addition to making you lose precious muscle mass in the process. Instead, use a calculated approach to shed fat predominantly and stay healthy in the process.

Personally, I suggest a maximum of losing 2 pounds per week.

3.) Stay Injury-Free All Year Round

One of the most important resolutions all people should strive to achieve no matter their fitness level or experience is to stay injury-free throughout the year. There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting sidetracked and downright incapacitated just because you took a wrong step or tried to lift more weight than your body could handle.

In order to decrease your chances of injury, you want to use proper form all year round, devote time to mobility and flexibility work, and wear proper lifting clothes.

Things like performance shirts, breathable men’s and durable women’s exercise tights, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and workout shoes– all of these should be the essential pieces in your lifting arsenal.

Avoiding injuries is a key component of achieving any New Year’s fitness resolution for 2023, and it is one of the best New Year’s fitness resolutions itself.

4.) Try Something New

Sticking to your guns and doing what you love is imperative in all areas of life, including fitness.

But that doesn’t mean that you should forever remain in your little bubble without experiencing all that the fitness universe has to offer. After all, there is so much to explore and who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding a new passion in life.

So make this year the year of exploration and experimentation, try out different things, devote time to learning new movements, and take up a completely different sport or type of workout than you’re used to. Not only will you shock your body and see new results, but you will rekindle your love of fitness as well!

5.) Eliminate Unhealthy Fast Food from Your Life

Eliminating fast food from your diet is a simple and extremely effective New Year’s fitness resolution for 2023.

Especially if you are living in the United States, 2023 can easily be your most fit year ever since it is becoming much easier to eat real and healthy foods!

“Fast food” places such as Panera and Chipotle have been leading the charge for serving quick food which is also healthy.

These options, which are also becoming steadily more affordable, are making it easier for people to eat healthy food on a regular basis.  Unlike the past where the only fast food options were McDonald’s and Burger King, you can now eat and run with real, organic food!

If you are looking to get fit in 2023, these types of food places will save your diet!

6.) Use a Fitness App All Year

There are literally thousands of fitness apps that you can use to help yourself get healthier, but are you using any of them?

You could use a calorie tracker app, such as MyFitnessPal, or an app that is dedicated to your workouts. In fact, there are probably way more fitness apps that can help you get fit than you even considered!

Here are a few of the fitness apps you can use in 2022 that will help you get healthier:


Price: Free

By far the best diet app ever! This app is the friend you need as you work towards a smarter body. It has a huge food database comprising over 6 million food, making it super easy to track my food intake.

You can log your meals and keep constant track of your weight loss.

You can use this app for your daily cooking and shopping needs. The recipe importer option gives you the nutritional information of the ingredients you use in your daily meals.

The app also allows you to create your very own meals using healthy yet nutritious ingredients

Its barcode scanner can scan more than 4 million barcodes, enabling you to shop for the healthiest foods.

MyFitnessPal enables you to track the entire nutritional information of different foods, including fat, carbs, proteins, vitamins, cholesterol, salts, fiber, and more.

It customizes your daily meals according to your body’s needs and delivers regular progress reports.


Price: Free

Although Ibotta won’t help you plan or track your diet, it will certainly help you save money on it!

There is no easier way to earn $10 on the planet than to sign up for the Ibotta App and use my Ibotta referral code (Referral Code: ULALJIS). Not only will this coupon code get you $10 for free, but once you start using Ibotta you can earn even more money!

For anyone who signs up for this couponing app to save money with my referral code, you can be happy to know that you have helped me invest more in this website!

Ibotta is a couponing app that helps you earn money when you go grocery shopping!

My wife and I started using this coupon app last summer, and we’ve made a decent amount of money so far.

For someone who eats as much food as I do, Ibotta is an excellent way to cut down on cost!

Ibotta is a simple coupon app that helps you save money after you’ve done your grocery shopping. You don’t need to change anything in your ordinary routine, although you can search the app to find better deals on products you already were going to purchase.

If you are going to be purchasing a lot of expensive health foods and organic products, Ibotta can significantly help you reduce your spending each month, and that’s why it is one of the best fitness apps for Android or iPhone!

If you have not signed up for the app yet, you can use my Ibotta Referral Code ULALJIS to earn $10 just for signing up!

The Anna Victoria Fit Body App

Price: $16.99 a month

Fit Body with Anna Victoria offers three workout programs for you to choose from, and no matter your fitness goal, Anna Victoria has a workout program for you! The Fit Body workouts are based on scientifically proven high-intensity and strength training exercises that are designed to help you burn fat and strengthen your body at the same time!

The Anna Victoria Fit Body app also customizes an entire meal plan around your personal caloric needs! Additionally, it includes a macronutrient breakdown so know what to eat and how much to eat. They say abs are made in the kitchen, which is true! The Fit Body App Meal Plan will ensure you get the results you deserve from all your hard work in the gym!

The Anna Victoria Fit Body App is designed for women mainly, but it can certainly help men as well.

7.) Only Use the Right Supplements This Year

Every year starts off with millions of people buying waves of new dietary supplements, only to find out that they don’t get results because their training doesn’t match their purchases.

Want to make some real headway in the fitness world this year? Buy supplements that fit your life and your own needs!

If you struggle with getting enough vitamins and minerals from your diet, a multivitamin is the primary supplement that can help improve your health. I believe the best option for that is Rainbow Light Multivitamins:

[lasso box=”B0007YCC7S” link_id=”2827″ ref=”rainbow-light-mens-one-multivitamin-high-potency-with-vitamin-c-d-zinc-for-immune-support-non-gmo-vegetarian-150-tablets-5-month-supply” id=”15097″]

If you always have the desire to go to the gym and train, but your day job leaves you drained, buy a new pre-workout supplement! I would suggest The Genius Brand Pre:

[lasso box=”B07DZKMT5Y” link_id=”2828″ ref=”genius-pre-workout-powder-all-natural-nootropic-preworkout-caffeine-free-nitric-oxide-booster-w-beta-alanine-alpha-gpc-boost-focus-energy-no-muscle-builder-supplement” id=”14979″]

Are you getting to the gym regularly but you’re not losing body fat at all? A good natural fat burner could be right for you! My suggestion is RSP Nutrition Amino Lean:

[lasso box=”B07XLNKWQN” link_id=”2829″ ref=”rsp-vegan-aminolean-all-in-one-natural-pre-workout-amino-energy-weight-management-with-vegan-bcaas-complete-vegan-preworkout-powder-pineapple-coconut” id=”15096″]

Are you having trouble with muscle recovery and gaining lean muscle mass? Buying a high-quality vegan protein powder is probably your best option! I recommend KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder:

[lasso box=”B076B8F1C6″ link_id=”2830″ ref=”kos-organic-plant-based-protein-powder-vanilla-delicious-vegan-protein-powder-keto-friendly-gluten-free-dairy-free-and-soy-free-2-4-pounds-30-servings” id=”15007″]

Whatever you choose to buy supplement-wise, make sure it supports your training efforts! Supplements will never solve all of your issues, but they can help you on the journey!

Learn More: The Best Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

8.) Pick a Program and Stick to It

One of the best ways to get the perfect body is to pick a program for your fitness goals and stick to it. You could choose to follow a fat loss program to become lean, or a muscle gaining program if you want to build muscle.

Once you’ve picked the program, stick to it – even if you get bored or want to mix up your regime.

Switching up your program when you’re halfway through can be damaging, as it will take longer for you to reach your fitness goals.

9.) Do Some BioHacking

If you want to take your fitness to the next level and eat only the right foods for your body, then you should take a look at the benefits of microbiome testing.

These tests will uncover the molecular makeup of your body and how it works, and then recommend a workout and eating program to improve your performance.

The Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test is a great option!

[lasso box=”B07HBFM8LS” link_id=”2831″ ref=”viome-at-home-gut-microbiome-test-personalized-recommendations-for-food-prebiotics-probiotics-improve-digestion-enhance-sleep-clear-skin” id=”15150″]

In the past, I did a food allergy test which alerted me to a couple of food intolerances I had, and cutting those foods out of my diet did make a huge difference for me!

Here is a similar option to the one I did:

[lasso box=”B076QFSJM1″ link_id=”2832″ ref=”everlywell-food-sensitivity-test-learn-how-your-body-responds-to-96-different-foods-at-home-collection-kit-clia-certified-labs-ages-18″ id=”14963″]

Doing tests like these are simple forms of “biohacking” because they will help you figure out aspects of your health you wouldn’t have normally known, and you can make a change for yourself that is specific to you!

10.) Stay Focused for All of 2023!

Regardless of which fitness resolution for 2023 you choose, your number one side-goal should be to stay focused on it for all of 2023!

There are things that can help you with that, like apps or workout logs, but it also comes down to you and yourself.

So, not only should you set some amazing New Year’s fitness resolutions for 2023, but you should set completing your fitness resolutions, as a fitness resolution!

If you finish what you start, you will have a great year!

Concluding Thoughts – New Years Fitness Resolutions for 2023

Once you have your New Year’s fitness resolutions for 2023 make sure you are also doing the basics such as having a sensible eating plan, visit the gym regularly, taking rest days, and knowing when to relax.

Whether you’re only starting out on your journey or you’re close to hitting your target weight and muscle, good luck!

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