Postpartum Weight Loss & Feeling Confident After Pregnancy

losing weight after giving birth

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One of the most notable drawbacks of pregnancy and what most women are afraid of is the weight they’d accumulated over the nine months which now needs to be dealt with.

While many celebrities propagate just how easy it is to get back in shape, most women don’t have the luxury of going to the gym full time after pregnancy.

Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

From better diet to workout routines, here’s our list of things you should be aware of if you’re looking to lose weight after the baby is born.

Moving is Vital

While resting for a few weeks after the delivery is important, you still need to be careful not to become too used to this in the future.

You can start with short walks after a week or two and increase the duration of your walks gradually.

After your six-week checkup, you should be ready to move from simply walking to at least 20-30 minutes of cardio, 3 days a week.

By being active you won’t only be fitter in a shorter period of time, but you’ll also stay healthier which is really important in this period, for both you and your baby.

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Breastfeeding Can Help You Burn Calories

For breastfeeding, you usually need about 500 extra calories per day, which gives about 2,700 calories total.

However, since breastfeeding burns up to 800 calories per day, you may be losing weight by simply sitting on your couch comfortably and feeding your baby.

When making a decision whether you’ll breastfeed your baby or not, make sure you’ve checked all the benefits of breastfeeding beforehand.

While there’s a myth that you may lose all your baby fat due to breastfeeding alone, it’s best not to rely on this as you’ll be much healthier if you incorporate some exercises into your routine.

Target Your Pelvic Floor to Regain Your Body

The pelvic core is an often overlooked but critical part of our body. It includes our deepest abdominal muscles, specifically the transverse abdominis, the multifidus muscles of our spine, the pelvic floor muscles, and the breathing diaphragm.

The pelvic floor is the most critical part of the pelvic core. It supports the pelvic organs, including the:

  • Bladder
  • Bowel
  • Uterus (In Women)

The muscles extend from back to front (from the coccyx to pubic bone), and from side to side; like a hammock or sling. A strong pelvic floor is essential for basic functions like peeing, childbirth, and sex.

Engaging the pelvic floor muscles keeps the internal organs in their proper place. It also tightens the sphincter muscles which hold the openings to the vagina, anus, and urethra closed. When relaxed, we are able to pass urine, poop, and gas.

According to Natalie Padveen, mom, a Physical Therapist, a Fitness Instructor, and the founder of Pelacore, a unique pelvic core workout program that teaches fitness instructors how to train and strengthen their clients’ pelvic core properly,

“The pelvic floor and core muscles play a vital role during pregnancy to support the baby while in the uterus and during the birth itself.”

Since the pelvic floor does not work in isolation, Pelacore takes a holistic and functional approach to strengthen the pelvic core.

As stated by Ms. Padveen,

“As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I meet countless women who don’t realize the importance of the pelvic core until they become pregnant with their first child and start experiencing symptoms that could have been prevented.”

In reality, women of any age can benefit from pelvic core training. Poor pelvic function – and even damage that may require surgery later on – can result from so much more than just birthing a child.

For example, other lifestyle factors which contribute to poor pelvic function include:

  • Poor Exercise Form
  • High-Impact Sports
  • Poor Dietary Habits
  • Smoking
  • Illness
  • Previous Surgery

Pelacore helps women activate and train muscles, which help improve symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, and in many cases, decreases symptoms associated with prolapse. It helps women feel stronger from the inside, improving bladder control, sexual sensation, and reducing back pain.  Pelacore students compare the program to “Kegels on steroids,” stating that they benefit both physically and aesthetically.

“I’ve never felt better,” said Kim Negre, a Pelacore client.

Jayne Justice, a Certified Pelacore Instructor, says that Pelacore has been a game changer for her health coaching and fitness career.

As stated by Ms. Justice,

“This is where all women should start their fitness journey, especially post-partum and menopausal women. I love seeing the increased confidence in the women I work with.”

Pelacore exercises should really be part of every women’s daily routine, according to Ms. Padveen, and based on the fast-growing number of students signing up for Pelacore, everyone seems to agree.

Especially for women who are close to the time of childbirth, pelvic floor exercises are especially important!

Try These Postpartum Mom & Baby Workouts

Postpartum workouts are instrumental in looking and feeling your absolute best. There are many unique combinations that can be utilized in order to make you have a positive mental outlook that will also benefit your physique.

If you are looking for the ideal postpartum workout for you, it is possible to find postpartum workouts here.

Your free moments at home can become your healthiest moments if utilized, organized and expertly managed. You kids can become gymnasts from the very beginning if trained professionally. This will not cost you any labor or hard work, and will help you become healthier than ever following pregnancy.

All is done when you and your kid will enjoy playing in a funny and refreshing mode.

Your healthier routines are crucial for the health of your children and your own self. Kids love to have fun and sporty activities with their moms without any hesitation.

Here we have chosen the best fun practices for moms in through which they can engage their kids in healthy and energizing activities.

Baby Play Mats

Mothers handling their infants would love to keep busy their babies with toys, horns and shining items installed in their baby play mat. Here the babies learn their very first gestures, movements and signals.

A perfect baby play mat is available for sale online at a price ranging from 19$ to 70$.

Keep Working, Walking or Moving with Your Baby

Prefer to work, move and walk or move while holding your baby in your hands. Keep changing the positions of holding your baby. This way, walking will help make stronger your muscles and improve your stamina.

Muscles of your hands, legs and back will specially improve with this practice.

Most of all, your baby enjoys it the most!

Keep Playing with Your Baby While You Are Lying on the Ground

Moving your baby at your belly, moving around him with your arms, suspending the body with the support of leg and arm and loading the kid with kid at your legs will convert your motherly activity into a healthy practice.

This exercise needs consistency and regularity. You will see definite improvements after a couple of weeks.

Engage Your Baby While Lying on Your Stomach.

Lying on your stomach and moving your organs is another fruitful practice.

Engage your baby while lying on your stomach makes your neck, back and lower back stronger and healthier. This way your baby has the chance to practice riding on your back, climbing on it and then stepping down.

Pick him up with your hands with the same position and then take him to the ground slowly. Slowly lift your kid with legs, move him around and then land him on the ground. If done consistently and regularly, this exercise can result in amazing improvements both in mother and baby.

Front Carrier and Lower Body Motion

Place your baby in a front carrier and start moving your body up and down. Start repeating the up and down and sidewise movements. This makes amazing fun for your baby and strengthens your whole body muscles especially back and legs.

High Chair Activities

Place your baby in his high chair and start adjusting your hands and legs to his position gradually. Try to touch his hands through your hands first and then through your legs engage both mother and child.

This practice makes a lot of fun for the baby.

Make the Kid Laugh

Start moving on your single leg one by one while you are jumping. Your kid thinks that you are dancing and enjoys the moment with unmatched laughing.

This exercise is useful for losing calories and making stamina.

Power Push

Keep pushing the wall while placing your palms on it. Keep the chest straighter. Try to change the positions of your legs one by one Power pushes increase your stamina and strengthen the muscles of hands, neck, back and upper legs.

Regular and consistent practice will make the moms stronger and healthier.

Body Suspension

Suspend the whole body of both the mother and baby with the help of your legs and hands.

Repeating this practice will enormously engage the muscles of upper legs, middle body and upper hands. Mother’s body immediately starts fating after giving birth to a child.

These exercises play an impressive role in keeping their body slim, smart, active and healthy. Also, you can use a postpartum girdle to help you recover more quickly.

Tummy Time

Suspend your legs and arms with the while lying on your stomach. In this exercise, the stomach is the main support to the whole body. Belly of the feeding mothers starts expanding irregularly.

This exercise will keep the belly normal in shape and size.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

While some moms are too worried about the calorie count, it’s actually more important to have a balanced diet; one where you’ll be taking enough protein and not too many carbs into your system. If you choose your diet properly, you can effectively lose weight without exercising!

Try to eat smaller but more frequent meals during the day, as this will help you keep your blood sugar level steady. Smaller and more frequent meals will also prevent you from eating too much, all while your metabolism will have an easier time.

It may also be a good idea to toss the juices.

One glass of orange juice (or lemonade) will give you all the vitamin C your body needs for a day, any more than that will just slow your efforts of getting back in shape.

How to Feel Confident in Your Postnatal Body

Having a baby causes major changes in a woman’s life. While the woman may be overjoyed about having her new child, she may also feel stressed, overwhelmed, and not at her physical best. Many women feel depressed after having their babies due to how drastically their body changes during the process.

If you have recently had a baby and are looking for positive ways to feel confident in your postnatal body, review the information below:

Say Only Positive Things About Your Body

One of the most important steps towards regaining your confidence is to say positive things about yourself. If you are constantly saying negative things, it will cause you to feel negative each day.

Especially when your body is not at its absolute best, positivity is essential to keep your spirits lifted.

Avoid Individuals that Make Negative Remarks About Your Physique

Try to avoid surrounding yourself with negative people. If you have friends that are very obsessed with weight and are constantly making comments about weight, it is wise to avoid spending time with them until you are feeling better.

By surrounding yourself with negative people, you will begin to have negative thoughts, which could impact your recovery in a non-favorable way.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Thinner Women

Try to avoid fashion magazines or movies with thinner actresses. If you do happen to read magazines or watch movies, do not compare yourself to them. You just had a child and they did not.

Remember that you invested time and effort into creating a family, which is a different kind of rewarding work. Do not feel that you cannot celebrate this by comparing yourself to how you think you “should” be looking.

Set Positive Health Goals for Yourself

Setting positive health goals for yourself is an excellent way to feel your absolute best. Positive goals can include working out, shifting your diet, or trying to engage in meditation practice.

These goals will provide you with a sense of accomplishment when you successfully complete them. Be sure that you periodically challenge yourself by setting positive health goals.

You will begin to feel much better when you do so.

Budget More Time for Sleep

Sleep is something that new mothers often lack; however, it is essential to enable them to feel their absolute best. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and share the burden of caring for your child with your partner.

If you are able to get more rest, you will begin to recover quickly and be a happier parent for your new child.

Go to a Health Spa

Carrying a front load constantly puts your body under a great deal of physical stress, so moms-to-be often suffer from chronic back pain, and they experience trouble sitting down or finding a comfortable position.

To minimize joint swelling typical for pregnancy, as well as other aches and pains that accompany this blissful time in your life, a stress-relieving pregnancy massage can help with all these and many other issues.

Going to a health spa is an excellent way to allow your body to recover. Remember, that giving birth and carrying a child for nine months is very hard on your body. You need to allow time for your body to heal.

Going to a health spa or getting a regular membership to one while you are in your new stages of motherhood is a positive investment for your well-being.

Scout out local health spas and see how you can potentially purchase various treatments that will help you rejuvenate your body and mind.

Treat Yourself!

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to new clothes, makeup, or accessories. Remember that you have achieved a major accomplishment and that you need to treat yourself for a job well done.

Having a child is no easy feat and you need to reward yourself for your efforts.

Look at Pictures of Other New Moms

Instead of comparing your physique to models and celebrities that are airbrushed, look at photographs of other new moms. They are likely facing some of the same issues and feelings that you are.

By setting yourself up to make realistic comparisons, you will find a sense of peace that you are not alone and that you will get back to your old self soon after such a major transformation in your life.

Attend a Support Group

There are often support groups for new moms to join. These are really great because you are able to share your feelings openly and know that other women are facing many of the same issues that you are every day.

Try to attend a support group every week and it is possible that you may find a future playgroup for your children to enjoy along with some new close friends.

Go to Therapy

If you have a more severe case of depression, then it is wise to find a therapist to speak to. There is nothing wrong with attending weekly therapy sessions where you have a safe place to discuss the issues and feelings that you are facing as a new mother.

It is usually best to get referrals from individuals you know well or your local physician.

Refrain from Returning to Work Right Away

It is becoming increasingly common for new mothers to return to work right away. This is a serious issue because the new mother does not have time to rest or adjust to their new lifestyle.

The new mother may also not be looking or feeling her absolute best, which has a negative impact on her job performance at times.

Try to take as much maternity leave as you are given in order to get the most possible rest before you return to your work.

Wash Your Hair in the Evening

Washing your hair in the evening is a wise decision. Make sure that you do this so that it is dry in the morning and easier for you to get ready.

This will save you a considerable amount of time and improve your appearance.

Take Time to Take Care of Your Appearance

Just because you just had a child, it is still wise to take care of your appearance. If you are able to have a basic yet simple makeup look and casual style build for comfort, you will feel considerably better than if you make no effort in your appearance.

Some women just can’t get rid of the fat after pregnancy and it’s only natural that they’d turn to surgery in order to reclaim their body confidence.

New technologies are making plastic surgery more accessible and easier to do, which is why so many new moms are opting for this.

Whether you thought about having breast plastic surgery consultations or you just need to deal with the stretch marks – some kind of intervention may be your best bet to really get your old body back.

However, if you’re planning on having more kids afterward, it may be wise to wait with plastic surgery – as another birth will probably reverse whatever you decided to do.

Make Each Nap Time Count

As a mother, you will crave a moment of peace every day. Make sure that you take full advantage of when your child is napping. Use this time well in order to take care of yourself.

This will help you feel that you still have time dedicated to yourself even though you have a new child.

Get Outside

Do not stay inside all day. Try to get outside for a walk so that you can get some fresh air. If you are able to do so, you will notice a positive impact on your overall mood.

Make Time with Your Partner and Friends

It is important to set aside time to spend with your partner and friends. Having a nice dinner or going to a movie is a great way to have some time out of the house and feel like your old self again.

It is absolutely possible to balance time between your new child and ties to your pre-motherhood life. It is also possible to have gatherings with other friends who already have children to help with the transition.

Many mothers forget this, and it has a negative impact on their depression levels. Consider carefully how you will fit in being social and you will absolutely notice a positive difference in your confidence and overall happiness levels after having your child.

Remain Calm!

No matter what, you need this time for yourself and you should never put pressure on yourself to return to your previous figure. With the right planning, it will come!

One thing you should certainly do during this time is make sure you take all the allotted maternity leave time possible.

For a new-mother, it is important that she understands her rights and abilities to take time off from work, and still receive compensation.

This can drastically reduce stress from the mother, allowing her to maintain health for her and the baby.

One excellent example of this is the paid California Maternity Leave system. If you do not understand your rights as a pregnant mother when it comes from taking time off from work, it is highly advisable that you look at a resource such as this one.

Concluding Thoughts – Postpartum Weight Loss & Feeling Confident After Pregnancy

It is very challenging for new mothers to feel their absolute best after having their child. What is important to realize is that it is normal to not be back to your old self as of yet. The mothers that take an active role in making themselves comfortable, well-rested, and active are the ones that have the best possible experience.

New moms that manage to get back in shape usually do it through a variety of techniques.

While it’s true that exercise can help you a lot, it won’t do you much good if you’re taking too many calories. One of the best ways to actually lose weight after the baby is born is to take good care of it during pregnancy.

This means staying active, doing prenatal exercises, and having a healthy diet.

Women who invested a lot of effort in having a healthier pregnancy usually had less of a trouble getting back in shape, which is why you may want to consider changing your habits in time.

Make sure to carefully evaluate how you are feeling and which of the aforementioned tips would be most beneficial to you as a new mother. By doing so, you will notice a positive impact on how you are looking and feeling.

Do not compare yourself to other models and celebrities who just had children. Each mother is different in how they look and feel after pregnancy.

Realizing this is important for new mothers who are not feeling their absolute best. It is wise for each new mother to have a support system at home to help with this important transition.

The combination of support and a positive outlook will make a substantial difference in how a new mother is feeling with regards to their postnatal body.


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