Gtech eBike Review – Reasons to Buy a Gtech Electric Bike

Gtech eBike Review

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The slow march of technology has taken a number of unexpected turns. Rather than having flying cars, automated robots, and space travel, we’ve invented new ways to communicate and gotten freakishly good at miniaturization.

Here we look at the technology of the Gtech eBike, the available models, the investment needed and money saving Gtech discount codes.

The Gtech eBike makes great use of technical wizardry, when it comes to designing small batteries and motors.

Now, this technology is available to people who want to cycle to work but don’t want to sweat or have to shower and change when they arrive at work.

Electric Bikes – An Effective Option to Reduce Cost and Pollution

E-bikes or bikes with electric assist are probably the best forms of motorized transportation. Electric bikes are getting popular in different cities in order to alleviate the cost of transportation and the volume of pollution.

There are uncountable reputed companies offering electric bikes for sale, which consist of a small and rechargeable battery to help riders traveling distance faster. The speed of such vehicle is 28 miles per hour and you can go up to 60 miles once you charge it. There are some bikes, which eliminate the feature of pedaling, while others are designed to increase the pedaling power of the rider.

Commuting to work with an E-bike is a good option, especially in cities, where cutting down the noise and emission of carbon dioxide is essential.

Benefits That Cities Can Get from E-Bikes:

E-bikes take less space on the roads than cars. Therefore, the more the e-bikes will be used, the better traffic control would be. On the other hand, it enables the riders to use the bike lanes and avoid the traffic mess.

The emission of pollution is much less from e-bikes while comparing to cars. You can charge these vehicles by using low-carbon energy sources such as residential solar panels. As per the development policy, the ratio of shifting to bicycles and e-bikes will be increased to 22% by 2050 from 7% today.

Another good reason to use e-bike is that they save a lot of money, as the purchase price and maintenance costs are much lower than of the cars. In the competitive market of E-bike manufacturing, the battery prices, and thus e-bike prices are coming down. Therefore, the price will be within reach of people with low income.

Electronic bikes provide people with the opportunity to cover the ‘first and last mile’ independently. In addition, it offers a healthy and pleasant experience in the city by enabling people to travel at a more natural pace.

The electric bikes also ensure good health of the riders by aiding them to less exposure to air pollution as well as ensure the safety matters.

Smart E-Bike Policy That Every City Requires:

Smart policies have been incorporated into some areas for e-bikes. California has adopted model legislation with three designations for e-bikes depending on the speed, battery power and whether or not they are pedal-assist. The designations are used to set the limit of an E-bike to use on roads.

The use of e-bikes is getting more acceptances in cities like San Francisco, Berlin, Germany, Taiwan, Taipei and many others.

But unfortunately, most of the states in the U.S. have been outlawed this new technology. Apart from the U.S., the use of e-bikes is banned in the major cities of China named Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

However, the cities should accept the use of e-bike with some smart policies to ensure safety and controlled proliferation. Here are some steps that can be taken.

  • States should adopt model legislation with different E-bike classifications and set safety standards accordingly.
  • Cities should provide good infrastructure, which should include designated bike lanes with specific rules for e-bike and secure bike parking.
  • Cities should encourage the use of electronic bikes by implementing e-bike share programs with the offers of incentives for the use of e-bikes on large government and corporate campuses.

E-bikes are a game changer for urban transportation in different cities. The reason is, it solves the traffic problems, cuts down the level of pollution and quiets the streets of cities, all at the same time, and at a fraction of the cost of a car.

About the Gtech eBike

gtech e bike review

While it looks just like a normal street bike, it’s got a powerful 36 volt motor, a lithium-ion battery that’s good for 30 miles, and an onboard computer that helps deliver smooth, constant power. You’ll be able to cruise along at up to 15 miles-per-hour without breaking a sweat.

The Gtech eBike is pretty light, thanks to an advanced aluminium frame. With a total weight of 16 kg, it’s pretty easy to pedal with the power turned off. With the power on, it practically leaps off of the starting blocks.

EU and UK law limits the motor’s top speed to 15.5 mph, but you’re free to provide additional pedal power on top of that to get this bike going even faster.

The stealthy design of this eBike means your friends and coworkers won’t even know you’re not pedaling for yourself. If you feel lazy you don’t have to pedal. 15 mph is more than enough for a brisk London commute!

What’s most impressive is how consistently the motor can achieve that speed. Hills and inclines are completely ignored by the little two-speed workhorse in the back wheel.

In other words, you won’t arrive at your destination covered in sweat and breathing heavily.

Instead, you’ll be fresh and relaxed, no matter how many hills you had to climb on the way.

Getting Your Daily Exercise

gtech electric bike review

It’s worth noting that even with the motor, some amount of cardio is possible – and that is if you decide to turn the motor down or turn it off completely.

While the motor will give you a boost, you still have to move your feet in circles in order to make the bike move forwards.

The electric boost means that there’s very little resistance from the bike, but riding for 30 minutes still involves 30 minutes of leg exercise. This is almost certainly a plus. It’s a low-effort way to burn fat.

The motor itself operates at one of two selectable cruising speeds. A slower setting is more appropriate for roads where you need fine control (or when you want more of a workout), while the fast setting will quickly push you up to top speed with very little effort on your part.

In both cases, you’re able to exert a surprising amount of control over the bike’s speed by simply varying how fast you pedal.

Cost and Gtech Coupons

The Gtech eBike starts at just under £1000. It’s available in two versions: a 20″ Sport frame that’s designed to handle the occasional bump, and a 17″ step-through frame that’s intended for city use.

If you use your eBike often, you’ll probably save more than £1000 on petrol and taxis within your first year of owning it.

Gtech offers occasionally promotional codes that can help you save 10% or more on your purchase if you buy online. At the time of this review there were no valid coupons.

If you decide to buy this bike I recommend you checkout Wikigains for the latest coupons for

If you’re not entirely convinced, Gtech will let you try the eBike for free for up to 14 days – no Gtech voucher needed. It’s a great opportunity to cheat on your commute and get some accidental cardio while you ponder the merits of owning an electric bicycle.

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