Fitness Blog Ideas - How to Become a Fitness Blogger

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When I started writing my first fitness blog post back in 2016, I never thought I would have a website with over 15,000 users per month. By May of 2018, I had achieved that. Becoming a fitness blogger is all about finding the right fitness blog ideas and learning how to write like a pro!

I became a “fitness blogger” after suffering a season-ending ankle injury in my 2nd year of professional basketball during a time when I was looking for something to do to occupy myself while rehabbing for months.

If you have been considering starting a fitness blog but you can’t seem to find the right fitness blog ideas to start, I hope that this category will help you!

My main piece of advice is to dive into your blog and start writing as soon as possible. If you don’t have high-level writing skills, it is okay! I suggest you take some online writing courses or even attend a local community college (which my wife is currently doing). Over time, the investment you make in your writing skills will pay off!

A few of my favorite articles in this category are:

If you have any additional questions or comments about fitness blogging or fitness blog ideas, feel free to contact me!