Starting a Fitness YouTube Channel

How To Start a Fitness YouTube Channel

You’ve decided to start a YouTube channel. Good for you! It’s time to take your fitness game to the next level.

But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to begin. The good news is that YouTube has made it easier than ever before for people like us (you) to get started on our own channels and build an audience from scratch.

Pick a Fitness Niche

You should pick a fitness niche that interests you. If you start a channel and have no interest in the topic, it will be difficult for you to continue creating content over time.

You will lose motivation and interest in your work if it isn’t something that truly excites you.

Pick a niche that interests you, and make sure there are enough people out there who share those interests so they can consume your content!

Are you into yoga? Body-building? Aerobic exercises? Weight-loss exercises?

This is important because if there aren’t enough viewers of your videos, then those viewers won’t be able to support your business financially through advertisements or other means (like donations).

Also, think about how much competition exists within this market before deciding on what niche would be best suited for yourself as an individual personality; don’t choose something just because it seems easy but rather think about where you want to spend most of your time researching information so that eventually over time when building up traffic numbers becomes easier due to consistent posting schedules being set up monthly/quarterly terms.

These goals should align with how much effort goes into making new videos each week based on how many subscribers may follow along with what types of topics will keep them coming back time after time again.

Decide On a Name for Your Channel.

Once you’ve decided to start a fitness YouTube channel, it’s time to pick a name for your channel. There are several things to consider when choosing the best possible name for your new channel.

  1. Pick something easy to remember and spell: This is especially important if you want people outside of your gym or community who might not know about your business or product yet.
  • A catchy name goes a long way toward making these viewers feel like they’ve stumbled onto something special by stumbling across your channel—and if they feel that way, they’ll be more likely to subscribe and follow along on other platforms (like Facebook or Instagram).
  1. Pick something easy to pronounce: While this isn’t as obvious as being easily remembered, it’s still important in building an audience that will stick around long enough for you get results from them!
    • You definitely don’t want anyone saying “How do I pronounce…” before clicking away from the video so they can go look up another one instead.

Pick a “Set”

When choosing a set, you should consider:

  • How easy will it be to clean the floor of your studio?
    • A slippery and dirty surface can be dangerous for your viewers and may cause them to lose their footing while trying to perform exercises. If you have pets or children who might bring in dirt or other contaminants, look for a material that resists stains and spills as well as being easy to clean with soap and water or a damp mop.
  • Most sets need some type of storage space when not in use so that they don’t take up valuable square footage in your home—especially if space is limited.
    • Look for one with collapsible frames that fold flat when not needed so that your space is maximized during off-camera hours (and, if possible, keep all parts together when storing). You’ll also want storage bags for any props or pieces used during shoots (like dumbbells) so they’re always ready at hand without filling up precious closet space.
  • Transportability/mobility options like wheels or handles make moving these items easier than ever before!

Choose the Type of Videos You Want to Post

There are tons of different types of videos out there, and all have their own niche audiences, so take some time to think about what type of videos would be best for your audience.

Here are some examples:

  • Tutorials: These can range from anything from makeup tutorials and hair tutorials all the way down to workouts and recipes.
  • Reviews: If you’re into fitness or health-related products like supplements, books, or equipment, then this is something that could work well for your channel.
    • It’s also good if you want people to apply your advice when buying clothing or equipment as well as reading reviews on books before they buy them!

Tips: These can be about anything from dieting tips for weight loss to how to get more sleep at night.

Choose Your Equipment.

When you’re ready to begin, the first thing you’ll need is a camera. These days, most people use their smartphones or point-and-shoot cameras for this. However, if you have a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and lens that is compatible with your chosen editing tool, it’s best to use that instead—it will give your videos better quality!

Next up is the microphone: often overlooked by new vloggers but essential for creating high-quality audio.

The next two things on our list are tripods/monopods/steadicams and laptop computers with editing software installed (this can be done through Adobe Creative Cloud).

Film and Edit Your Videos

Now that you have your equipment, it’s time to start filming. Test your webcam/camera and audio —if you’re using one—and ensure they’re working correctly. After that, import your video into a video editing tool.

Once you’ve edited the footage, cut out any unnecessary parts at the beginning and end of the clip (like when someone walks up behind me). Next, add a title and description of what you’re doing in the video (i.e., “This is how I do my hair”).

You might also want to add music or transitions between different segments of the exercise routine so that it feels more polished.

Select a Thumbnail and Title

Once you’ve decided on a name for your channel, you need to select a thumbnail and title. You want to make sure that the thumbnail is eye-catching and descriptive.

If possible, ensure it’s large enough to be seen on mobile devices. It should also be short and descriptive so people don’t have to click through to find out what the content is about.

Write a Description and Add Tags

You should write a description that’s clear and concise. The more descriptive you are, the better your viewers will understand what the video is about and whether or not it aligns with their interests.

Try to limit it to 50 words or less—you want people to be able to read it in one glance. Here are some tips for writing good descriptions:

  • Be clear about what kind of content your video offers upfront. If someone wants fitness advice, don’t lead them astray by telling them they’ll also get tips on hiking boots!
  • Use active voice; think about how you would describe something if you were recommending a movie or TV show that was similar in theme/tone/etc., but different enough from yours so as not to be confusing.

Upload Your First Video!

This is the fun part! Upload your first video to YouTube and start promoting it.

  • Upload your video to YouTube or create a channel on the platform of your choice, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Make sure your video is optimized for search engines, mobile devices, social media platforms and other places where people can find videos—like video discovery apps like TikTok or (known as “short-form” video platforms)


Along with the tips for starting a fitness YouTube channel listed above, here are a few more thoughts:

  • Start with a goal in mind
  • Create a consistent schedule and stick to it
  • Make your videos high quality and interesting to watch
  • Build an audience by promoting yourself on social media, forums, and other websites
  • Monetize your channel by using ads or sponsorship money

We hope you found this article on how to start a fitness YouTube channel helpful. It can be a lot of work, but the payoff is great for your audience and your wallet! If you want more advice on how to grow your YouTube channel and make it more profitable, check out our other blog posts about the topic.

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