Yoga and Meditation

the benefits of yoga and meditationI never tried yoga or meditation until after I broke my ankle in the beginning of my second year of professional basketball, and I have not stopped with them since! In fact, I now do more yoga than any other form of exercise outside of playing basketball!

Many people think yoga is only about stretching- but they are very wrong! Yoga is a total mind and body workout which will help improve your flexibility, health, physique, and more.

Outside of the physical benefits of yoga, yoga has been the best solution I have ever found for controlling the motor tics I have due to Tourette's Syndrome. I have had Tourette's since I was about 10 years old, and even considering the advice and recommendations of several doctors, practicing yoga daily is the absolute best relief I have ever found.

Check out the articles in this category to learn more about the health benefits of yoga and meditation, and how you can easily use them in your own life. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your mental health or simply become healthier overall, yoga and meditation are excellent for you!

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