Fitness Product Reviews – The Best Fitness Products (2022)

Throughout my career as a professional basketball player and Certified Personal Trainer, I have used hundreds of different fitness products. I have used fitness equipment, exercise machines, gadgets, technology, and many other fitness products.

Unlike many other fitness product reviews on the internet, you can trust my reviews because I have experience using these fitness products and others as both an athlete and a trainer. Therefore, I have a unique perspective on what types of fitness products work and which do not.

Furthermore, with my background as a journalist, I have experience with in-depth research, which helps me search through products and learn more about specific companies.

Although I do receive a commission from the sale of many of these fitness products, all of my fitness product reviews are 100% non-biased and are reviewed only with my best intentions to educate you and help you choose the best fitness products for yourself.

If you would like specific assistance with choosing the best fitness products, along with dietary advice and custom workout programs, please check out my online fitness consulting service.

A few of my favorite fitness product reviews are: