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Bulletproof Coffee Review: Top 5 Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

If you don’t fully understand what is bulletproof coffee or why it could be a healthy drink for you, this bulletproof coffee review will be perfect for you! There are a variety of benefits of bulletproof coffee whether you are an athlete or simply looking to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Bulletproof Coffee has become a popular choice for health-conscious individuals because it is a low-carb coffee that provides long-lasting energy.

Also, bulletproof coffee is 100% natural and used by many now as a replacement for sweetener-rich coffee-drinks and pre-workout supplements.

There are many benefits of bulletproof coffee, and I am sure you do not want to miss out on them!

If you’re wondering how putting coconut oil and butter into your morning coffee could have a positive impact on your health – read on!

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

The backbone of this unique coffee is a unique Brain Octane Oil, organic coffee beans, and butter (or ghee)!

The brain octane oil is essentially very high-quality coconut oil, which provides you necessary MCT oil and healthy fats.

If you don’t think you read the previous line correctly, yes, I did say butter.

I am guessing you never thought about adding butter (or coconut oil, for that matter) to your coffee, but I am sure you will find it tastes much better than it sounds!

Make sure you are using unsalted butter though because salted butter can give a stranger taste than you are ready for!

Ghee is essentially butter which has had the dairy part of is sifted away, leaving you only healthy Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and other healthy fats.

My wife introduced me to ghee a couple of years ago, and we try to cook only with this as much as possible!

She is from Kazakhstan and makes homemade ghee for us to use with our bulletproof coffee, and other cooking needs. If you would like to try ghee for your bulletproof coffee, I believe the best ghee brand is Goddess Ghee.

The last part of bulletproof coffee you need to be conscious of is that you should only be using organic coffee beans!

I will explain this more a little later, but it is vital!


Read my full bulletproof coffee review to find out the most important bulletproof coffee benefits!

What Coffee Beans Should You Use for Bulletproof Coffee?

Regardless of whether you are making bulletproof coffee in the morning, or just having your regular cup, you should only use organic coffee beans for your bulletproof coffee.

Organic coffee beans are much healthier for you than regular coffee beans.

Organic coffee beans that have been grown without the use of chemicals and harmful pesticides contain more antioxidants and nutrients, which provide many of the health benefits of bulletproof coffee.

Personally, my favorite organic coffee beans for bulletproof coffee is Puroast Low Acid Coffee:

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee – Why is Bulletproof Coffee Good for You?

health benefits of bulletproof coffee

Check out these 5 amazing bulletproof coffee benefits:

Reduces the Risk of Several Diseases

Drinking quality coffee, in general, provides many health benefits for your body.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition,

“Epidemiological and experimental studies have shown positive effects of regular coffee-drinking on various aspects of health, such as psychoactive responses (alertness, mood change), neurological (infant hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases) and metabolic disorders (diabetes, gallstones, liver cirrhosis), and gonad and liver function.”

Bulletproof coffee contains nutrients that can help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s, prevent diabetes, prevent Parkinson’s disease, and reduce blood cholesterol levels!

Bulletproof coffee is a great way to get your daily cup of coffee, without added sugars or sweeteners that negatively impact your health.

Assists with Healthy Weight Loss

Despite being rich in dietary fat, bulletproof coffee can help you lose weight by facilitating the breakdown of body fat into energy.

However, that is only possible if you are in a calorie deficit. If you are not in a calorie deficit each day, you will not lose weight.

If you are in a calorie deficit, not only does the coffee in bulletproof coffee help you lose weight, but the MCT oil or coconut oil can help promote weight loss as well.

According to a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,

“Consumption of MCT oil as part of a weight-loss plan improves weight loss compared with olive oil and can thus be successfully included in a weight-loss diet. Small changes in the quality of fat intake can therefore be useful to enhance weight loss.”

If you are using a low carb diet for weight loss, bulletproof coffee is a great alternative to other coffee drinks because it does not contain many carbohydrates at all.  Low carb diets such as the ketogenic diet not only can help people lose weight, but they are also excellent for helping solve numerous other health issues caused by inflammation in the body.

Another benefit of bulletproof coffee for weight loss is that it will reduce your appetite. Many people who drink bulletproof coffee in the morning attest to feeling satiated (full) for the morning and into the afternoon.

For these reasons, bulletproof coffee is one of the best coffees for weight loss!

Provides Long-Lasting Energy from Healthy Dietary Fats

the health benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee

One of the primary characteristics of bulletproof coffee is its richness in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, due to the addition of coconut oil or MCT oil. Bulletproof coffee contains healthy dietary fats that will provide long-lasting energy that you don’t normally expect from a cup of coffee!

Although you can choose to use coconut oil, the fat in the original bulletproof coffee recipe is provided by MCT oil, and there are many great health benefits of MCT oil.

If you are one of the people, such as myself, who didn’t realize how much more efficient MCT oil is compared with Coconut Oil, I highly suggest you buy one bottle of MCT Oil to try for yourself!

Having a cup of bulletproof coffee each morning helps provide you with a portion of the recommended daily value of dietary fats, getting your body kick-started from the moment you wake up!

Improves Mental Alertness

bulletproof coffee health benefits

Improving mental alertness is a common health benefit of drinking coffee, but bulletproof coffee is additionally beneficial for improving mental alertness because of the dietary fats it contains.

As I mentioned before, the healthy dietary fats provide energy for the body which will also help keep you mentally alert.

Additionally, unlike coffee that contains sugar or other sweeteners, bulletproof coffee will not make you crash from a “sugar rush.”

No Added Sugar

Added sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the primary causes of the obesity problem in the United States. A common source of added sugar is morning coffee.

Drinking bulletproof coffee is a great alternative to sugar-sweetened coffee because it tastes great and doesn’t contain sugar.

Bulletproof Coffee Side Effects – Is Bulletproof Coffee Bad for You?

the health benefits of bulletproof coffee

Although there are multiple bulletproof coffee benefits, there are some potential side effects of bulletproof coffee as well.

The primary risk of drinking too much bulletproof coffee is that you will consume too much-saturated fat in your diet. Saturated fat consumption is one of the leading causes of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, if you are consuming additional saturated fat in your diet along with your bulletproof coffee, there is a chance you will end up with high cholesterol.

To avoid this issue, refrain from consuming saturated fat outside of your morning bulletproof coffee.

The Best Blender for Bulletproof Coffee

In my opinion, the best blender for bulletproof coffee is the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus. I did a lot of research to come up with this conclusion, and the reason I decided on the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus is that it is the most affordable, powerful blender which can handle hot beverages.

There are other options such as Vitamix blenders which work extremely well, but they are very expensive. The Ninja Ultima Blender is less than half the price of comparable blenders, but nearly as powerful!

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee Without a Blender?

Personally, I prefer to make bulletproof coffee without a blender! I think it is simpler, quicker, and better! To make bulletproof coffee without a blender, the simplest solution is to use a milk frother.

You can try to just mix hot coffee, butter, and coconut oil together with a spoon in a coffee cup, but using a milk frother for bulletproof coffee makes the perfect cup of bulletproof coffee.

If you would like to buy an affordable milk frother for bulletproof coffee, I suggest the Miroco Electric Milk. This milk frother has four different settings and auto shut off so you simply click the button you want, and in a few moments, you will have a perfect cup of bulletproof coffee!

No products found.

If you want a more robust milk frother for bulletproof coffee, I suggest the Nespresso Aeroccino4 Milk Frother. I have the Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother and I love it. The Nespresso Aeroccino4 Milk Frother can even be put in a dishwasher, which is a great advantage!

Last update on 2023-03-21 / I earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. / Thank you for your support!

Concluding Thoughts – Is Bulletproof Coffee Good or Bad?

There has been a lot of hype about bulletproof coffee, which raises the question, should you drink bulletproof coffee?

After reading my bulletproof coffee review, I am confident you see that it is no surprise that bulletproof coffee has gained a lot of popularity around the world, thanks to its many beneficial properties. However, you should not drink bulletproof coffee if you already consume a lot of saturated fats in your diet.

However, if you are eating a healthy diet that is low in saturated fat, bulletproof coffee is an excellent drink that can provide energy, assist with weight loss, and improve your health in a variety of ways!

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