How many times have you felt too lazy to go out and run on a beautiful sunny day? Does it feel bad to count all those missed opportunities to actually do something extremely good for your body, and improve your general health? The good news is that, if today is the day when everything changes, all those past mistakes won’t matter anymore.

While the aesthetic side of the story is what usually excites most of the people, jogging has many more benefits for which it is considered to be among the most useful daily habits.

Here are some of the advantages of regular jogging that could be highly beneficial for your general health.

Less stress

There is a good chance that majority of people face a fair amount of stressful situations at their workplace or even at home with all sorts of problems that can crop up at any time. If you are one of them, jogging is about to become your favorite way to either start or finish off the day.

Running at a steady pace will help with the release of endorphins, as well as toxins from your body, which generally makes us happier and more relaxed.

 Don’t let the laziness fool you – sitting on the couch won’t change anything. Go out and jog instead.

Better sleep

It is not a secret anymore that living life in the fast lane comes with a price. The world has changed dramatically over the course of last few decades, and so did the quality of our sleep. The studies have shown that, in 1942, a person used to sleep 8 hours a day, while today’s norm is around 6.8 hours.

Jogging early in the day can help you sleep better because it exhausts just enough to keep you active during the day, hence sleepy at night hours.

However, not everyone works in daytime.

For example, flight attendants, pilots, drivers, nurses, doctors, and police officers spend many nights at their workplace. Regular exercising can save people working those jobs from developing a shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), or help if they already suffer from this condition.

Weight loss

Weight loss is a goal of many people in the late winter and during springtime. Jogging can play a huge role in this process, and it also helps with strengthening abdomen and legs.

However, sometimes, we all need extra motivation to start, so consider finding equipment that not only fits you the best but also protects you from injuries, which is especially important if you jog on a rough terrain.

In most cases, comfortable men’s running tights, running shoes and a simple sweat absorbing t-shirt are just enough.

Do keep in mind that losing weight will also improve your general health. Getting rid of unnecessary kilos and body fat by exercising prevents you from developing more serious conditions such as high blood pressure.

Improved brain performance

Studies have shown that jogging makes people smarter. Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise with effects on the part of the brain that has control over learning and memory processes.

What happens is that jogging will help you learn more with an ease or memorize more details by boosting the blood flow to that exact part of the brain.

Longer life

This benefit obviously comes as a combination of all aforementioned advantages of jogging. Longer life as a result of a regular jogging is not only a phrase or a general conclusion of this article but also a claim that has been backed up by evidence.

The results of research presented by European researchers in 2012 showed that regular jogging extends women’s life by 5.6 years.

In men’s case, the life expectancy increases by 6.2 years.  Living longer doesn’t require too much physical activity, so try not to find excuses again, such as the most common one – ‘I don’t have time’. The same study confirmed that men who jog up to 2.5 hours a week are expected to live longer than those who don’t.

Let’s be real – there is no reason for you to continue skipping jogging.

Make it your new favorite daily routine that both your health and your body will thank you for later.

Keep in mind that while the start can be hard, jogging is bound to become one of the most exciting activities that you will enjoy in on a daily basis. Jogging will make you healthier, prettier and happier person.

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5 Health Benefits of Regular Jogging
If you are not a runner, read this article! Here are some of the advantages of regular jogging that could be highly beneficial for your general health.
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Adam Kemp Fitness