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Building confidence as a man can be as difficult of a process as it is for some women. “Masculine” features that portray men in movies and television can be impossible to obtain, and if looking and feeling like a man isn’t natural for you, it can be exhausting trying to thrive in society.

Furthermore, when talking about self-esteem, the discussion is usually focused on women, and often times men get left behind.

However, there are a lot of tips related to men and self esteem that can make you more confident and proud of who you are!

The Step by Step Guide to Building Confidence as a Man

Here is a step by step guide that will teach you how to build confidence as a man:

Step 1: Start By Improving Your Physical Health

Improving your physical health will have several impacts on your self-confidence and self esteem. Not only can it help you look better, such as things like gaining muscle or getting big arms, but you improving your physical health will also help your mental health, regardless of physical changes.

If you improve your physical health, you can have a “better” looking body, but you can also live confidently knowing that you are free from silent health issues, such as high blood pressure. It is a good idea to have a quality sphygmomanometer at home to monitor your blood pressure, or other health related testing tools, but these are less-necessary if you have been consistently exercising, eating a quality diet, and working on your physical health.

Outside of my website, there are many other resources available online, such as Reviewy, to help you reach your health goals so you can probably get any questions you have answered.

However, for most people, the biggest deterrent to improving their health is often the feeling of being overwhelmed with all of the advice and research you have available. That is why the best advice is to focus on one thing at a time.

Start with a small, seemingly insignificant, unhealthy habit and turn it into a positive one. For example, if you are used to drinking soda every day for lunch, try to have a glass of water or a cup of oolong tea a few days a week instead.

Starting with such a small, painless change will help you establish the mindset that healthy living is not necessarily a hard, unpleasant endeavor, and by adopting a few more changes over time, you will easily get into a regular routine of happy and healthy living.

Create a Fitness Routine

The core of self-esteem issues for many people is physical appearance. Health is one reason you should find a good fitness routine, and the other is because working out is the key to an aesthetic body you will be proud to show off.

You don’t have to start bodybuilding or workout like a professional athlete, but the process of exercising itself is what will make you feel more attractive. After training, you will feel happy, positive and fulfilled, which is not important just for looks, but also for managing stress, and dealing with anger, and tension.

Along with that, you will even “smell” more attractive and confident after exercising! Exercising produces pheromones, which might even be the single biggest key to attractiveness!

Pheromones are technically a chemical which is secreted or excreted through your body, which triggers social responses from members off the opposite sex.

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in all insects, animals, and humans which have been proven to dictate sexual behavior. Similar to animals, human pheromones are naturally produced by our body and function as an attraction magnet to the opposite sex (amongst other functions).

Studies, such as one like those done at San Francisco State University, have shown that these sex hormones are found most prominently in sweat.

Pheromones are completely unseen, but can have an enormous impact on our lives.  Although pheromones cannot be completely harnessed for your own use, weight lifting and physical training can certainly manipulate them. There are also additional resources if you have any further questions like, are pheromones natural, and how to provoke them to work for you.

Much like eating, physical activity is also a sensory experience. Instead of forcing yourself to do exhausting workouts every day, aim for something that gives you pleasure. There are also tons of ways to get fit without going to the gym!

If you want to make a huge change in your body, consider hiring an online fitness consultant such as myself.

Stick with a Diet that Works for You

What we eat and how we feel is intertwined in complex ways. Healthy eating is not about cutting out an entire food group which is what some fad diets are all about. It is about following the basic rules of a balanced diet which include all the food groups.

Rather than focusing on weight, a healthy approach to meals that will improve your self esteem and self confidence is centered on eating foods that wor for your body, not against it.

Here are some fundamentals of eating for self confidence:

Carbohydrates are essential for fueling the body and giving us energy. You should avoid processed carbohydrates and simple sugars, and you should choose healthy complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Healthy fats are essential for protecting the organs and are also needed for energy. You want to stay away from trans fats, but the healthy fats (unsaturated fats) can actually protect you against various illness including heart disease.

Include foods such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseeds and chia seeds, and different nuts in your diet.

Sources of protein are generally pretty easy to remember. Eggs, fish, and meat are all great, but if you want to get the best sources of protein, I suggest you try to add as many vegan protein sources to your diet as possible!

These are just some basic rules to healthy eating that will boost your self confidence through an improved appearance and improved mental state. If you want to stick with a specific diet, I suggest you use:

Use a Few Good Supplements

Whether you need supplements for men over 40, the best supplements for muscle gain or weight loss, or you just want to add in a good multivitamin to improve your general health, supplements can help improve your self esteem when you choose the right ones!

You shouldn’t try to make up for a bad diet with a couple hardcore supplements. Instead, if our diet is lacking in certain nutrients, which is very likely with the way we eat today, then supplements can fill this gap.

Choose one that only contains natural ingredients, is cGMP certified so you know the quality is top-notch, and comes with a guarantee so you know the manufacturer is trustworthy.

Personally, the main supplements I use are the superfood supplements from Your Super. These are great supplements that contain vital nutrients for your body, tons of antioxidants, and much more!

Start a Skincare Routine!

Even though male skin is biologically tighter and thicker (that’s why we’ve got no cellulite whatsoever), we still need to keep good care of our faces and skin to keep it elastic, smooth and glowing. If you take care of your skin, from head to toe, you can avoid issues such as acne, and you can give off an incredible glow!

Instead of being one of the guys who is carelessly taking super hot showers and using harsh soaps or face scrubs, be the one who is choosing a mild, gentle cleanser from Asap skin care line and washing their face with it every morning.

Along with that, you can use a quality aloe vera gel on your face overnight. as well as other products, to make sure your skin is getting the love it deserves!

Furthermore, buying the best beard trimmers like those reviewed at this site, or a quality razor, can be a lifetime item, so choose one that fits your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness. In the end, your face will thank you and you’ll look amazing!

A quality body scrub will not only leave you smelling amazing, but it’ll also cleanse your body of dead skin cells, improve circulation and leave the surface of your skin smooth and soft to touch.

I suggest you check out the Vinsanto Red Wine Scrub Soap or Bellalicious Hemp Soap.

Those are just a couple simple skincare tips, but if you work on yourself in every way, your self-esteem will continue to grow!

Lifestyle and Mentality Tips

While there is no single quick formula, a more confident you comes from the way you think about yourself, as much as anything else.

We all face some form of rejection in life, and this causes our confidence levels to dwindle. It could be a negative comment from someone you love, or people laughing at you when you do something wrong.

Here are a few steps you can take to develop a more confident image of yourself:

Pick the Right Wardrobe for You

When going shopping, you should try to follow the trends if that is what you like but, more importantly, you should choose the wardrobe that fits your body type. The right shirt or pants can make you feel great and attractive, and this is proven to boost your confidence.

A fitted, basic white or black shirt, for example, looks good on anyone, and you can pair it with either jeans or shorts.

Make sure to get pieces that are flattering, including colors and patterns.

A great example is Gymshark Clothing. Gymshark clothing is athleisure menswear, and you can use a Gymshark code to make it more affordable.

Also, choosing the right men’s underwear also can affect self-esteem, even if we know nobody is going to see it. So, take your time and pick something you’ll feel great wearing.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Up to a point, it is in human nature to compare ourselves with others. However, there are times, when we get so caught up in it that comparing starts to reflect badly on our mood and self-esteem.

Men don’t like to admit it, but they compare the other guy’s hair, muscles, height and much more.

It is important to understand that you can get yourself to believe you have everything that you need. If you have problems with hair loss, look for bald men and trends on the internet, and you will see that you can wear it confidently. Besides, some of the hottest men are bald.

Even the most common of all men’s insecurities can ultimately be changed with a penile enlargement procedure, although years of experience show that women don’t care about size, it is mostly in your head. If it happens that you compare jobs and the amount of money, understand that men’s power is not mirrored in how much money he makes and what car he drives.

You can always better yourself, earn, and achieve great things if you are not happy with where you are. However, make sure your progress includes reading, learning, being more compassionate and sensitive, because when you learn to love those things about yourself, you will realize that’s enough.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Do not expect to live a positive and healthy life if negative people surround you. If you want to be more confident, identify positive friends that you admire and ask them to help you.

It is a fact that the environment we are in, determines to a degree how we are going to act and feel. It is important for your self-esteem to be around people who will inspire you to always do better and who will be a support through any progress and changes you are making.

When you spend time in a healthy environment like this, there is no way you will ever feel like you are not good enough, because you have people who push you and are always there for you.

As you spend more time with positive people, your life starts to change for the better. There are times it could be necessary to move and change your surrounding if you are surrounded with negative people all the time.

The Art of Visualization

healthy tips for building self confidence as a man

You go where your mind leads you.

You cannot expect to have a positive life while your mind is negative. If you visualize a confident you, your mind will start looking for ways to bring this to pass. Every time you are alone, visualize the type of life you want.

Be specific when visualizing.

Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

We all have stuff that scares us. One way of gaining confidence is to do something that pushes you from your comfort zone.

If you are afraid of heights, try bungee jumping with a friend.

You will realize that you are capable of so much more.

Most of the motivational speakers we view on TV or online were at some point in their lives afraid to stand before crowds of people and speak. They overcome their fears one day at a time by doing that which they thought was impossible. You could be facing an addiction challenge like Adderall withdrawal, so you need to make small goals such as being drug-free for one month, then two months.

Positive Affirmations

Every child needs to be positively affirmed as they grow older. Affirmations are crucial for building healthy self-esteem.

Affirmations are positive statements that you make about yourself, and they should be spoken aloud to be effective.

You can tell yourself that you are beautiful and wonderfully made. Your mind will soon pick up these positive affirmations, and you should soon experience a positive life. Also, make the affirmations in the form of questions.

Our brains tend to pick up these more quickly.

Silence Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic ready to criticize us whenever we do something wrong. The inner critic is responsible for our low confidence levels. The inner critic is usually formed due to the negative experiences we have had as children, and it becomes more powerful as we grow older.

To silence your inner critic, analyze your thought patterns and question them for validity. What you are telling yourself about yourself is most of the time not true or is exaggerated. If you find yourself constantly calling yourself a failure, question the evidence that your mind presents.

Failing once or twice does not make you a failure.

Identify Your Talents

The world will not help you become a copycat of someone else, but it will assist you to become a better version of yourself. It is vital that you identify what you are good at early on in life.

Your talent can lie in music, drawing, dancing, or nearly anything else. When you practice your talents, you become more confident, and this spreads to other areas of your life. When you follow your talents, you feel appreciated and unique.

Celebrate Your Achievements

It is good to appreciate yourself when things are going well. You can take yourself out or buy yourself a gift when you achieve something small or great. Instead of waiting for someone to appreciate you, learn to do it yourself.

As humans, we tend to lay a lot of focus on our flaws while ignoring our achievements. If you are going to become a more confident you, you will need to focus on your strengths while working on your weaknesses.

In the same way that you appreciate yourself, learn to take compliments gracefully; not in an egotistical way but with soberness.

Many people who have low self-esteem tend to brush off compliments sent there way with comments like “you are exaggerating.”

When someone compliments you, say thank you. Also, learn to give compliments.

As you accept this part of yourself, you will notice your confidence levels rising again.

Look Into the Mirror

We are often too busy chasing careers to have the time to look ourselves in the mirror and smile at ourselves. While at it, do some positive affirmations.

The mirror sends positive signals to your brain which releases positive emotions. When you practice smiling at yourself, you will notice other people smiling back at you.

You can practice this when you go to the store to purchase groceries; say thank you and smile at the attendant. They could be having a difficult day, and your smile is what they need to get through the day.

Concluding Thoughts – Becoming a Man with High Self Esteem

Confidence is crucial if you are going to succeed in life. No one is born confident; people learn along the way by making positive changes to their lives.

When you become confident, you spread the positive energy to those around you.

Working on every aspect of yourself, every day, even if it means small steps, is the key to boosting your self-esteem. You can always find validation in women you date, but until you are content with who you are, it will all be short-term.

Instead, invest some time into following these steps, and in a while, you will begin to see changes.


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