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best medicine ball exercises and workouts

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Medicine ball exercises are versatile and portable, and have stood the test of time. Medicine balls themselves come in a variety of styles and materials, but their advantages stay the same.

Medicine balls are great for high-level athletes, novice trainees, and everyone in between.

Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of medicine ball workouts, as well as the best medicine balls you can buy!

Benefits of Medicine Ball Workouts & Exercises

There are a variety of benefits of medicine ball workouts and exercises. Here are a few of the most important.

Builds Explosive Strength

Building explosive strength plays an important part in sports performance, not only for professional athletes, but for amateurs as well. The stronger you are, the more quickly you can produce force.

With explosive strength, you can exert maximal force over a while for leaping off the ground, jumping, sprinting, kicking, and throwing, thereby enhance athletic performance.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concluded that,

“These data indicate that performing a 12-week medicine ball training program in addition to a step-wise periodized resistance training program with bat swings provided greater sport-specific training improvements in torso rotational and  sequential hip-torso-arm rotational strength for high school baseball players.”

There are tons of medicine ball exercises which are great for building explosive strength and power.

Train for Physical Preparedness

Medicine balls are extremely popular among top-level sportspeople and athletes, but they are great for anyone looking to improve their general physical fitness. Medicine ball workouts are often included in a variety of sports to reproduce certain actions, but doing basic medicine ball exercises is great for anyone.

Take boxing as an example. You can lie on the floor with your abs being tensed. Get a partner to drop a medicine ball onto your stomach, then quickly return the ball to him to enhance your speed.

In training sessions or warm-ups, medicine balls are frequently used for speed and accuracy improvement. Therefore, you can raise your awareness of how your body is positioned.

According to a study published by The Sports Information Resource Centre,

“Students who participated in the medicine ball training program made significantly greater gains on all fitness tests as compared to the control group. These data suggest that medicine ball training can enhance selected measures of speed, agility, power and muscular endurance when incorporated into a high school physical education class.”

Trains Versatility

Medicine ball workouts focus on exercising a variety of different parts of the body, including back, hips, abs, and buttocks. With medicine balls, you can easily do a total body workout.

Just by practicing throwing a medicine ball on a regular basis you can train your flexibility and hand-eye coordination.

Check out this walking, overhead lunge I do using a medicine ball. It is a great example of how you can work nearly your entire body with one movement with a medicine ball:

Great for Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from a surgery or injury, medicine ball workouts can be an effective option.

They can speed up your rehabilitation process, especially in the case of the knee, spinal, and shoulder injuries.

Medicine balls provide a unique training stimulus, which is why they can help you recover from injuries quickly. Here is a medicine ball exercise I did while I was rehabbing an ankle injury a few years ago:

Best Medicine Ball Exercises

If you’ve purchased a medicine ball and still don’t know what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place.

These medicine ball exercises are effective and easy to follow, so you can enjoy the benefits of medicine ball workouts starting today!

Wall Ball

Wall ball is a medicine ball exercise that will boost your heart rate quicker than you can even imagine.

Start by standing around two feet away from the wall with your face towards it. Then, do a full squat with the ball at chest level.

When extending the arms, stand up explosively and throw the ball against the wall. After that, catch it and repeat the action immediately.

Try to keep the process uninterrupted without any pause so that you can get maximum fat burning. Here is an example of medicine ball wall ball:

Medicine Ball Slams

This medicine ball exercise focuses on training the arms, core, and shoulders.

Keep a hip-width distance between your feet. Take the ball, raise it overhead, and slam it on the ground with your maximum force.

The louder the noise you can create, the more harder your body will work.

Here is an example of medicine ball slams:

Medicine Ball Reverse Burpees

If you want to develop an incredibly strong core, try medicine ball reverse burpees. This is a difficult exercise to explain in writing, so you’re better off watching this video:

What is the Best Medicine Ball to Buy?

If you are interested in buying medicine balls for home, I suggest you buy AmazonBasics medicine balls. There are other companies which also produce quality medicine balls, but they are generally more expensive. These medicine balls are affordable compared to others, and will last you a long time:

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Concluding Thoughts – Medicine Ball Exercises and Workouts

Medicine balls are an inexpensive piece of fitness equipment that can breathe new life into your daily training. The possibilities and benefits of medicine ball workouts are abundant to cater to diverse needs.

Why not get started right now?


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