Gold Standard Hemp Stix, Honey Stix, and Vape Product Review

Gold Standard CBD Review – Hemp Stix, Honey Stix, Vape Pen

Recently, I spoke with the people at Gold Standard CBD, and I believe that they have some incredible products I am confident you will love!

I am yet to try their products myself, however, I had a great interaction with the people at Gold Standard CBD and am compelled to write about their products!

Keep reading below to read my full Gold Standard CBD product review, and learn why I believe you should check out Gold Standard CBD products for yourself!

Gold Standard CBD Products

Choosing the correct CBD products for yourself is not an easy task, but there are many reasons I believe Gold Standard CBD produces products you will love.

Currently, Gold Standard CBD produces three main products. They are:

  • Hemp Stix
  • Vape Pen
  • Honey Stix

All of the Gold Standard CBD products are conveniently measured in milligrams, so you can have a true understanding of how much CBD you are using and what dosages work best for you.

Gold Standard Hemp Stix

The Gold Standard Hemp Stix is essentially a CBD “joint,” and it comes in two flavors (original and mint). Each Hemp Stix contains organically grown CBD hemp flower, blended with mugwort, mullein, and coltsfoot to produce a relaxing and soothing smoking experience.

Each pack contains ten Hemp Stix, and contain a total of approximately 750mg of CBD. The Papers used in the Hemp Stex are RAW unbleached tubes so that you are not inhaling anything unnecessary.

Hemp Stix is an excellent solution for those of you who do enjoy smoking, but only want the medicinal benefits of CBD.

Gold Standard CBD Vape Pens

The Gold Standard CBD Vape Pens come in two different cartridge strengths, 500mg and 250mg. Each cartridge contains only 100% THC free CBD Distillate Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and a signature mix of Natural Terpenes.

These Vape Pens are incredibly portable and easy to use, and they are great for people who often need rapid relief.

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Gold Standard CBD Honey Stix

In my opinion, the most interesting Gold Standard CBD product is the Honey Stix.

Raw honey is an incredible natural product on its own, which is why I am so excited to see it combined with CBD oil!

Each pack of Honey Stix contains seven stix and a total of 100mg of CBD (approximately 15mg of CBD per Honey Stix).

The Honey Stix are made from 100% pure USDA Certified Organic Honey, and they are clearly one of the most convenient CBD products ever made. If you love honey as much as I do- this is the product for you!

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Concluding Thoughts – Gold Standard CBD Review

As you can clearly see, Gold Standard CBD products are created to maximize the quality of your life. I am disappointed I have yet to try them myself, but I am sure I will as soon as I am back home from my current basketball season!

Whether you prefer smoking, vaping, or using a convenient ingestible product, Gold Standard CBD has an excellent option specifically for you!

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