Effects of Marijuana Legalization – Economic & Health Impacts

effects of marijuana legalization as a healthcare product and economic solution
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17 states in the United States, Canada, Georgia, Uruguay and South Africa have all legalized the use of marijuana, and other countries and certain states in the United States have decriminalized its use. As more is learned about the potential medicinal benefits of marijuana, it can be assumed that more countries will legalize marijuana as a medicine or for recreational use.

But, what are the effects of marijuana legalization?

Marijuana legalization has more wide-reach effects than most people can imagine. The conservative approach to marijuana which reigned through most of the 20th century may have given many older people a negative outlook on the cannabis plant, but there are many profound beneficial effects of marijuana legalization throughout the world. Here are a few:

Economic & Social Effects of Legalizing Marijuana Throughout the World

The perception of marijuana throughout the world has been steadily changing for a few decades. The United States now has multiple states, including its capital (Washington D.C.), which have legalized the possession and use of marijuana, even though it is still illegal at the federal level.

Companies such as Lowell Herb Co have lead the charge in the United States. Lowell Herb Co is a cannabis farm based in California that was originally established in 1909 by William “Bull” Lowell, but it had to close after California made it illegal to grow cannabis in 1913. It is now the best-selling pre-roll brand in California, and more than 300 California dispensaries are selling it, as it worked to promote cannabis legalization in California and throughout the United States.

The change in the legal status of cannabis has been an incredible shift for criminal justice system reform, the economy of areas that have legalized cannabis, and much more!

In my opinion, legalizing marijuana use throughout the United States is one of the main steps that we could take towards fighting systemic racism.

Legalizing marijuana would allow police officers to focus on legitimate violent crimes, reduce the burden on tax payers by keeping more people out of jail, and allow families to stay together as less would be split up due to jail time from marijuana convictions. Furthermore, according to a study published by the American Civil Liberties Union,

“Black people are 3.64 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana possession, notwithstanding comparable usage rates.”

The study goes on to say,

“In every single state, Black people were more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession, and in some states, Black people were up to six, eight, or almost ten times more likely to be arrested. In 31 states, racial disparities were actually larger in 2018 than they were in 2010.”

The legalization of marijuana would have a positive effect on people of all races and ethnicity, and it would have an especially positive effect on black people in the United States.

Medical Effects of Cannabis Legalization

The Top medical benefits of using cannabis products

The reason for the trend towards legalization is that not only has Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) proved to be an excellent medicine for a large variety of different medical conditions, it has also proven to be much safer than using alcohol and tobacco.

However, does this mean that marijuana is healthy for you, and you should inhale or consume cannabis as soon as it is legal in your area?

Well, currently that answer is not completely clear.

Recent medical studies on recreational Cannabis have highlighted the medical properties of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol), another major compound found in the herb apart from the THC.

Over the last decade, people have started growing their own CBD and THC clones for personal use, whether it’s related to medical reasons or personal recreational consumption. Not only are many people smoking cannabis, but they are cooking with cannabis and vaping cannabis often as well.

The CBD clone strains often being purchased typically offer a relaxing sensation without having triggering any psychoactive experiences. There are many CBD companies that make truly incredible products.

With a wide range of potential clinical applications, Medical Marijuana has drawn the attention of several national and international health organizations around the world.

Among some of the major applications for marijuana include pain management therapies, anxiety control, anti-depression medications and movement disorders.

There are many diseases ranging from cancer and HIV/AIDS, to migraines and chronic nausea that marijuana has proven medically useful for.  Furthermore, there are actually quite a few diseases that marijuana has proved to be the only reliable treatment for.

Even for those who are concerned about the effects that cannabis can have on the lungs, cannabis inhalation has proved as an effective treatment for asthma!

Here are some of the surprising applications for medical marijuana:

Chronic Pain Control

Cannabis derivatives have been observed to reduce muscular inflammation and increase sleep thus providing a soothing sensation from pain.

Thus, several cannabinoid-based medications are prescribed for patients suffering from chronic pain and arthritis to relieve pain and their improving sleep quality.

Learn More: How Long Does it Take CBD to Work for Pain?

Potential Cancer-growth Control Medication

A major breakthrough in cancer research was potential for cancer growth control through CBD. For years it has been used to counter chemotherapy side effects on patients.

A number of studies and procedures have been designed to harvest the promising results shown in the studies. One of these suggests that Cannabidiol prevents a gene called ‘Id-1’ which in turn slows down the progression rate.

CBD based treatments have shown great potential in controlling tumor growth and fight lung cancer.

Enhances Brain Activity and Triggers Neurogenesis

Interaction of cannabis with the human brain is what causes the recreational ‘high’. However, from the medical perspective, the compounds in the herb improve brain development and brain activity. These interactions trigger neurogenesis (creation of neurons).

The neuroprotective capabilities of cannabis are believed to aid in treating neural disorders like Alzheimer’s, migraines, control tremors due to Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Improve Gut Function and Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

Chemical constituents of cannabis like THC and CBD improve immune response and bowel function of the body.

While THC increases intestinal permeability – allowing bacteria to enter, plant-derived CBD counters the permeability – strengthening the intestinal cell structure.

Induces Appetite and Enhances Metabolism

Marijuana can be prescribed for patients with eating disorders and low appetite. Studies show that cannabis consumers had skinnier body structure and healthier metabolism than a non-user.

While the drug increases appetite, it alters the metabolism and body’s response to carbohydrates, thus setting a balance.

Stabilizes Bipolar Disorders

Marijuana’s ability to stimulate brain activity can be observed to counter and stabilize brain activity for people suffering from bipolar disorders. While some unconfirmed risks of developing mental illness exists, the studies have shown promising results.

Effects of Marijuana Legalization for Fitness Enthusiasts

Cannabis for bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike has become a common topic of discussion. However, for the general fitness lover or health-nut, the jury is still out.

Cannabis has shown to have potentially negative effects on testosterone levels, although it has not been shown to reduce muscle-building potential at all.

For the many people who suffer from insomnia-like symptoms and anxiety, cannabis has proven extremely effective at helping individuals sleep and decrease stress levels; allowing them to recover from workouts and build muscle more easily. Unlike THC, CBD does not increase cravings for food. However, eating cannabis edibles is one of the best options for consuming cannabis.

Specifically, the cannabis extract CBD (cannabidiol) has shown to be effective when used as a topical lotion or balm.

Concluding Thoughts – Effects of Cannabis Legalization

If you are living in an area where marijuana is legal, or you have access to medical marijuana and are considering it in your life, the best option is to talk to a doctor or a specialist on the medicinal uses of cannabis; and learn more about how it can affect your life and overall health!

People in countries where marijuana is already legalized, such as South Africa, can visit a vape store like the South Africa vape store to buy a vaporizer which will help them save money and conserve their lungs while using cannabis.

While the debate over the idea of legalizing the use of marijuana stands across geographies, medical prescription has been permitted in certain states.

Farms are often buying bulk cannabis and CBD Clones locally to help meet the demand of both medical and recreational cannabis and hemp producers.

These producers and farms are also distributing legally licensed clones to retail shops and small micro-grows as the cannabis industry matures and more people discover more potential of this plant.


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