CBD Essence tincture review

CBD Essence Review – CBD Essence Tincture, Topical, Taffy & Capsules!

One of the highest quality CBD brands that I have found is CBD Essence. Crafted with less than .3% THC to ensure there are no psychoactive effects, the CBD products by CBD Essence are top-quality engineering, sourced from some of the best hemp plants in the United States.

Compared with other brands, the main difference is the engineering of their products.

CBD Essence products are specially formulated to be highly absorptive, enhancing the effects of the CBD oil.

Unlike other CBD products, you are getting your money’s worth with CBD Essence!

One of the incredible factors of CBD Essence products is that both the CBD oil tincture and CBD pills are both made into liposomal formulas, where the active molecules are protected by coconut oil before being digested.

By using CBD Essence, you will truly be feeding your Endocannabinoid System properly!

Want to know more about CBD Essence products?

Keep reading below!

CBD Essence Tincture – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The first CBD Essence product that I tried was their CBD oil tincture, and it is awesome!

My favorite part about this tincture product though is that it comes in various flavors! CBD Essence tinctures are sweetened with stevia, which is one of the healthiest sweeteners that you can use.

The flavors are:

  • Natural
  • Cinnamon
  • Spearmint
  • Mango
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Unflavored

I tried the spearmint only, and the taste was perfect.

Not only is their tincture product tasty, but it also is extremely effective.

When I used the CBD Essence tincture, I immediately felt the calming effects on my mind.  My favorite use of this tincture is after a day when I have been working on the computer a lot and drinking a lot of coffee.

Normally, I will use 2 dropper-fulls of this tincture per day. One in the morning, and one after I have completed my work for the day.

The tincture I was using was the 300mg CBD tincture, which provides 30 servings of 10mg of CBD.

Many companies offer tinctures with huge dosages of CBD per dropper, but the fact that the CBD oil itself is not engineered properly makes them relatively useless.

10mg per dropper-full of this tincture was a perfect dosage!

Why CBD Essence Tincture Oils

CBD Candy – Mint Hemp Taffy

The CBD Essence CBD Taffy was hands down probably the most enjoyable CBD experience I ever had.  I had to control myself to not eat them all at once!

These hemp taffy candies are made from medicinal grade Hemp Oil, like all other CBD Essence products. = If you enjoy old-style taffy, you will love these!

Aside from being delicious, these hemp oil taffy candies contain 10 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per piece!

Like all of the other CBD Essence products as well, the Hemp Oil taffy is engineered to perfection.

After eating one of these, within about 30 minutes you start to feel the relaxing effect, specifically in muscles and joints for me.

These Hemp Oil taffy candies do not disappoint!

CBD Medicinal Hemp Oil Liposome Capsules – 1,050mg

If the CBD Essence Hemp Oil taffy candies are functional and tasty, the Hemp Oil liposome capsules are just down-right effective!

The medicinal hemp oil liposome capsules made by CBD Essence that I tried contain 35mg of cannabidiol each, and work extremely well, to say the least.

I have chronic pain in an assorted number of places on my body, but taking one of these pills in the morning helps me feel better through all my workouts. They were honestly amazing!

A lot of CBD companies claim to have capsules with 25mg+ of CBD per, but their effectiveness is not nearly the same as these ones are.

Especially if you deal with serious chronic pain, and want a natural way to treat yourself, this is your answer!

These capsules work not only for-the-moment but long term as well.

If you decide to give these CBD pills a try, I’m confident you will appreciate the results!

Capsaicinoid & Cannabinoid CBD Topical Muscle Rub

If the CBD Essence hemp oil pills and hemp oil tincture aren’t enough to get you active, just try this topical CBD muscle rub just one time!

Your muscles will be warm and awake like never before!

I’ve used dozens of Icy-Hot/Bio Freeze type muscle rubs before, and none of them compare to the heat of this topical CBD muscle rub!

Ingredients of this CBD Topical Muscle Rub include:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Beeswax
  • Bay Leaf Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Passion Fruit Seed Oil
  • Acai Palm Fruit Oil

This is an impressive list of oils to be included in a topical muscle rub!

The CBD Topical Muscle Rub from CBD Essence combines these oils, along with full-spectrum hemp CBD oil and capsaicin to get your muscles and joints ready to be active like no other topical muscle rub on the market!

What is Capsaicin/Capsaicinoid you might ask?

Capsaicin is an active component of the chili pepper, and capsaicinoid is a metabolite of capsaicin.  When applied to the skin, it can rapidly increase the temperature and blood flow of the applied area.

One of the many applications of capsaicin is that it can relieve muscle and joint pain, although it does cause an intense burning sensation.

Capsaicin works by inherently desensitizing the pain fibers of the applied area, blocking the ability of your body to understand that there is pain in that area.

Along with the fact that it also increases blood flow and recovery, this is a pretty awesome effect!

Using capsaicinoid combined with CBD hemp oil is an awesome combination because capsaicinoids can provide immediate relief, while the CBD hemp oil makes lasting changes to your body.  They are an excellent team to get you up, and moving!

Be careful not to touch your eyes with your hands after using capsaicinoid cream though, because that will burn!

This topical muscle rub worked wonders on my back, which has been suffering from quite a bit of stiffness due to a basketball injury.

Although I often will use it before training, it is equally effective just for feeling less pain on a day-to-basis.

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Concluding Thought – CBD Essence Product Review

If you are reading about the awesome benefits of CBD hemp oil and think you need to buy your own, CBD Essence is a trustworthy, and worthwhile company to go with.

CBD Essence produces a line of incredibly high-quality products, with engineering that not many other companies can match.

Whether you want a topical muscle rub, taffy candies, liposome capsules, or an edible oil tincture, CBD Essence has that and more for you!

Check out their products today, and I am sure you will be happy!

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