Holistic Wellness

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After seeing the name of this category, you might have asked yourself, “What is Holistic Wellness?” Well, the answer is simpler than you probably are imagining!

Although there are specific types of holistic medicine (which I focus on in this category), holistic wellness is simply taking a holistic approach to your health and wellness through using natural means. People who practice holistic wellness use natural whole foods and drinks, along with natural dietary supplements and physical exercise to improve their health.

Our current medical system is known as “Modern Medicine,” while traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine are more commonly referred to as holistic wellness systems.

A few of my favorite articles in this category include:

Personally, I choose to incorporate many aspects of holistic wellness into my own life. I use essential oils in my room and in my car, I practice yoga and meditation, and I use natural supplements such as turmeric and Ashgwandha each day. Overall, these aspects of holistic wellness make a huge difference in my physical and mental health!

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