Best Wellness Retreats

The Best Wellness Retreats in the World (2022)

Visting wellness retreats throughout the world is an amazing way to travel, improve your health, and learn about many different aspects of health and wellness.

Wellness retreats are not exactly a new concept, but they certainly are becoming more popular.
Also, there are many different locations throughout the world where you can experience some amazing wellness retreats!

The Best Wellness Retreats

Here are the best wellness retreats in the world:


Wellness tourism in India is incredibly popular and incredibly diverse. There are wellness retreats focused on teaching various aspects of health, with many focused on yoga and Ayurveda, and India is also famous for its yoga teacher training and Ayurvedic Medicine training.


Rishikesh is one of the most famous wellness destinations in India. It is a town of serenity and calmness. This beautiful Himalayan place has lots of natural therapy, yoga, and spa centers. The Ananda is the most popular hotel for wellness and natural spa therapy. The NaturOville is another natural therapy resort that guarantees improved well-being, with the help of mediation.

Additionally, yoga schools in Rishikesh, India are quite popular and often considered the best yoga schools in the world.

The yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh allows you to learn yoga in the right environment, meet experienced teachers, and learn from them. The Kaivalya Yoga School offers 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.


Pune, India is another wellness destination in India for fitness, recreation, rejuvenation, and detoxification. It is one of the best wellness tourism destinations in India for both mental and physical health. The serene environment of Pune, India guarantees to provide immense pleasure and soothes the mind and body.


Thailand is another outstanding country that is filled with some of the best wellness retreats in the world. Thailand is also famous for offering incredible retreats at a very affordable price.

There are other advantages to visiting wellness retreats in Thailand as well. With endless hostels to stay at when doing additional travel, plenty of bus companies to transport you safely for extremely cheap prices, an incredibly rich history, and glorious scenery, Thailand offers a variety of different experiences that you can wrap into one wellness trip.

If you’re planning on traveling the depths of the country and straying from your wellness retreat for a few hours, the best way to do so is via a motorbike. However, whether you’re an experienced rider or not, it’s worth making sure you’re covered in case you fall victim to the bumpy terrain.

Six Senses in Ko Samui and Ko Yao Noi

If you would like to go to Thailand for a wellness retreat, the Six Senses Ko Samui should be your first option. The Six Senses Ko Samui offers 66 one-bedroom villas, private pools, and oceanfront views.

As another similar option, the Six Senses Ko Yao Noi is another one of the best wellness retreats in Thailand. that you shouldn’t miss. The Six Senses Ko Yao Noi spa village contains a Thai-inspired longhouse and individual treatment rooms that are set on a tropical hillside.

Both Six Senses wellness retreats offer a variety of healthy and organic food options that they grow themselves or purchase from the local community.

The Six Senses wellness retreats are also individual spa villas that offer the best wellness treatments from the Kingdom of Thailand!

Amatara Wellness Resort

If you want to plan a wellness retreat in Thailand, another great option is the Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket.

The Amatara Wellness Resort has a Moroccan steam room, cooling bath, herbal steam, heated stone beds, body scrub, and offers head massage. Visitors of the Amatara Wellness Resort can also have a physical analysis performed by a licensed physiotherapist.

This is absolutely one of the best wellness retreats in the world!


When you think of a Swiss retreat your first thought might be a beautiful chalet in Switzerland, skiing or snowboarding on the Swiss Alps, and chocolate, but Switzerland is also home to some of the best wellness retreats in the world.

You can certainly buy a Swiss Travel Pass on your trip to Switzerland so you can experience cities like Zurich, Lausanne, Thun, Solothurn, and Biel, but taking a trip to Switzerland solely to visit one of the best wellness resorts is an incredible idea as well!

Clinique la Prairie

Since opening in 1931, Clinique la Prairie has developed a reputation as one of the best wellness retreats in the world due to its luxuries offerings.

Clinique la Prairie is set in the Alpine village of Verbier, and the resort has more than 50 doctors on its staff! Clinique la Prairie offers a famous five-night Revitalisation program that includes accommodation, nutritious meals, and the key goal of boosting your immune system and helping you become a healthy person both physically and mentally.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz 

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was built around the ancient Tamina Gorge in the 200-year-old spa town of Ragaz, and it is renowned as one of the top wellness retreats in the world. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a comprehensive medical health center and spa that focuses on holistic healing using clinical, science-backed therapies in its 80,000-square-foot facility!

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz specializes in therapeutic thermal spa treatments and beauty rituals that use the natural detoxifying and purifying qualities of thermal spring water.


France is not only one of the most romantic places in the world to visit, but it also has some of the best wellness retreats in the world as well.

Sure, couples may want to go to Paris and get romantic gifts like matching custom name necklaces, or more specifically the custom name necklace sterling Sliver ‘Paris’, but you can do that while attending one of the best wellness retreats in the world and improving your health!

You can go skiing at Piste Pro to get some exercise, one of the best ski resorts in the world, or check out one of these other incredible wellness retreats in France:

Hotel Royal

Not only does Hotel Royal have one of the best views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, but it also offers amazing wellness services in a “royal” way as it received Palace status in 2016.

One of the main attractions of Hotel Royal is its three-day Yoga Season Experience that includes yoga, spa treatments, mindfulness walks, and vegetarian cuisine. The wellness offers from Hotel Royal are structured based upon components of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are crafted depending on the season.

Aman Le Melezin

Aman Le Melezin offers wellness services in a winter wonderland surrounding. Skiing is the main attraction at the Aman Le Melezin luxury mountain retreat, but the Aman Spa provides a dedicated floor for wellness with five treatment rooms (including one for couples), an authentic Turkish Hammam, water suites with a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a 14-meter subterranean lap pool, a fitness studio with state-of-the-art equipment, and a yoga studio!

United States of America

There are many different locations in the United States that offer amazing wellness retreats. Depending on your preference of scenery, climate, and culture, you can choose from a variety of different world-class wellness retreats.

For those of you living outside of the USA, the US is also a relatively easy place to apply for a visa and travel to. Not only are there traditional Visa options, but the ESTA Visa is also available as a relatively easily obtainable travel document. You can easily check your ESTA USA status before applying for a visa to know your situation, and determine what the easiest path into the USA is.

Earth Play Retreats Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah might be the ultimate adventure capital of the USA, and it offers a variety of wellness retreat services. Moab, Utah offers breathtaking scenery such as beautiful sandstone walls and monoliths, the Colorado River, and the La Sal Mountains for a jaw-dropping backdrop.

Earth Play Retreats offers a wellness retreat package in Moab, Utah that provides adventure and wellness on the highest level! Activities include rock climbing, yoga, Thai massage, rafting, and more!

If you want to combine wellness and adrenaline, this will be a perfect wellness retreat for you!


For several reasons, Japan offers many of the absolute best wellness retreats in the world. Not only does Japan have a rich cultural history of wellness traditions, but Japan also has unique access to thermal hot springs and other natural resources that are seldom found in other parts of the world.

Additionally, Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and one of the healthiest diets in the world, so you are sure to learn something that will help provide you long-term wellness as well!

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of wellness resorts in Japan ranging from Japan ski resorts to Buddhist spiritual centers.


If you would like to visit one of the best wellness retreats in Japan, Amanemu is an option you simply cannot go wrong with choosing. Amanemu is set inside Ise-Shima National Park which is on the Kii Peninsula, in the southwestern region of the island of Honshu. The Amanemu resort overlooks Ago Bay, which is also known as the Bay of Pearls.

Guided by a classical Japanese aesthetic, Amanemu’s Suites and Villas are crafted in a classical Japanese aesthetic, and all rooms come with their own private views over Ago Bay.

Amanemu is designed around a large onsen and its natural mineral-rich waters, and the spa contains two private onsen pavilions, a watsu pool, four treatment suites, and a fitness center!

Concluding Thoughts – Visiting One of the Best Wellness Retreats in the World

Visiting one of these wellness retreats is truly an outstanding idea.

If you do decide to visit one of these wellness retreats, you should also make sure to carefully consider all your travel plans, so you can have a stress-free experience from start to finish. You don’t want to plan a visit to a wellness retreat but exhaust yourself from the trip, right?

If you plan on doing additional travel while you’re on your wellness retreat, guided tours make sure that everything will run smoothly from your departure to the end of your journey.

You may also want to consider using a travel agent to book your flights and service from the airport and back. Also, according to the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), travel advisers can help you save considerable amounts of money per trip on average, depending on the length and distance of your travel. They are also for helping relieve stress from delayed flights or baggage issues.

If you decide to go on a wellness retreat this year, I am sure that you will quickly notice how big of an impact it can have on helping you become healthier!

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