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Even though there are tons of sleep articles throughout the internet, you won’t find a more reliable place for sleep information than here!

In my opinion, I am a master at helping people sleep better!

As a professional basketball player, getting ample amounts of sleep each night is necessary and challenging. You might think it is easier to sleep when you are completely exhausted and every muscle on your body is fatigued, but it is not! It’s actually more difficult, and then you always have to worry about cramping during the night, and how horrible you will feel at practice the next day if you can’t manage to sleep enough.

Throughout my years as an athlete I have investigated the best supplements and daily habits to make sure I can sleep enough each night.

The other issue which I have had to combat nearly my entire life is Tourette’s Syndrome, which also makes falling asleep much more difficult. I have consistent involuntary motor tics throughout my body and staying calm enough to fall asleep is always a struggle.

I developed many of these sleep articles to help provide you with accurate and useful information which will help you get a better sleep each night!

A few of my favorite sleep articles are:

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