Green Tea Before a Workout or After? – Benefits, Uses & More

Drinking Green Tea Before a Workout

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Drinking green tea before a workout is one of my favorite ways to get ready for training, and it is one of the simplest things you can do to get more out of your workouts.

If you aren’t drinking green tea before your training sessions, you are honestly doing your body a disservice!

You might have heard that green tea is healthy and that there are many health benefits of drinking it, but you probably don’t understand how good drinking green tea before a workout is.

Green tea increases your metabolism, and the unique caffeine it contains improves your endurance and helps you work out longer and more intensely.

I will discuss more about this below, but in my opinion, the best pre workout green tea is MatchaDNA:

Keep reading below to learn specific reasons you should drink green tea before workouts and more!

Why Should You Drink Green Tea Before a Workout?

the benefits of drinking green tea before working out

Personally, I was never a big tea drinker until I played a basketball season in Kazakhstan, where I met my wife and began to learn more about Asian cultures.

However, since then, I have made drinking green tea pre workout a part of my routine, and I have loved the results!

Check out these six specific reasons why you should choose to drink green tea before your daily workout!

1.)   Increases Metabolic Rate

There are many important features of green tea, but the two most prominent are its caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGC) content.

This wonder brew increases the metabolic rate of your body, which helps you to burn fat and lose weight quicker and more efficiently. Drinking green tea before training increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR) for hours, and increasing your basal metabolic rate throughout the day will inevitably make it easier to shed unwanted fat from your body. Even for those people who are not necessarily trying to lose weight, an increased metabolism can help you maintain a lean physique while bulking.

Unlike other fat burning pills or weight loss products, caffeine is not the only component of this drink which helps increase your metabolism. EGCG and caffeine work synergistically to improve your metabolism.

EGCG is a catechin, a type of natural phenol and antioxidant. It belongs to the group of flavanols, which is part of the chemical family- flavonoids. EGCG has been scientifically proven to boost your metabolism rate on its own, and when combined with caffeine.

As stated in a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,

“Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se. The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or both.”

Our body consumes calories for every physical function (even in a resting position). Overall, drinking green tea helps with quicker and more efficient fat burning of excess fat during your workout.

I especially prefer to drink green tea before “fasted” workouts in the morning, when fat oxidization is already easier. Combining green tea with fasted cardio is a fantastic way to burn more fat!

If your goal is to get an aesthetic body, drinking green tea before your workouts needs to be a habit!

2.)   Caffeine & ECGC Help You Train Longer and More Intensely!

Not only does drinking green tea boost your metabolism to help with weight loss or other weight management goals, but this amazing brew also helps your body use available oxidized-fat as “fuel” for your workout!

EGCG signals fat cells to break down in the form of energy, which is especially important during a workout session. Due to the EGCG content in green tea, drinking a cup or two of green tea before your workout helps your body rely on glucose or glycogen less, while still providing you ample amounts of energy for training.

As stated in a study published in Antioxidants and Sport Nutrition,

“As evidenced in animal studies, increased fat oxidation during aerobic exercise as a result of Green Tea Catechins (GTC) ingestion could have a glycogen-sparing effect, which can result in an improvement of endurance capacity.”

The moderate amount of caffeine in green tea helps improve your overall endurance and ability to complete longer workouts. Unlike certain types of coffee (cough, Starbucks), and pre workout supplements packed with caffeine that elevate your heart rate and leave you with an unpleasant crash, the caffeine content of green tea will gently help you push through your workout and improve your work capacity.

Overall, green tea contains much less caffeine than coffee or pre-workout drinks. Green tea contains only about 25-40mg of caffeine per cup, yet it still promotes a strong, energizing feeling. Compared to drinking coffee, green tea provides less intense but more sustained energy.

However, unlike coffee or pre workout products, drinking green tea does not offer the rapid burst of energy immediately after drinking.

3.)   Improves Your Internal and External Health

The antioxidants in green tea are incredible for your internal and external health. Although increasing your metabolism and improving training capacity are two of the most well-known benefits of drinking green tea, there are many other health benefits as well.

Apart from the weight reduction properties, green tea also contains elements that promote:

  • Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails
  • General Well-Being
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Reduced Stress

As stated in a study published in the International Journal of Oncology,

“Treatment of green tea polyphenols to skin has been shown to modulate the biochemical pathways involved in inflammatory responses, cell proliferation and responses of chemical tumor promoters as well as ultraviolet (UV) light-induced inflammatory markers of skin inflammation.”

Furthermore, according to a study published in Photochemistry and Photobiology,

“We suggest that EGCG may be useful as a topical agent for protection against UVB‐induced Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)‐associated inflammatory dermatoses, photoaging and photocarcinogenesis.”

Unlike other “miracle” products on the health and fitness market, medical and nutrition researchers strongly agree that green tea is more than just another fad!

Additional health issues that green tea can help you fight include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease

Primarily, green tea is excellent for fighting Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes. According to a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry,

“EGCG regulates genes that encode gluconeogenic enzymes and protein-tyrosine phosphorylation by modulating the redox state of the cell. These results demonstrate that changes in the redox state may have beneficial effects for the treatment of diabetes and suggest a potential role for EGCG, or derivatives, as an antidiabetic agent.”

4.)   Cancer Fighting Properties

Green tea contains cancer-fighting elements that help control and destroy carcinogens.

As stated by a study published in Cancer Letters,

“Green tea and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are now acknowledged cancer preventives in Japan and has made it possible for us to establish the concept of a cancer preventive beverage. For the general population, we recommend 10 cups of green tea daily supplemented with green tea tablets.”

5.)   Detoxification

Green tea is extremely effective in helping your body detox, both internally and externally. Drinking green tea before training will help your body detox, and it will help renew your skin and hair, leaving you with a more youthful and energetic appearance.

The world around us is filled with heavy metals, toxins, pollutions, and other stressors which wear our bodies out and drinking green tea before a workout is one of the best solutions for detoxing your body of these harmful substances.

For example, according to a study published in Advanced Biomedical Research,

“Green tea consumption in rats exposed to lead, reduced the effect of lead and the difference in mean body weight in these rats, compared to other groups, was minimized.”

6.)   Reduces Stress Levels

One of the main reasons that green tea is an excellent drink for your health is that it contains a high concentration of L-Theanine.  A study found in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded that the theanine in green tea is likely the reason that green tea drinkers experience less perceived stress in their lives.

One of my favorite aspects of green tea is that although it is caffeinated and will energize you, it does not give you jitters or the anxious feeling you get from too much coffee or other caffeine.

For someone who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, this is a big deal! Too much caffeine on any day gives me terrible motor tics, which is why I have to be very selective about when I drink any caffeine.

Luckily, green tea is always a great choice for me!

Should You Drink Green Tea After a Workout Too?

Although I prefer to drink my tea before training, you can drink green tea after a workout as well without any issue. My only suggestion is that you should stop your consumption about 3-4 hours before you plan on going to sleep.

According to a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, green tea has a significant effect on resting metabolic rate. If you are trying to lose weight, you can continue your consumption after training to increase your metabolism further.

Furthermore, you can receive many of the other health benefits I already mentioned by drinking green tea after your workout.

As long as you make sure you don’t consume too much caffeine throughout your day, you can drink green tea nearly whenever you want, and it will help improve your health!

The Best Green Tea to Drink Before a Workout

If you think that you would like to try drinking green tea before a workout, you want to make sure you purchase a high-quality green tea product that you will happily drink each day


As I said before, the best pre workout green tea in my opinion is MatchaDNA.

MatchaDNA is Certified Organic Matcha form the Hunan district of China. The matcha tea used for MatchaDNA has been grown on family farms in China since the 13th Century!

The family farm where MatchaDNA is grown is at a high altitude, so it is away from chemical usage that is used on lower grown tea gardens.

MatchaDNA is Certified USDA Organic, and they insure that their teas are 100% free from any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful substances!

Furthermore, MatchaDNA is tested for maximum purity, and each batch of tea leaves are hand picked and may have some variances so they show ranges.

I love MatchaDNA because they come in tea bags, which is more convenient for me when I’m rushing to make green tea pre workout. However, you can also get classic matcha tea powder.

Matcha itself has more antioxidants than other types of green tea, so drinking matcha tea pre workout is your best option!

Try MatchaDNA before a workout and I am confident you will not be disappointed!

Your Super Power Matcha

One additional option you can try is Your Super Power Matcha. This “power matcha” is a matcha green tea which contains additional nutrients in the forms of:

  • Maca Root Powder
  • Moringa Powder
  • Wheatgrass Powder
  • Barley Grass Powder

I am a huge fan of this superfood powder because it contains caffeine and nutrients from matcha tea, but additional nutrients which also help support your body.

For more information on Power Matcha, check out my Your Super Product Review.

Green Tea vs Pre Workout Supplements

is it better to drink green tea or a pre workout product before exercise

Even compared to pre-workout products (and I have tried many), I still prefer drinking green tea before training.

However, if I am going to use a pre-workout product, I always try to choose a pre-workout product that uses caffeine from green tea instead of synthetic caffeine (such as caffeine anhydrous).

One of my favorite examples of this is Vegan AminoLean by RSP Nutrition. 

Vegan AminoLean is an excellent pre-workout product that utilizes caffeine from green tea, along with additional ingredients which I approve.

I don’t approve many “dietary supplements,” but I can suggest you give this one a try!

I am a firm believer that natural products always beat supplements, but there are a few supplements I approve!

Read More: RSP Nutrition AminoLean Review

Concluding Thoughts – Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before a Workout

Overall, green tea is a truly wonderful drink. I can’t lie, as an American, green tea was never a regular part of my life growing up. Before I went to Kazakhstan and experienced elements of Asian culture, I was always a coffee or pre workout drinker.

However, I urge everyone to look at the tremendous benefits that green tea has (specifically when taken pre-workout), and see if you can find similar health improvements as I have!

Drinking green tea before a workout is an easy change you can make to your routine to help you lose more weight and become healthier!


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