Big Arms for Skinny Guys – How to Increase Arm Size

how to get big arms fast for skinny guys

Want to learn how to get big arms fast, even if you’re a skinny guy?

If you’re naturally skinny and haven’t been able to increase your arm size yet, you might believe that genetics is holding you back and you can’t get bigger arms.

Well, you would be wrong to do so!

Although your genetic makeup will influence your overall potential for getting bigger arms, you can always get bigger arms no matter how skinny you are!

So, in this article, I will explain some of the fundamentals of how to get big arms fast for skinny guys!

How to Get Big Arms Fast for Skinny Guys

Like I said, even if you are naturally skinny, it is possible to get big arms. However, there certainly are more aspects of your workout program and diet that you need to manage properly than those who genetically build muscle easier.

Here are a few tips that will help skinny guys increase their arm size:

Do Heavy Compound Exercises Before Isolation Exercises

how to increase arm size

If you want to get bigger arms as a skinny guy, you are going to need to increase muscle mass throughout your body.

Although doing isolation exercises like dumbbell curls and tricep extensions might feel like they are targeting your arm muscles, they won’t help you build as much muscle mass as you would by doing heavy compound exercises because heavy compound exercises stimulate growth hormone and testosterone production that will allow your arm muscles to grow quicker.

If you’re trying to get bigger arms as a skinny guy, some good heavy compound exercises to get bigger arms are:

Another way to achieve this is by doing leg workouts at the beginning of your sessions before you move to your arm exercises. Doing heavy compound leg exercises also help release more growth hormone and testosterone.

In fact, one study found that people who did lower body exercises before doing arm workouts were able to get much better results than those who only worked on their arms.

According to the study that was published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology,

“In conclusion, performing leg exercises prior to arm exercises, and thereby increasing the levels of serum testosterone and growth hormone, induced superior strength training adaptations compared to arm training without acute elevation of hormones.”

The best exercises for increasing growth hormone and testosterone levels are the deadlift and back squat, but other heavy compound leg exercises are effective as well.

Eat to Gain Muscle

If you’re trying to get bigger arms, working out frequently, and not getting results,  it could be because you’re committing the most basic mistake that can be easily corrected: not eating enough.

Not eating enough is the biggest mistake people make when trying to get bigger arms because unless you have a positive energy balance (intaking more calories than burning each day), you’ll never be able to get bigger arms.

If you’re exercising frequently and not increasing your arm size, I suggest you start by adding about 500 calories per day to your diet for a week or two at a time and assess your results.

If you begin seeing that your arms are getting bigger, you can begin to maintain your calorie consumption. If not, you can continue to increase our food consumption by 500 calories per day, and assess your results over the next week or two.

However, while you need to consume a lot of calories up in order to build arm muscle, you should not be stuffing your face with Pop-Tarts or donuts all day.

Instead, you should eat food that will give you fuel for your workouts and help you to build muscle mass without gaining fat.

You should add plenty of complex carbs before your workouts for energy, and plenty of protein pre and post-workout to build your arm muscles. Additionally, you should make sure that you have enough healthy dietary fat in your diet to maintain a healthy testosterone level, while keeping added sugars to a minimum.

A simple rule you can follow is to consume as many plant foods per day as possible since plant foods contain more micronutrients that are essential for promoting muscle growth.

Use Hany Rambod’s FST-7 Program

If you want an affordable and effective workout program for big arms to follow step by step, I suggest you sign up for BodyFit by and do Hany Rambod’s FST-7 program. BodyFit by contains tons of different workout programs from some of the most famous bodybuilders and fitness coaches, and it costs only $3.99 or $12.99 per month depending on which level you sign up for.

The FST-7 program, also known as fascia stretch training, is an awesome workout program for skinny guys to increase their arm size because it produces a maximal hormonal release and literally stretches the fascia surrounding your muscles, providing them more space to grow larger.

Try it out for yourself:

Use Fat Gripz

If you want to get bigger arms, a simple and effective trick is to do all of your workouts with Fat Gripz! I love my Fat Gripz, and I don’t only use them for arm workouts.

However, using Fat Gripz can certainly help you develop big arms even if you are a skinny guy!

Fat Gripz (or thick bar training) helps you get bigger arms by recruiting more muscle fibers for each exercise. Fat Gripz make the dumbbell or barbell have a thicker grip, forcing you to use more forearm muscle.

Over time, your forearms will become stronger, you will be able to lift more weight, and your arm size will grow!

Take the Right Supplements

If you want to increase your arm size quickly, there are a few dietary supplements that can make a huge difference for you. Although you don’t need to fill your cabinet with supplements, taking a few particular supplements can certainly help you get bigger arms.

For example, creatine monohydrate is a well-researched supplement that has been proven to help people lift more weight and increase muscle size.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism,

“These findings indicate that creatine supplementation during resistance-exercise training increases intramuscular Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-I) concentration in healthy men and women, independent of habitual dietary routine.”

Personally, I use RSP Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate:

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Another important supplement for helping you get bigger arms are Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are easy to digest amino acids which have been proven to help with muscle recovery.

According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition,

“BCAA supplementation before and after exercise has beneficial effects for decreasing exercise-induced muscle damage and promoting muscle-protein synthesis; this suggests the possibility that BCAAs are a useful supplement in relation to exercise and sports.”

In my opinion, the Best BCAA supplement is Scivation Xtend:

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Lastly, you are going to want to take drink a protein powder that contains a high amount of protein after your workouts.  Although whey protein is the most common option, I personally prefer vegan protein powder like hemp protein or pea protein because I have trouble digesting whey protein powder.

Furthermore, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,

“In addition to an appropriate training, the supplementation with pea protein promoted a greater increase of muscle thickness as compared to Placebo and especially for people starting or returning to a muscular strengthening. Since no difference was obtained between the two protein groups, vegetable pea proteins could be used as an alternative to Whey-based dietary products.”

Although you could purchase a supplement that contains only 100% pure pea protein, I prefer Your Super Muscle Powder because it contains pea protein and other healthy superfoods:

Avoid Overtraining

One of the most common things skinny guys ask when trying to build muscle is, should you work out your arms every day? Although you technically can work out your arms every day, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Unlike your shoulders, the biceps and triceps are low-frequency and low rep muscle groups. If biceps were a high-frequency muscle group, you would see rowers with enormous biceps, as you see boxers with perfectly sculpted shoulders.

If you want to train your arms every day, you should at least work different parts of your warm or different exercises each day.

For example, if one day you’re doing dumbbell curls, the next you could do triceps pushdowns, and then reverse curls after that, and repeat.

This will allow time for your muscles to adequately recover so that you can get maximum gains.

Concluding Thoughts – Big Arms for Skinny Guys

Getting bigger arms as a skinny guy is always possible, provided you put the work in and avoid the mistakes that could end up ruining your gains.

Remember, I also suggest you sign up for BodyFit by and follow along with the workout programs for big arms from the fitness experts there. They are proven programs for building big arms, and they are easy to follow!

If you would like personalized guidance to getting bigger arms as a skinny guy, you can contact me for online fitness coaching!

However, if you follow the few simple tips in this article, you should slowly but surely start getting results!

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