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Top 6 Goblet Squat Benefits & How to Do Goblet Squats

benefits of goblet squats
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Goblet squats are a safe and effective leg exercise for nearly all people trying to get fit, and there are many benefits of goblet squats for people ranging from professional athletes (like myself) to those who are brand new to weight training.

I don’t know how many others of you have this problem as well, but it is not easy to do back squats or front squats when you are 6’ 10”. Fortunately, goblet squats are always an option.

Not only are goblet squats a superior option for taller-athletes, but it is also one of the most functional movements ever invented.

Although goblet squats are usually known as a lower body exercise, the simple act of picking up a dumbbell or kettlebell in a “goblet” loaded position will instantly cause you to contract your core and upper back muscles, making this a true full-body exercise.

Sure, you can move tons of weight on bad-formed back squats, but correctly goblet squatting will benefit most people much more!

There are many benefits of goblet squatting, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trainee.

How to Do Goblet Squats

If you want to get all of the benefits of the goblet squats you need to learn the proper technique first. Unlike back squats or deadlifts, you don’t need to load a ton of weight.

These are a few internal cues you can remember when you are doing goblet squats:

  • Pick up a dumbbell or a kettlebell in the front-loaded position; keeping your feet flat. Hold the dumbbell or kettlebell like a goblet (as the name suggests)
  • Brace your core and keep your chest tight. Control the weight with your core and upper back muscles.
  • Lower yourself and squat between your legs; projecting the knees out with your elbows.
  • Push yourself up!

The traditional goblet squat is honestly a simple movement. Although many people probably wouldn’t recommend it, I enjoy doing goblet squats on a BOSU ball as well. Although you don’t produce as much force, strength, or power training on a BOSU ball, it does activate your stabilizing muscles much more.

I have found BOSU ball goblet squats particularly helpful for keeping my knees healthy and strong.

Regardless of whether you are doing your goblet squats on a BOSU ball or flat ground, the form is still the same.

Most people can learn how to properly goblet squat within a few attempts, making it one of the best functional movements for beginners.

Benefits of Goblet Squats

Although there are numerous goblet squat benefits for all levels of trainees, it is still an extremely underused exercise.  I never knew about goblet squats until I got to college, but my college’s strength and conditioning coach changed that quickly!

I’ve always been grateful that he had us goblet squat before using any other squatting movement because I believe my legs have developed much better due to the goblet squats. Training with goblet squats before I ever did serious back squatting helped me learn the form more naturally, which reduced the risk I would injure myself or have other similar issues.

Check out these reasons that you should start using more goblet squats in your training routine too!

1.)   Perfect Exercise for Beginners

I hinted at this earlier, but it is truly one of the most important benefits of goblet squatting.

Because of the simplicity of the exercise, it is very easy for beginners to learn. Although the form is easy, the benefits are immense. Conventional deadlifting and back squats are not fit for beginners; they need easier exercises to learn first.

The main reason that goblet squats are better for beginners than other compound leg movements is that the front-load position forces athletes to tighten their cores, contracting muscles throughout the body at one time.

Using movements that require multiple muscles and joints to activate at the same time will help beginners:

  • Learn Subsequent Exercises Easier
  • Erase Poor Movement Patterns
  • Control Muscles Throughout the Body Better

Another reason that they are beneficial for a beginner is that all you need is a moderately heavy kettlebell or dumbbell and you can have a great workout. I could even use a 15 or 20-pound dumbbell and do a great goblet squat workout.

If you are thinking about training at home for a while before you spend money on a gym membership, remember you only need one dumbbell or kettlebell to do goblet squats!

2.)   Improve Mobility and Activate Underused Muscles

A quick look at some of the challenges that beginners face when they start goblet squatting includes:

  • They usually have poor hip mobility.
  • Their shoulders are tight, which usually prevents a pain-free squatting motion.
  • Inactive glutes.
  • They lack thoracic spine mobility.
  • They experience an inability to brace the core and upper back muscles.

Frequent goblet squatting will help you:

  • Safely and Easily Awaken “Sleepy” Glutes
  • Help You Mobilize Tight Hips
  • Help You Learn to Brace Your Core Under a “Heavy” Load
  • Teach You to Mobilize and Activate Different Muscles at Once

Performing goblet squat helps to increase the mobility of the ankles, knees, lower back and hips.

In my opinion, goblet squats are the best exercise to perform before doing heavy-deadlifts. Whether you do snatch grip deadlifts, conventional deadlifts, or sumo deadlifts; goblet squats are the best exercise to activate the muscles you need.

3.)  Great High Volume Exercise

Goblet squats are excellent if you are trying to build muscle mass or improve your anaerobic conditioning since they are a very effective high-volume exercise.

High-volume goblet squats are incredibly taxing on the body, but the benefits are worth it!

By simply increasing the number of reps you do each workout you will begin to build more muscle mass, and the functional-strength developments from this exercise will improve your ability on many other exercises as well.

Thankfully, the anterior loading helps to reinforce good technique even when fatigue sets in.

4.)   Burn a lot of Calories!

The nature of the goblet squats exercise enables it to burn calories efficiently since it works many muscles at one time.  When you are goblet squatting, you are doing nearly a full body workout.

The movement is impossible to perform unless your body is working in sync, which stimulates your metabolism for hours after your training session is over. Goblet squats are a perfect exercise if you are trying to figure out how to lose weight.

You can use these squats to help you lose weight quickly, and they are one of the best exercises to develop six-pack abs!

5.)   Help You Maintain Proper Posture

Another one of the many benefits of practicing goblet squats is that you will develop better posture through strengthening your upper back and core.

Most people who are conscious of having proper posture focus solely on the rectus and transverse abdominus muscles, but they completely forget about the role of the scapula and other upper back muscles.

Not only are goblet squats a great core exercise, but holding a weight in a front-loaded position is one of the best possible ways to train your upper back!

Furthermore, your postural muscles will innately work to keep your torso upright during your squat, which is another way this exercise will improve your posture.

Not only will you get lean and ripped abs through performing goblet squats, but your spine and posture will improve as well.

People who bench press too much or perform back squats with poor form often find that they have hunched over shoulders- which is contrary to an aesthetic body.

Goblet squatting will improve your posture and help you to build your body aesthetically!

6.)   Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Using these squats instead of other squatting movements is much safer itself, and it will do much more to prevent future injuries as well.

Performing these squats helps to build minor stabilizing muscles as well as it builds the major power muscles.

Squatting is a natural human movement, but many people have lost this ability as they aged. Fortunately, you can easily maintain lower body function by squatting with proper form frequently- and there is no better option than goblet squats.

Concluding Thoughts – Goblet Squats Benefits

There are many reasons that I love this exercise, and it is always one of the first exercises I tell other people to do. My wife does goblet squats, my mother does goblet squats, my friends do them when they train with me- and the list goes on.

I honestly believe this is an important movement, and you shouldn’t pass it up.

If you are looking to improve your vertical jump, I believe this is the best strength movement you can use to close energy gaps in your lower body.

Regardless of the reason you are exercising, this is one movement you don’t want to leave out of your workout program!


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