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PhytoLogica Review: Full Spectrum Hemp Softgels, Tincture & Balm

The full-spectrum hemp products from PhytoLogica are legitimately different than most other CBD or hemp products, and they are quite possibly my favorite CBD products.

PhytoLogica full-spectrum hemp products are grown and manufactured in the USA, and they are made with a proprietary manufacturing process (called chromatography) to purify their hemp oil, yet retain all of the plant molecules including cannabinoids, terpenes, lipids, and flavonoids.

Additionally, the PhytoLoica hemp oil soft gels are made with a patent-pending technological process that makes them water-soluble. Due to their water solubility, PhytoLogica hemp oil soft gels absorb nearly 4 times faster than conventionally made CBD capsules.

PhytoLogica’s hemp oil soft gels are water-soluble. This ability to dissolve in water allows our hemp oil soft gels to be absorbed in the bloodstream 4X faster than competing products. And efficient absorption means it goes to work sooner (bioavailability).

So far, I have tried four different Phytologica full-spectrum hemp products and enjoyed them all:

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Softgels
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Balm
  • Deep Relief Hemp Intensive Rub

Please remember that I am not a doctor and can not make any specific medical claims or suggestions and that I am only providing you my opinion on the effectiveness of these PhytoLogica full-spectrum hemp products.

However, I hope that my Phytologica review helps you determine whether or not you would like to try them:

PhytoLogica Hemp Softgels Review

phytologica cbd capsules

As I mentioned before, PhytoLogica’s hemp oil soft gels are unique because they are water-soluble and absorb much quicker than other CBD capsules.

Due to that, the PhytoLogica full-spectrum hemp soft gels are the best CBD capsules I have tried.

Along with being more effective than other CBD capsules, a specific point I wanted to make is the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of purchasing PhytoLogica hemp oil soft gels.

A 30 capsule bottle of 15mg PhytoLogica hemp oil soft gels costs $49, and a bottle of 25 mg soft gels costs $89.

In my experience, these PhytoLogica soft gels are more effective than other brands that I have tried, and for the price I pay, I end up saving more by paying less over a couple of months of use.

The PhytoLogica hemp oil soft gels have been very effective for pain relief, reducing my motor tics, and helping me feel less fatigued each day.

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PhytoLogica Hemp Tincture Review

top reason to use phytologica full spectrum hemp products

The PhytoLogica Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture is a great CBD tincture product that I absolutely love. In fact, I mention in many of the CBD articles on my website that it is the best CBD tincture. Generally, I say that PhytoLogica and Primary Jane are my two favorite CBD tincture products.

the PhytoLogica full spectrum hemp tincture comes in 250mg, 500mg, 100mg, and 1500 mg. From my experience, even the 250mg tincture does an excellent job for joint pain relief and promoting a feeling of calmness.

Along with the full spectrum hemp, ingredients in the Phytlogica full-spectrum hemp tincture include:

  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Stevia

I used their all-natural mint flavor, which is calming and enjoyable in itself.

Overall, I believe the PhytoLogica full-spectrum hemp tincture is one of, if not the best CBD tincture product.

PhytoLogica Hemp Balm Review

the best full spectrum hemp balm

Although the PhytoLogica full-spectrum hemp balm helps with pain relief, it is not my favorite CBD balm. In my opinion, that award goes to the Muscle MX CBD balm for pain.

The Phytological full spectrum hemp balm is a high potency topical for pain relief that packs either 250mg or 500 mg of full-spectrum hemp into a 1 oz jar.

Additional ingredients in the PhytoLogica full-spectrum hemp balm include:

  • Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • Beeswax
  • Lavender Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil

Two of my favorite aspects of this full-spectrum hemp balm are that it does not contain methol, and it does contain lavender.

Lavender oil is an outstanding essential oil for soreness and pain relief, and I generally hate menthol in topical products because I do not enjoy the burning sensation it causes.

My main issue with the PhytoLogica hemp balm is that it does not cover a wide area. So, this product does not work well for your back in my opinion.

However, this is a very effective product for acute areas such as your ankles, knees, and elbows.

Although I enjoyed using the PhytoLogica hemp balm, I cannot say it is my favorite product of its type.

Concluding Thoughts – Should You Buy PhytoLogica Products?

I was impressed with using these products from PhytoLogica because it is clear their manufacturing sets these full-spectrum hemp products apart from other brands.

Specifically, the technology for their full-spectrum hemp soft gels makes them work quicker and more effectively than comparative hemp soft gels, in my opinion.

Along with this, I was equally as impressed with their Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture.  It has a very nice taste, and it was very effective for me.

If you have any specific parts of your body with disproportionate amounts of pain, their full-spectrum hemp balm is a great option.

Overall, I have enjoyed consistently using the PhytoLogica Full Spectrum Hemp products and I believe they are as good as it gets!

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