Kombucha for Weight Loss: Can Kombucha Help You Lose Weight?

benefits of drinking kombucha tea for weight loss

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For thousands of years, kombucha tea has been consumed by people for its incredible health benefits. But, not many people truly understand the benefits of kombucha tea for weight loss.

I had never heard of kombucha tea before I saw it popping up in random trendy-grocery stores about three or four years ago.

Contrarily- my wife, who is from Kazakhstan, had drunk kombucha nearly her whole life. She taught me why I should drink kombucha more often, which is why I am happy I can teach you the same!

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha Tea for Weight Loss

drinking kombucha tea for weight loss

Kombucha tea is an excellent drink to prevent many health issues, and it is incredible for helping you to lose weight as well. According to a study published in Food Research International,

“Kombucha is a refreshing beverage obtained by the fermentation of sugared tea with a symbiotic culture of acetic bacteria and fungi, consumed for its beneficial effects on human health. Research conducted in Russia at the beginning of the century and testimony indicate that Kombucha can improve resistance against cancer, prevent cardiovascular diseases, promote digestive functions, stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammatory problems, and can have many other benefits.”

Want to learn more about how kombucha tea can help you trim down and lose weight without exercise? Keep reading below!

Kombucha Is a Rich Source of Probiotics, Which are Necessary for Weight Loss

If you are wondering how to lose weight fast for men or women in the healthiest possible way, kombucha is one of your best options!

One of the reasons why kombucha is becoming popular is because it contains natural probiotics found in only a few other places. Probiotics are bacteria that help the digestive system with all of its functions.

This healthy bacteria aids with:

  • Digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Inflammation

The health benefits of probiotics are numerous, including:

  • Probiotics are useful in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Probiotics aids the protection of the gastrointestinal tracts
  • Probiotics are good for the treatment of diarrhea

Because kombucha is rich in probiotics, it renders these health benefits as well. The bacteria and yeast form a “blob” on the surface that looks like a mushroom, which explains why kombucha is often called “mushroom tea.”

The blob is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), which is used to ferment a new kombucha.

Probiotics are essential for losing weight because they help your digestive system function properly, and increase your metabolism.

If you want an aesthetic body, you need this drink in your life!

Anything with caffeine can increase your metabolism for a short amount of time, but truly increasing your metabolism involves a much more complicated process. One step you can take to increase your metabolism and lose more weight is to improve your digestive system and the internal processes of your body.

Kombucha tea helps you do this, which is why it is great for weight loss.

It Can Keep Your Heart Healthy and Your Body Active

The world leading cause of death is heart disease, which is mostly caused by inactivity or living an unhealthy life.

Amazingly, rat studies reveal that intake of kombucha can greatly improve two markers of heart disease!

Although it is shown that this drink can help those already with heart issues, it can clearly help people stop heart issues from ever happening.

Drinking this tea is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy and happy, enabling you to lose more weight.

Kombucha Can Destroy Harmful Bacteria

Just like the polyphenols in the tea, one of the substances produced during the process of fermentation of kombucha is acetic acid; which contains a large amount of vinegar.

Acetic acid is capable of killing diverse microorganisms that are harmful to our bodies.

Nothing will slow down your body and cause you health issues like a bunch of harmful bacteria floating around inside of you!

Drinking kombucha can help solve many internal health issues, which will ultimately help you with your weight loss goals.

Along with this, the kombucha made from black or green tea appears to have very strong antibacterial properties- especially against bacteria that cause infection.

Effective Management of Type 2 Diabetes

With over 300 million people affected by Type-2 diabetes all around the world, effective treatment would greatly help many people.

Characterized by high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, Type-2 diabetes can often improve with weight loss alone.

Based on a study on diabetic rats, kombucha reduced the blood sugar level of the rats by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates. Although this does not perfectly correlate with human beings, the study shows kombucha can certainly help people with Type-2 diabetes.

When to Drink Kombucha for Weight Loss?

If you would like to try drinking kombucha to help yourself lose weight, I suggest that you drink kombucha any time except when you have an empty stomach, within 30-minutes before a workout, or shortly before bed.

Drinking kombucha on an empty stomach can cause heartburn or other upset-stomach symptoms because of the bacteria it contains. Some people may have the ability to drink kombucha when they wake up, but most people will discover it is too “aggressive” for them before eating anything.

Furthermore, kombucha tea does contain a slight amount of caffeine, which is why you shouldn’t drink it directly before heading to sleep.

Lastly, I don’t suggest you drink kombucha close to working out or exercising because it can cause stomach issues as well. You can drink kombucha if you are going to be relaxing or simply walking around your neighborhood, but I would avoid it before any intense exercise.

The best part about drinking kombucha for weight loss is that it helps your body lose weight over time, so you don’t need to drink it at a specific time each day. Find a time when your body can digest the kombucha tea the easiest (usually at lunch or dinner time), and you will begin to notice the weight loss effects!

Additional Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

does kombucha help with weight loss

Although it is clearly an excellent weight loss tea, there are other benefits of this drink as well!

Cancer Prevention

Believe it or not, Kombucha may help to guard against cancer.

According to a 1990 study,

“There is so far no evidence to support the claim that Kombucha offers ‘effective biological treatment of cancer’.”

However, in test tube studies; kombucha was able to help prevent growth and the spread of cancerous cells because of high concentration of antioxidants and tea polyphenols.

It doesn’t mean this tea is a definitive cure for cancer or anything like that, but it can be effective for neutralizing the growth of cancer cells.

Over time and with consistent consumption, kombucha can battle cancer cells for you!

Antioxidant Capacity of Kombucha Tea

The natural antioxidant capacity of Kombucha tea counteracts free radical cells that cause mayhem in our digestive system.  Free radical cells slow down all the process our body undergoes daily, and it is vital that we fight against them.

According to a study published by the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research,

“Our study demonstrated that Kombucha Tea could proffer a measure protection against Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exposure induced oxidative damage by possibly reducing lipid peroxidation and increasing the antioxidant defense mechanism in rats.”

Similarly to green tea, yerba mate, and oolong tea, drinking Kombucha tea regularly is an excellent way to increase your overall antioxidant consumption, similarly to how it is beneficial to drink coffee on a regular basis as well!

Drinking coffee (the easiest way is Nespresso Pods), and Kombucha tea, is a great way to defend your body against free radical cells each day!

Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal Activity

Kombucha has shown significant anti-microbial activity against a broad range of microorganisms.

There have been several scientific studies done on this subject, and Kombucha has demonstrated inhibitory activity against many pathogenic microorganisms.

These studies have also shown that Kombucha can inhibit the growth of pathogens such as Helicobacter pylori, which is the causative organism of peptic ulcer.

Furthermore, Kombucha has also demonstrated the ability to inhibit Escherichia coli, which is the causative organism of common diarrhea.

According to a study published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry,

“According to the literature on Kombucha, acetic acid is considered to be responsible for the inhibitory effect toward a number of microbes tested, and this is also valid in the present study. However, in this study, Kombucha proved to exert antimicrobial activities against E. coliSh. sonneiSal. typhimuriumSal. enteritidis, and Cm. jejuni, even at neutral pH and after thermal denaturation. This finding suggests the presence of antimicrobial compounds other than acetic acid and large proteins in Kombucha.”

General Health Benefits

  • It helps to build up or boost the immunity of the body
  • Kombucha is good for joint care
  • It helps to provide energy and strength to your body

The intake of kombucha offers many health benefits, and it is reasonable to consume this drink often.

Adequate care should be taken in the preparation of this drink to ensure that it is well prepared. Care must be taken to ensure that it does not get contaminated or over-fermented.

Although brewing your own is a fun idea, there are many options online as well.

Specifically, I like the Organic Kombucha Tea from B-tea Beverages on Amazon!

Concluding Thoughts – Does Kombucha Help with Weight Loss?

Drinking kombucha to lose weight is a great idea because it promotes better overall health and helps you lose weight naturally. For those reasons, drinking kombucha for weight loss is one of the best weight loss hacks. Give this amazing drink a try for a few weeks, and you will see how much cleaner and lighter your stomach begins to feel!


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