L Tyrosine Weight Loss Benefits & Best L-Tyrosine Supplement

benefits of l tyrosine for weight loss
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L-Tyrosine is an amino acid and precursor to many neurotransmitters, but it is not a weight loss supplement. However, it is possible that taking an L-Tyrosine supplement can assist with weight loss and fat loss when used properly

Your brain needs L-tyrosine to be able to function properly, and sustaining tyrosine levels affects your IQ level, mood, the level of alertness of your brain, and your memory. L-tyrosine is also known as the precursor of the catecholamine neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

Keep reading below to find out more about this amino acid and whether L-Tyrosine supplements can help you lose weight or not!

L-Tyrosine for Weight Loss – Is it Effective?

L-Tyrosine supplements will not help you magically burn fat from your body or drastically increase your metabolism, but you can use L-tyrosine for weight loss to help you have more effective workouts and be more focused on your weight loss goals.

According to a study published in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior,

“Tyrosine might be a potential therapy for cognitive and mood problems associated with the maintenance of a reduced body weight in the treatment of obesity and in the extreme case of¬†anorexia nervosa.”

Furthermore, one of the best studies on the effects of L-Tyrosine, cognitive function, and exercise was published in the Brain Research Bulletin.

To determine whether or not L-Tyrosine supplements can help reduce exercise induced fatigue and improve cognitive function, a group of 21 military cadets who were studied during a demanding military training course.

Effects that were studied during the training included:

  • Mood
  • Blood Pressure
  • Norepinephrinemetabolite

A total of ten subjects were given 5 daily doses of a protein-rich drink that contained 2 grams of tyrosine, and the second group was provided with a carbohydrate drink that contained an equal number of calories without the same amount of tyrosine.

The assessments were made before the combat course and on the 6th day of the training course.

The study found the following results:

  • The L-Tyrosine group performed better on tracking tasks and memory, compared to the other group
  • Systolic blood pressure decreased in the L-Tyrosine group
  • There was no recorded effect on mood.

Based on the findings and outcome, it was concluded that supplementation with tyrosine may be able to reduce the effects of fatigue and stress, on cognitive task performance under operational circumstances that are characterized by physical and psychosocial stress.

If you are a person who has trouble motivating yourself to get to the gym, L-Tyrosine could be more influential for you than fat burning supplements!

Lastly, according to a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology,

“The results show that tyrosine ingestion is associated with improved vigilance and perceived readiness to invest mental effort when exposed to individualized soccer-specific exercise in a warm environment. This suggests that increasing the availability of tyrosine may improve cognitive function during exposure to exercise-heat stress.”

This study again exhibited the ability of L-Tyrosine supplements to help reduce mental fatigue in difficult situations.

Although using L-tyrosine for weight loss is certainly different than using traditional fat burning supplements, that doesn’t mean it can’t help you lose weight!

The Best L-Tyrosine Supplement

If you are going to use an L-Tyrosine supplement, you need to make sure you are using the correct dosage first.

If you buy Now Foods L-Tyrosine, each pill contains 500mg of the amino acid itself.

My suggestion is to start with one of these pills, three times per day. If you feel like you want to increase the dosage, you can do so slowly.

However, a dosage of 500mg 3 times per day will be effective for most people.

Although there are many options, I have used Now Foods L-Tyrosine and I consider it the best L Tyrosine supplement. NOW Foods creates reliable supplements that you can always trust.

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Concluding Thoughts – Benefits of L-Tyrosine for Weight Loss

In the past, I have used L-Tyrosine supplements and had great benefits from them.

One of the primary uses I found for Tyrosine is during times when I knew my body would be under consistent stress, but I would also need to find the energy and focus to continue to push forward and still improve my body both physically and mentally.

For me, this was pretty much all 4 years of college. Namely, during the middle of my basketball season each year.

One of the reasons college was so difficult for me being a student-athlete at that time was that I needed to be able to focus on practice and games for basketball, completing school assignments, while also finding the time to put in extra work to improve my basketball skills and physical abilities.

As you can probably imagine, this is basically a full day job. There is rarely time for proper eating even!

During these times, I had great success with taking 1-2 grams of L-tyrosine before my weight lifting sessions to boost my ability to focus on what I was doing.

One trap that many people can get into is relying too much on stimulants such as energy drinks, coffee, or pre-workout products.

Although stimulants can certainly help, they should not be your only resource. Stimulant-free pre-workouts often contain L-Tyrosine to naturally boost your energy and focus.

L-tyrosine was very effective for me when trying to boost my ability to focus and work when I already had many obligations going on and was a trusted resource in building towards my goal.

Lastly, I always recommended speaking with a medical professional before trying anything new. Staying safe and healthy is the most important part of building towards any goal you have in fitness!

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