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the benefits of boxing training for females

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Increasing numbers of ladies across Australia are now participating in boxing training with excellent results in positive female body transformation and toning.

There is little to fault about female boxing training to maintain fitness as it helps to build strength, stamina, mental focus, and skills. Boxing is also the perfect addition to a workout routine if you’re bored of jogging or hitting the typical fitness and gym club.

If you’ve never tried a boxing workout before, you might be forgiven for immediately thinking of old men around tired old boxing bags in a spit and sawdust gym.

While these places certainly do still exist and can be a great place to learn the core fundamentals of boxing, this isn’t your only choice.

From body combat classes at your local gym to the rise of online boxing classes, it has never been easier to give boxing a go. In most cases, you don’t need any equipment. And if your main concern is that you don’t want to get hit, don’t worry. Many boxing classes today don’t include any element of fighting in this way.

If you decide to take your training to the next level, then matches are certainly an option but don’t be afraid to try just because you don’t want to fight.

Boxing for Health – Benefits of Boxing for Females

The numerous benefits that you can get from boxing as a woman can significantly change both your body and your whole life.

Boxing is about so much more than learning to punch. It’s an incredible full body workout that will also help to calm your mind. If you’re interested in giving it a go, read on to find out a few surprising ways boxing can help your health and fitness goals.

Read on and discover some of these benefits of female boxing training.

Boxing Sculpts and Tones your Muscles

When looking at workouts like shadow boxing, the jabs and uppercuts might not seem like they would do anything for your muscle tone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Boxing workouts can help to strengthen your arms, shoulders, legs and core muscles.

The secret is in the continued sustained movements and the absolute focus on form.

Boxing combines both strength training and cardio workout to improve overall fitness. Also, boxing training improves several skill-related areas of fitness that include balance, agility, coordination and reactivity. You’ll soon be sending counter punches and dodging at super-fast speed.

While it may appear that boxing predominantly works the upper-body, it gives you a comprehensive full-body exercise. Your arms may be extending for every punch, but the proper form involves driving power coming from your legs and hips. You will also work your core, shoulders and back.

As boxing requires you to punch, twist and even kick powerfully, it delivers a toned body rather than a bulky one. An excellent method of enhancing your strength during training is to practice your punches on the gym’s punching bag.

You’ll Likely Stick to Boxing Training.

The truth is some exercises are boring. Ability to enjoy and have fun is a huge predictor when it comes to whether you will work out consistently.

The best part about a boxing workout is that you are far less likely to get bored. You’re not just jumping on a treadmill and then waiting to run down the clock. You’re engaging your mind and body in an intricate workout that is both challenging and rewarding.

Boxing training involves punching, jumping and ducking your way into full-body fitness. You’ll incorporate multiple workouts like squats, planks, weighted ball exercises and push-ups among others to make your workout more exciting.

Perfect for Stress Relief

When we are stressed, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol which helps us to be more alert. Sustained high levels of cortisol can have a negative impact on your body. You might find yourself making poor diet choices as you decide to comfort eat after a stressful day. Boxing is one way to take control of this cycle and manage your stress in a healthy way.

High-intensity workouts are a great way to rid your body of cortisol and even prevent future stress reactions.

Boxing is an incredibly mindful sport. So if you can take control of your mind and emotions while you’re in the boxing gym, you can learn to apply these same principles to the rest of your life.

Besides the significant body transformation from boxing, this sport also helps you to relieve any stress you’re experiencing. Throwing punches and blocking attacks can leave you free of mental stress at the end of the session.

You can take out any pent up stress or aggression during the workout, and thus better handle your anxiety or frustration. Sparring with instructors or fellow women can also help you break past any mental hurdle that might be restraining you.

You’ll also become a lot more confident as you learn ways of striking effectively and means of defending yourself.

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Perfect for Weight Loss

Let’s be honest, most people try out new sports because they want to lose weight. The good news for those wanting to shed a few extra lbs is that boxing offers a great combination of a cardiovascular workout with a full-body strength workout.

Think of it as the equivalent of a going for a run and then spending time lifting weights.

You will notice significant improvements in muscular endurance and resting heartbeat rate once you start your female boxing training. That improved stamina and lower resting heartbeat will give you an edge as you take on other workouts.

Part of the female body transformation from boxing is to build muscle, endurance and strength. That means the accumulated fat in your body will gradually burn off, thus allowing you to stay fit effectively.

You’ll burn lots of calories as half an hour in the ring will burn over 400 calories. That effectiveness in burning calories means that boxing is almost similar to other forms of cardio, such as cycling and running, but a lot more entertaining.

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Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is something that we assume we will always have. Unfortunately, if you lead a largely sedentary life and aren’t very active, you might find that yours starts to decrease. This is something that is controlled by the brain, and boxing can help to strengthen the pathways between your eyes, brain and body.

Over time, you will learn to be aware of your body position and your hand-eye coordination will improve as a result.

Increased Energy Levels

One popular reason that people put off working out is that they feel too tired. Unfortunately, the less we do, the less we want to do. The only way to break this cycle and help yourself to feel more energetic is to find a sport that you love and work it into your everyday routine.

As your body adjusts to the new levels of physical activity, you’ll soon discover that you can push yourself harder. The workouts will get easier, so you’ll push yourself even harder.

Before long, you’ll find that you’re bursting with energy and less likely to make poor food choices as the result of low energy levels. Rather than reaching for a calorie-rich cake, you’ll grab a piece of fruit because you aren’t stuck in a cycle and low to high blood sugar levels.

Boost Confidence

Many people fall into boxing as a way to lose weight. They soon discover newfound confidence and realize that weight loss was never the only aim. They just wanted to feel stronger.

Boxing helps you feel strong and powerful in any situation and you’ll soon find this confidence useful in any aspect of your life. Whether you just want to feel more at home in your own body, or you want to feel more confident at work, boxing will help you to stand tall and recognize your achievements in every aspect of your life.

Concluding Thoughts – Health Benefits of Boxing for Women

the health benefits of boxing

If you’re considering boxing training, you can get a variety of martial arts classes that range from boxing to kickboxing that will allow you to get fit in a unique way.


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