Meal Prepping for Beginners – How to Start Meal Prepping

how to start Meal Prepping for Beginners

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Meal prepping has so many advantages that it’s almost not optional for busy families today. Meal prepping can help you save tons of time, and it can help you deliver higher-quality meals to your family when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

A good diet and health fight stress, among other things, and meal prepping can help keep your diet in the best shape possible.

If you’re trying to save time and improve your family’s nutritional intake, meal prepping is the way to go.

How to Start Meal Prepping

The main problem with meal prepping is that most people struggle to get their plans off the ground because the first few weeks are definitely the hardest.

If you fall into this camp, don’t worry. Here are five tips to take your meal prepping technique to the next level, and help you develop a meal prep routine!

Slice and Dice

If you want to throw together a quick and fresh weeknight meal, consider a stir fry. You can slice and dice all the veggies on your meal prep day. When the time comes to put it all together, you’ll only need about 15 minutes to cook a fresh meal. We can all agree that meals are better when they’re prepared fresh, and this tip can help you do that with limited time.

Cluster Ingredients

To make the most out of your shopping and meal-prepping efforts, plan meals that use common ingredients. This way, you can prepare everything at once and use it for multiple meals throughout the week. For example, if you’re making a rice casserole, reserve some rice to make fried rice later in the week.

Buy “Cheat” Ingredients

There are some ingredients that you can purchase already prepped. And if you’re short on time, this will really help enhance your meal prepping technique. Things like pre-minced garlic and spice pastes can help shave time off of your meal prep. The more of these ingredients you buy, the more time and effort you’ll save.

Stock up on Frozen Veggies

Frozen vegetables are usually flash-frozen, which means they’re frozen immediately after they’re picked. And since vegetables start losing their nutritional value as soon as they’re removed from the vine, this is a good thing. Frozen vegetables are nutritionally on par with fresh ones, so you don’t have to feel guilty about using them as a shortcut. And this shortcut will help save you a lot of prep time.

Stock up on Containers and Food Essentials

There’s nothing worse than being all prepared with your meals and having nowhere to put them. So many of us underestimate our container needs when we start prepping meals because you can’t mix different meals in one container (usually). So, you’re going to need more containers than you think. Be sure you have extras on hand at all times.

Make Sure You Include Grains and Legumes

And while you’re stockpiling, be sure to stock up on grains and legumes. Beans and lentils are great protein sources that won’t go bad. And the health benefits of lentils might surprise you. It’s always good to mix things up, so stock up on all the dry goods you can to stay prepared.

Concluding Thoughts – Meal Prepping for Beginners

If you ‘ve started meal prepping, you’re on the right track. Follow these tips to help upgrade your food prep game and make more of your time and effort every week.

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