Fitness Instructor Salary – Why Are They Paid So Well?

why a fitness instructor salary is so high
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The average fitness instructor’s salary is considerably high, and many people think it is bizarre. It’s even worse when people who hire personal instructors compare prices, and they deem such rates ridiculous.

More often than not, people think of this because they do not understand the full capabilities and responsibilities of fitness instructors, and their benefits on clients.

This article highlights the various responsibilities of a fitness instructor or fitness coach, and how they’re beneficial to the health and general wellness of individuals who hire them.

Responsibilities of a Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor has various responsibilities for their clients, and some of them are highlighted here:

Provides Personal Training and Prescribe Workout Programs for Clients

A fitness instructor has to provide adequate personal training for their clients. They create a personalized workout plan for these clients to follow.

Before creating it, they review their clients’ goals to ensure they are feasible, and these plans are tailored to achieve them.

A high fitness instructor salary is mainly due to the overall role that the instructor plays in clients’ fitness and health goals. These range from drawing up nutrition plans, workout plans, and anything else that is necessary.

Aids Clients in Safely Exercising and Proper Body Alignment

Clients need to engage in safe, hazard-free exercise, and it is the responsibility of a fitness instructor to ensure it happens.

The instructor ensures that any equipment in place has to meet safety standards. Furthermore, the exercises have to be done safely, and the responsibility is on the instructor to make sure of that.

Along with that, a client’s body alignment is important for the success of exercise drills. Therefore, a fitness instructor makes sure that training counts towards developing perfect body alignment.

People who want to gain muscle fast, especially skinny guys can do so with the help of a fitness instructor.

Monitor Clients’ Body Regularly

Asides from the traditional exercise instruction that fitness instructors provide, it is their responsibility to monitor changes in clients’ bodies.

In the beginning, fitness instructors examine different health factors of a client’s body. Some of them include heart rate and blood pressure.

The fitness instructor repeats this process regularly to ensure no potential health issue is developing.

Along with this, not only do fitness instructors need to have a personal training certification, but they must have a CPR Certification and be First Aid certified as well. In the United States, The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) makes CPR training mandatory for healthcare, industry, education and a variety of other fields. For complete details of their training course you can check Occupational Health and Safety Books.

Fitness instructors can complete something online like the BLS certification online, or they can choose something more advanced like doing the complete ACLS pretest and doing an in-person exam which is more reputable.

Benefits of Hiring a Fitness Trainer

There are numerous benefits of hiring a personal trainer. Here are a few of them:


People who engage in fitness training are prone to injuries. Sometimes, the drills are too strenuous, or they misuse equipment. Not to worry, with the aid of a fitness instructor, injuries rarely occur.

Fitness instructors provide proper education for their clients on everything that exercising entails. They set up the best routines for you and show you a demonstration of what is expected of you, using correct form.

Goal Setting

It is okay to have goals while starting an exercise routine. These goals mold and define every activity clients engage in. Clients set these goals with the aid of a fitness instructor to avoid setting goals that aren’t achievable and don’t resonate with the client’s needs.

Before setting goals, a fitness instructor examines the body and lifestyle of their clients, as well as their daily schedule. This is to ensure that the goals will improve the general well-being of the client, as well as ensure its longevity.


As much as they can help you find different exercises which fit your needs, fitness trainers can also help you develop different exercise routines with lots of variety included. For example, your Monday workout can include cardio and weight lifting, while your Thursday exercises will be based on free weights and machines.

Two days won’t have the same workout plans, and fitness instructors offer fun and unique experiences during workout sessions.


Fitness training can be hard. When people try to quit, I understand their reasons. Engaging in a rigorous activity regularly can be tiring. However, fitness instructors motivate clients.

An instructor gives clients enough reason to forge ahead. They drum goals into the ears of the client, and don’t let them waiver.

When a client engages in regular workout sessions with a fitness instructor, it provides a boost the client’s need, especially when the client realizes that someone is watching and encouraging too.

The support goes a long way to make sure that individuals don’t give up someday. However, clients too should learn how to motivate themselves.


Have you ever tried doing tasks on your own, but you ended up making flimsy excuses? Do you get tired each time you want to work out alone? Do you even follow your workout routines religiously?

With a fitness instructor, it is almost impossible to make excuses and give up on your workout plant. The “I’m too tired”; “Can I continue tomorrow?” excuses don’t sit well with them. They make sure that you follow your training schedule to the letter.

They make it their duty to ensure you don’t do things that will frustrate your long-term efforts. Fitness instructors are merely accountable for clients.

Overcome Plateaus

Plateaus happen when an individual sticks to the same training routine for a long time. At a point, the body gets used to the rigor, and the drills become ineffective. When you hit a weight lifting plateau, positive change stops occurring in the body, and it can be quite frustrating.

Once everything begins to go south, people usually ponder on quitting the gym.

However, that’s merely a training plateau.

With a fitness instructor, training plateaus rarely occur. A fitness instructor understands that sticking to the same routine may result in unproductivity after a while.

It is why they comes up with new techniques regularly to fight through the plateau and produce desired results in clients as well as keep them motivated.

Offer Challenge

To achieve the best results, people need to be pushed regularly. It is what fitness trainers do. They set up tasks ranging from simple to complex. When clients complete them successfully, they urge them to try harder ones.

A fitness trainer introduces different sets of workouts, and push their clients to beat personal records. It can be a heavier weight, faster running time, more reps, or something else!


Fitness instructors understand that many people are always busy and have a packed schedule. It is why they are flexible and consider the clients’ plans. They only offer training services when a client is free.

They are quite versatile and tailor appointments to suit their clients. They can help clients set up the perfect home gym.

Concluding Thoughts – Why Fitness Instructors Have High Salaries

I’m confident these are enough to convince you that a high fitness instructor salary isn’t ridiculous. They deserve every penny they get.

Also, it should be easy for you to understand why it is worth it to hire a fitness instructor! Hiring a personal trainer or fitness instructor can help keep you focused on your goals, keep you safe, and keep you improving your body!

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