Arcanum SarcoFreeze and The Quill Product Review

Arcanum Edge Sports Performance Review – SarcoFreeze & Quill

Founded by a family of athletes, Arcanum Edge was developed to help other athletes realize that they can achieve their goals without sacrificing their major organs, intestinal health, muscle hypertrophy, or freedom of mind.

Arcanum Sports Performance develops products that give you an edge over your competition, naturally. Through a partnership with leading hemp-provider Mary’s Nutritionals, Arcanum Edge has developed cutting-edge technology and innovative products to bridge the worlds of activated hemp and athletes together!

As stated on their website, by reversing a deficiency in the Endocannabinoid System, athletes can:

  • Decrease Recovery Time
  • Alleviate Soreness and Symptoms of Overuse and Injury
  • Maximize Mitochondrial Output
  • Improve Memory
  • Bring the Body Back to its Natural State of Balance (Homeostasis)

Compared to other brands, the true difference between Arcanum and others is their partnership with Mary’s Nutritionals; which allows Arcanum to focus on the sports aspect while Mary’s focuses on the hemp.

Along with this, Arcanum Sports Performance donates a portion of every sale they make to fund alternative health options for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Looking for more reasons to purchase the activated hemp products from Arcanum Sports Performance?

Keep reading below to see my full review!

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ArcanumEdge Products – Activated Hemp Perfection

Activated hemp is essentially hemp which was heated at a high temperature, otherwise known as decarboxylation. When hemp is heated, its bio-availability increases and can enter the circulatory system of the body quicker and with a more active effect.

The “activation” aspect of each Arcanum product increases the effectiveness of the cannabinoids (i.e. CBD)  it contains, along with all the other healing ingredients in each Arcanum formula.

All Arcanum Edge products use activated hemp oil to supplement your body’s endocannabinoid system, and Mary’s Nutritionals specially designed each product to:

  • Provide Healing Benefits
  • Alleviate Muscle and Joint Soreness
  • Regulate Cells Throughout the Body
  • Increase Performance
  • Improve Recovery Time

Furthermore, the dermal and liposomal delivery systems that Arcanum products use are cutting-edge as well.  The dermal delivery avoids “first-pass” metabolism, and you can consider it as a direct route to the bloodstream.

Benefits of dermal delivery include:

  • Convenience
  • Reducing Toxicity
  • Decreases Dosing Frequency
  • Improves Efficiency and Dose Control

On the other hand, liposomal delivery increases production efficiency as well, with additional therapeutic benefits too.

Liposomal delivery reduces useless product metabolism since it is absorbed in the mucous membranes of the mouth and intestines. Arcanum specifically uses liposomal delivery to increase the bioavailability of their product, and provides much more therapeutic effects for you!

All of the ingredients that Arcanum uses in their products were tested “in-house” as well as a third-party laboratory. Furthermore, these are products that were approved for use in athletic competitions by the USADA and WADA.

Along with this, Mary’s Nutritionals uses only 100% organic, pesticide-free, locally grown plants!

Sounds like enough reasons to try Arcanum products, right?

Check out my experience with two of their products below!

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SarcoFreeze Review – Topical Cooling Product

The SarcoFreeze product produces a strong cooling effect which was perfect for me to use after intense basketball practices or games. I will tell you this again; the cooling effect is intense!

Honestly, I couldn’t use this product too close to the time I went to sleep because it kept me awake a bit, but the pain relieving properties are intense as well!

SarcoFreeze comes in two sizes:

92.1 grams – Containing 200mg of Activated Hemp

42.5 grams Containing 75mg of Activated Hemp

Additional ingredients with healing and soreness relieving effects include:

  • Arnica Montana
  • Menthol
  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Rosemary

Sarco Freeze uses a dermal delivery system to improve dosing accuracy and enable better absorption without putting additional stress on your internal systems.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed this product is because it spreads very easily and I could use it on my whole back. Normally I would use it about two hours before heading to sleep (to let the cooling effects wear down), and every time I woke up feeling new and “loose” in my muscles.

Using this product for a few days in a row can make a huge difference for your muscles and joints, believe me!

Click Here to Purchase Sarco Freeze 42.5g

Click Here to Purchase Sarco Freeze 92.1g

The Quill Review – Patented Gel Pen Pain Relief

If you have acute or localized pain on your body (for example, your patellar tendon), I am very confident you will love The Quill.

I use The Quill primarily on my left ankle, which has residual pain (nearly every day) from an injury I suffered nearly three years ago. The patented gel pen delivery of cannabinoids in The Quill is the perfect way to “upregulate” your Endocannabinoid System and stimulate healing.

The Quill contains 50 precise 2mg dosages of activated hemp, combined with dermal delivery.

The Quill does have cooling effects, but they are not as strong as SarcoFreeze. Unlike SarcoFreeze, I don’t suggest using The Quill on a wide area.

Use this product at the “root” of your pain, or if you have pain in specific joints of your body. I was very happy to notice that using The Quill at night after basketball practice or game helped reduce the inflammation in my ankle and help me wake up without severe stiffness and soreness.

I also love how easy this product is to use, as the dispensing system is very comfortable.

Overall, The Quill is a great topical hemp product for athletes!

Click Here to Purchase The Quill

Concluding Thoughts – Arcanum Sports Performance Product Review

From my experience, both SarcoFreeze and The Quill are excellent for reducing pain, and The Quill was specifically effective for reducing visible tendon and joint inflammation.

Arcanum Edge products are specifically developed for athletes, and I believe any athlete dealing with nagging injuries (like myself) will find the relief they are looking for in these products.

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