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Taking zinc before bed is one of the most effective ways to improve your sleep quality. Overall, there are a lot of benefits of taking zinc for sleep!

Zinc is a vital element for a healthy life. If you do not eat a diet high in zing, taking a zinc supplement before bed can improve your health in a variety of ways.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences,

“Zinc is an essential nutrient for human health. Ensuring adequate levels of zinc intake should be a key component in efforts to reduce child illness, enhance physical growth and decrease mortality in developing countries.”

Furthermore, taking zinc before bed can save many people from having to take dangerous sleep medications each night.

Insomnia and sleep-related issues plague our country due to chronic stress, anxiety, busy schedules, too much workload, and many other issues.  According to various sources, over 1/3rd of older Americans are taking sleep medication- and more are doing so each day.

The overwhelming sleep issues throughout the United States (and the world) are causing numerous health problems for many, making it a truly concerning situation.

If you are having any sleep-related issues, using zinc before bed to improve your sleeping pattern is one of the best decisions you can make!

Want to learn more about this vital element will improve your quality of life? Keep reading below!

Zinc and Sleep

taking a zinc supplement before bed for sleep

Zinc, for those of you who don’t know, is a trace element that is vital to our immune system.

According to a study published by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences,

“The results of more than three decades of work indicate that zinc deficiency rapidly diminishes antibody- and cell-mediated responses in both humans and animals.”

If you consistently take between before you sleep each night, you can be comfortable in knowing that your immune system will continue to work to its full potential!

Not only that, the element zinc is essential for a variety of cellular processes of the human body.

Although zinc is a necessary element that we should get enough of through our diet, many people suffer from zinc deficiency. One of the main causes of this is poor food choices and consuming food that does not have a full nutritional spectrum.

Fortunately, it is very easy to supplement with zinc before you go to sleep each night!

I started using zinc as a consistent supplement before sleep a few years ago, and I have noticed many differences in my body.

I was originally supplementing with zinc because I believed it would help with symptoms of overtraining while I was playing basketball in college (which it certainly helped with), and I was happily surprised at the results.

Now, taking zinc before I go to sleep is part of my nightly routine.

When I use zinc as a nighttime sleep aid, the main difference I notice is that I fall into a dramatically deeper sleep and do not wake up as frequently. On the rare occasions I forget my zinc supplement, or it is not available,  I struggle to sleep through the night.

Whether your goal is to get an aesthetic body, improve your physical performance for sports or another competition, or simply trying to become healthier and sleep better each night; zinc supplements can help you with your goals!

What is the Best Zinc Supplement to Take Before Bed?

There are a lot of great zinc supplements to choose from, but the key is finding the right dosage.

Zinc can be helpful when taken in dosages between 10mg and 50mg per night.

If you are interested in purchasing a zinc supplement for yourself, I suggest you check out the Garden of Life Raw Zinc from Amazon.

There are many other zinc supplements you can use as well, but this is an excellent brand you can trust!

Melatonin, Magnesium and Zinc for Sleep – A Super Sleep Stack

benefits of taking zinc for sleepMelatonin and magnesium have certain properties that make it able to normalize the vital levels of zinc in people who have a natural zinc deficiency issue.

Not only that, combining zinc with melatonin has been clinically studied as an effective treatment for insomnia!

A study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society investigated the benefits of the combination of zinc, melatonin, and magnesium in the treatment of insomnia in older adults, and concluded that the combination of zinc, melatonin, and magnesium is highly recommended to help improve the quality of sleep of insomnia patients.

According to the study,

“The administration of nightly melatonin, magnesium, and zinc appears to improve the quality of sleep and the quality of life in long-term care facility residents with primary insomnia.”

Along with this, the results of the study revealed that this combination of natural supplements provided numerous additional benefits as well.

The combination of these three supplements increased the total sleep time of the participants, which was the primary concern of the study. Not only were patients able to fall asleep after using zinc and melatonin, but they also stayed asleep as well.

Along with this, the patients reported a reduction in the “hangover” upon waking up. I personally notice this effect when I take a zinc supplement for sleep also! If I do not use a zinc supplement before bed, I always feel like I wake up groggy and without energy.

Additionally, the study reported that the overall quality of sleep for each participant was improved.

One final interesting conclusion from the study is that combining these supplements also improved the alertness and behavior of the participants in the morning, after a night of restful sleeping. I am sure many people understand the benefit of a true night of sleep, but this research studied proves it!

Although you can purchase all three of these supplements individually, RSP Nutrition makes a supplement (Z-Elite) which contains them together in useful dosages!

RSP Nutrition Z-Elite is an outstanding melatonin, magnesium, and zinc supplement that you can take each night to obtain the clinically studied benefits of this combination of supplements.

Should You Take Zinc in the Morning or at Night?

Zinc  is a vital element for our bodies, and although there are specific benefits of taking zinc before bed, you shouldn’t  only take it at night if you are zinc deficient or want to add more zinc to your diet. You can choose to eat foods high in zinc throughout the day, or you can take an additional zinc supplement after your breakfast or lunch as well.

Taking zinc before bed can help you sleep better, but you can benefit from the additional benefits of taking a zinc supplement regardless of when you take it.

If you have any concerns about how much zinc you should take per day, make sure you speak with your doctor!

Concluding Thoughts – Benefits of Taking Zinc Before Bed

For such an inexpensive supplement, taking zinc before bed can have a massive impact on your ability to get a restful sleep every night.

After reading all of those benefits listed above, do you have any excuse for not going to buy zinc today?

I don’t think so!

Taking zinc for sleep is, in my opinion, an excellent way to improve your sleep quality and help create a healthier you!

If you’d like a more “complete” supplement, RSP Nutrition Z-Elite is a great supplement containing melatonin, magnesium, and zinc!

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  1. Hi Adam,

    Thank you for this helpful article. I suffer from insomnia for two years. I decided not to take any medication and only taking chewable Gaba which I find is not helping me. Do you think that I should start taking Zinc first to see if I have a deficiency or take the ZMA? I am a bit worried about ZMA as it has melatonine in it and I don’t want my body to get use to it every night. I appreciate your advice

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