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Ways to Safely Exceed Your Workplace’s Vacation Allowance

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Time off adds up quickly. Your dog was sick, and then you had to go to a wedding.

Your annual family vacation came up, and at another point, you took off for an anniversary getaway with your partner. After all of that, the end of the year is looming, the paid time off is dwindling, and you still have a last-minute vacation you just need to take.

So, what do you do when the annual vacation time has been used but you still need time off? You look for ways to safely exceed your workplaces vacation allowance.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to wrangle those extra vacation days without losing your job.


Have you been in your role for a while now? Do you have a strong working relationship with your boss? Maybe it is time to negotiate for more vacation time.

This will depend on the employer and the company practice, but it is worth it to ask. Most employers want to be fair to all employees, so negotiating for more time may work—if you can prove to your boss that it’s a reasonable request or something you absolutely cannot forego.

Accrue Overtime or Comp Time

If you know you need to take extra time for a vacation, wedding, funeral, or unexpected life event, try building a bank of overtime or comp time. If there are a few weekend events to work or a chance to log extra hours prior to that extra time, do it!

Chances are your employer will be willing to “give back” your time as compensation for going the extra mile. However, try not to make assumptions about overtime or comp time. Instead, ask questions about standard practices.

Employers who value their employees will be willing to adjust schedules and give time back for working additional hours and long nights.

Schedule Around National Holidays

National holidays, like Memorial Day and Labor Day, typically provide the golden opportunity of a three-day weekend.

It is a chance to take that vacation or trip without dipping into the vacation time or minimizing how much you’ll use.

If you are running short on vacation time or are planning the days in advance, look to schedule trips around these holidays. It is an easy trick, and the holiday typically means some offices are less busy than usual.

Fake It

Sick days are intended for illnesses, doctors’ appointments, and staying home with sick children. But sometimes, those sick days are needed for when you are just sick of working.

If you’re in that state of mind, it’s worth it to take a gamble on calling out the morning of or day before and use a sick day as vacation time.

If you call in sick, most employers will take your word for it and wish you well. However, others might require a little more proof, such as a doctor’s note.

Fortunately, the internet is a vast resource with methods to help you acquire a doctor’s note—even if you didn’t actually go to the doctor. It is easy to find doctors’ and excuse notes that are reliable and will typically suffice for your boss through sites like

Taking this route is a matter of personal preference as some people might find it conflicts with the values they hold. But remember that sick time can go hand-in-hand with mental health.

Sometimes vacations or a day off are critical to mental health just as much as recovering from a physical illness or yearly cold.

Prioritize Yourself

Some people live to work and others work to live. If you are in the latter category, you might find yourself stretching your vacation time as far as it can go. Work is definitely important for a myriad of reasons, but so is your mental health and well-being as well as your happiness.

If your mental health needs a little more time off, fight for it.

Be creative and find solutions that work for everyone and, most importantly, don’t cost you the job.

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