Utzy Naturals Product Review

Utzy Naturals Product Review: U-Omega, Stay Asleep, U-Mag Magnesium Drink Review

Utzy Naturals makes great supplements, period.

There are only a few supplement companies that I truly trust, and you’ll probably be surprised to hear that these are not the most “famous” supplement companies in the world. In fact, I normally prefer smaller companies who prefer to create high-quality products, instead of low-quality products with a lot of advertising, and one of my favorite companies at the moment is Utzy Naturals.

Utzy Naturals has a very nice range of products, and I recently tried 3 of them myself.  I was happily impressed at the quality, and effectiveness, of these products!

The 3 products that I tried were:

Keep reading below to see my full Utzy Naturals review and learn more about these Utzy Naturals supplements!

Utzy Naturals U-Omega

If you are at all familiar with fish oil supplements you probably know that taking fish oil every day can have a lot of benefits for your body.

However, did you know that the source of your fish oil supplement can have a huge effect on its effectiveness for your body?

When you use a fish oil supplement, you are more looking for the amount of EPA and DHA than “fish oil” itself.  If you are taking 1,000mg of fish oil, but it only contains 300mg total of EPA and DHA, then you are probably not going to get many benefits from this product.

The u-Omega product from Utzy Naturals contains 430mg of EPA and 290mg of DHA.  Along with this, it also contains an extra 80mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids as well!

An important part of fish oil is taking it at the right time. Taking your fish oil supplement at the proper time ensures you get the full benefits out of your omega-3 product.

I have been taking 1 pill of this which each meal, and have found that my joints are feeling much better after just one week of use.  Another benefit that I have noticed by using this product is that my asthma feels more under-control than normal.

Fish oil is beneficial for stabilizing the ratio of Omega-6 fatty acids (which is high in the average American diet) to Omega-3 fatty acids, which can cause many inflammation problems if out of whack.

Taking 2-3 u-Omega pills per day is an excellent way to maintain a healthy balance of fatty acids, and stop a lot of inflammation-based issues within your body!

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Utzy Naturals utzzz’s Stay Asleep

The best part about Utzy Naturals Stay Asleep is that you notice a difference from the very first dose you take.

Utzzz’s Stay Asleep Contains:

  • 5-HTP
  • PharmaGABA
  • L-Theanine
  • Sour Cherry Powder
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract
  • German Chamomile

If you are looking for a natural product that will help stop you from waking up during the middle of the night, you have found your solution right here!

PharmaGABA is an especially important ingredient here, as it has been shown to significantly improve insomnia and other mental health issues.

Along with this, I was also happy to see the use of both Ashwagandha root extract and German Chamomile.

Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine that helps with balancing the adrenal system, which can cause serious issues when out of whack.

Chamomile tea is a commonly used natural sleep aid as well, which is why the German Chamomile in this supplement fits so perfectly.

Overall, this is an excellent natural sleep aid that I am sure you will love!

Don’t bother wasting your money on chemically produced sleep aids, this natural product is all you need!

Concluding Thoughts – Utzy Naturals Review

Utzy Naturals has some awesome products that I suggest anyone to try.  Utzy Naturals uses organic ingredients in every situation possible, which sets their supplements apart from many others.

If you suffer from any twitching or motor tic disorders such as Tourette Syndrome or restless leg syndrome, I highly suggest you give their u-Mag a try!

Regardless, I am confident that anyone who tries these products will be as happily impressed as I am!

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