Top Exercises to Strengthen Your Body for Snowboarding!

exercises for snowboarding
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Extreme sports such as snowboarding have become more and more popular over the last 20 years, and don’t seem to be letting up any time soon.  While many people participate in these sports solely for recreation or enjoyment, you would be amazed at how physically challenging snowboarding is!

Similar to surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or longboarding, snowboarding truly is an excellent workout, and these tips below will help you become an even better snowboarder in no time at all!

The Best Exercises for Snowboarding

Keep reading below to see the best exercises for snowboarders and snowboarding!

Core Exercises for Snowboarding

If you’ve ever tried to snowboard even once you will quickly realize how intense of an exercise it is for your legs and core.

If you are new to snowboarding, your core will be challenged by going down even the slightest of slopes, I guarantee!


One of the best ways that you can easily improve your ability as a snowboarder is by doing functional core exercises.  Sit ups and crunches are not going to help you much as an athlete; you need a different type of exercises to improve for snowboarding!

One of the best exercises to improve functional core strength is the forearm plank.  You can perform the front plank, or the side plank, to strengthen the entire scope of your core.

This will quickly help you to have more control over the movements of snowboarding, and make it much easier to do over time.

Turkish Get Up

If you are serious about improving your abilities as a snowboarder, the turkish get up is an awesome exercise for you. This exercise improves your mind-body connection, while also strengthening all the muscles you need as a snowboarder.

Mastering the turkish get up will help you with snowboarding in a variety of ways!

Dead Bugs

There are a variety of kettlebell exercises for abs which you can do to strengthen your core for snowboarding, and dead bugs are another one of the best.

Dead bugs strengthen your entire core, and they are especially useful for helping you control the rotation of your body while snowboarding.

Leg Exercises for Snowboarding

Along with strengthening your core, you are also going to want to strengthen your legs as well. Here are some great leg exercises for snowboarding:

Goblet Squat

Another excellent exercise for your core, and your legs, is the goblet squat.  The back squat is an excellent exercise for bodybuilders or powerlifters, but as a snowboarder, you will most likely want to stay lean, but become stronger.  The goblet squat is one of the best exercises in the world for this!

The goblet squat puts you in a very comparable position to snowboarding, while forcing your core and legs to work simultaneously.

You can increase the difficulty of the basic goblet squat by performing this exercise on a BOSU Ball!

Many fitness trainers advise people to stay away from the BOSU Ball, but it is an excellent tool for snowboarders and many other types of athletes!

The BOSU ball helps you become more used to training on an unstable surface, and will help acclimate you to snowboarding!

Single-Leg Deadlift

The single leg deadlift is another excellent exercise you could add in to your routine.  Performing this one on a BOSU Ball is even more difficult!

Working your strength and stability on one leg is an excellent way to improve balance and control of your lower body.

Challenging Yourself with Intense Trails!

Along with these exercises, you need to do a lot of snowboarding yourself! Snowboarding is the best exercise for snowboarding, it’s that simple. Here are a few awesome trails you should check out in your lifetime if you get the chance. If you can master these snowboarding trails, you can feel confident anywhere you go!

Chamonix in France

Located under Mont Blanc, Europe’s most iconic mountain chain sits the resort of Chamonix. Its slopes are not for the faint of heart, as backbreaking (not literally, of course) slopes sit just meters from the ski elevator.

This place is primarily a destination for mountaineers but over the years passionate snowboarders looking for a rush of adrenaline have slowly been discovering it. Basically, if you fancy free-riding, then the slopes of Chamonix are ideal for you, as they wind through a picturesque landscape of Southeast France.

In case you are worried about safety, there are guides that you can rent who know all the dangers that lurk in the fresh snow.

Breckenridge in the United States

The next destination on our list is located in Colorado, USA.  It is foremost a huge park that stretches for 25 acres of mountain terrain. The nature is ideal for winter sports, so it is no wonder that NOC holds its Winter Olympics qualifies here.

There is even a snowboarding training camp called Woodward in the vicinity. This all implies that the destination has a built-up network of facilities for winter sports. Furthermore, the whole mountain is part of the Rockies and it is in Colorado, a US state with a long tradition of snowboarding.

This is mainly because of the snow which is light in composition which makes it “fluffy” enough to support the weight of the snowboarder and to give him momentum.

Niseko in Japan

If snowboarding is your passion, then you have probably heard of Niseko, Japan’s most popular ski resort. Located in Hokkaido, it is one destination on this list that rarely has problems with the amount of show.

It shows on average 14 meters per year in the country, so artificial show is not a word a Japanese hardcore snowboarder will understand.

In fact, it can sometimes snow so heavily, that by the time you reach the bottom of the mountain, you won’t be able to go back up because the track is covered by deep show. Japan ski resorts boast themselves with a unique kind of hospitality that you will not find on any other mountain in the world. Be sure to try the traditional sake drink that will keep you warm up after a full day out in the show and cold air.

Treble Cone in New Zealand

If some of you were surprised to find the island nation of Japan on the list, seeing the name of New Zealand must come as even a bigger surprise. Aren’t those the islands located next to Australia, one of the driest places on Earth?

The answer is affirmative, but New Zealand has a whole different side to its tropic landscape. In the middle of the island snowcapped mountains offer the joy of snowboarding in the middle of August, so NZ is a really summer destination (for winter sports).

If you thought that was wacky, wait ‘till you find out that the ski resort of Treble Cone is just a half an hour drive from the nearest town, so you can be airport-to-mountain in less than an hour.

Whistler Blackcomb in Canada

Finally, a country which is at the epicenter of winter sports. Canadians have won 73 gold medals at the modern Winter Olympics so far, so you know this nation loves winter sports, from ice hockey to snowboarding.

That is why they don’t lack excellent winter resorts so you will not go wrong with any of the numerous Canadian mountains. However, every snowboarder knows where this sport is popular in Canada, and that is Whistler.

This resort is situated just a two-hours drive from Vancouver and features a number of excellent trails for snowboarders of all levels, from pros to rookies. Essentially, this destination has it all: excellent powdery white show, marked tracks, stunning views, and a developed hotel industry.

You will lack nothing as you go down trails which begin at 3000 meters up in the mountains.

Concluding Thoughts – How to Strengthen Your Body for Snowboarding

Snowboarding is an excellent exercise whether you are competitive in it, or just snowboarding leisurely.

Most people do not realize how intense of a physical activity snowboarding is, but it can definitely help you shed body fat and become in better physical condition overall!


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